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1 Information Handling Services Products & Solutions.

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1 1 Information Handling Services Products & Solutions

2 2 Specs & Standards Regulations Electronic Libraries Parts Information Enterprise solutions Validated designs SAE Digital Lib SAE TKC

3 3 Validated Engineering Designs ESDU

4 4 What is ESDU? ESDU = Engineering Sciences Data Unit “Where research meet Design” Database of Validated Designs for the Engineer: –Aerospace –Process Control –Petrochemical –Wind Engineering –Nuclear Power –Structural Engineering Produced by international experts from the Industry and Universities.

5 5 Problem... Where do we nail the wings on this thing? We want it to fly level. How do we find out?

6 6 Solution - Use ESDU! Find the C/L for the wing and the C/B for the body. Then line ‘em up! Here’s how...

7 7 Example of ESDU application Fouling in Heat Exchanger

8 8 What is the biggest cause of inefficiency in heat exchanger? Heat exchanger fouling Dirt deposits build up on clean tubes, and efficiency plummets!!

9 9 Where are heat exchanger fouling problems found? All processing industries, but especially in the Oil Industry Most important fouling type - Crude Oil Fouling in Refineries

10 10 API


12 12

13 13 The crude oil gets a final “blast” in the furnace prior to distillation $$$ $$ $ CO 2

14 14 Economic and environmental significance of fouling in crude distillation units: $1300 M p.a. in US alone (Argonne National Labs, 1995) Scaling up, $4500 M p.a worldwide!

15 15 Total Annualised Cost: 200,000 $/ann Conventional, oversized design, heavy fouling

16 16 Total Annualised Cost: 103,000 $/ann New ESDU clean design, no fouling

17 17 ESDU’s EXPRESS program! “Financial losses were tremendous and were estimated to be around 1.5M$ over three months after start-up.” – Description of fouling problem in TOTAL refinery, since solved by TOTAL engineers using ESDU’s EXPRESS program. (from TOTAL paper presented in “Heat Exchanger Fouling and Cleaning – Fundamentals and Applications" conference, Santa Fe, 2003.)

18 18 21 modules in 4 Engineering Disciplines AEROSPACE –Aerodynamics –Composites –Dynamics –Fatigue - Endurance Data –Fatigue - Fracture Mechanics –Fluid Mechanics, Internal Flow –Heat Transfer –Metallic Materials Data Handbook –Noise –Performance –Structures –Transonic Aerodynamics –Vibration and Acoustic Fatigue MECHANICALhanical –Fluid Mechanics, –Internal Flow –Heat Transfer –Mechanisms –Physical Data - Mechanical Engineering –Stress and Strength –Tribology STRUCTURAL –Engineering Structures –Wind Engineering PROCESS –Fluid Mechanics, Internal Flow –Heat Transfer –Physical Data - Chemical Engineering –Wind Engineering

19 19


21 21 Who uses ESDU? Airbus Boeing Northrop Grumman British Aerospace Dassault Thales EADS Raytheon Daimler Benz Lockheed Martin Ferrari Mc Larren Shell BP Glaxo Pechiney British Nuclear Fuel Universities and many others …

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