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BurnerMate Universal A Complete Boiler Control System.

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1 BurnerMate Universal A Complete Boiler Control System

2 Combustion and control business since 1920. Only domestic manufacturer of “linkage-less” controls. Only manufacturer with significant field service department. Strong network of representatives are boiler/burner/controls experts. Preferred Instruments

3 Preferred Instruments’ new BurnerMate Universal “Linkage-less” controller incorporating: Flame safeguard control Parallel positioning combustion control w/ O2 trim Draft control Drum level control And a whole lot more…

4 System Components Controller Chassis: Includes separate processors for FSG and combustion control in accordance with NFPA 85 paragraph Designed for sub-panel mounting. Wiring is by quick disconnect terminal blocks. BurnerMate Universal Boiler Controller

5 System Components High Precision Servos: Available in 3, 15, 37, 70, 140, 280, 420, and 720 ft-lb torques. Triac input with feedback pot allows 0.1° accuracy. All servos are daisy-chained on one digital loop. Mounting kits are available for most existing valves & dampers. BurnerMate Universal Boiler Controller

6 System Components LCD Interface (required): Can be flush-mounted on BMS enclosure or mounted to BMU chassis. 4 x 20 character display is the primary interface to the controller. Displays boiler status, alarms, annunciations, event history, etc. BurnerMate Universal Boiler Controller

7 System Components Optional 10” touch-screens available. Graphical interface provides additional information, easier operator interface. Modbus, Ethernet, and web-based communications are included for interfacing with EMS, BAS, or other LAN networks. Designed to be flush-mounted in the BMS enclosure or remote-mounted. BurnerMate Universal Boiler Controller

8 Touch screen graphics Boiler overview screens provide current boiler operating conditions in an easy-to- understand graphical format. BurnerMate Universal Boiler Controller

9 Touch screen graphics Color touch screens include “walk-thru’s” for easy controller configuration. BurnerMate Universal Boiler Controller

10 Touch screen graphics Loop tuning screens provide familiar loop controller “faceplates” for easy configuration. Over 75 screens are pre-configured. BurnerMate Universal Boiler Controller

11 System Components Optional Communications Module: Inexpensive module allows Modbus, Ethernet, and web-based remote monitoring. BMU Modbus addresses are pre- programmed. Designed to be sub-panel mounted. BurnerMate Universal Boiler Controller

12 System Components IR, UV, and self-checking UV. All flame scanners use identical military-style quick connect fittings. The BMU will accept any U.L. listed flame scanner. BurnerMate Universal Boiler Controller Preferred supplies a choice of three flame scanners:

13 Flame Safeguard Functions Stages the burner through purge, lightoff, main flame, and shutdown. Supports up to three fuels (oil, natural gas, and a second gas fuel) Fuel changeover can be initiated locally or remotely. Monitors up to 6 recycling limits, up to 33 shutdown limits and one or two flame scanners. All limit inputs are 120 VAC, wired in parallel, and separately annunciated. During a shutdown, all major status bits are recorded and saved for up to the last ten lockouts. Adjustable time delays are available for many limits to avoid nuisance trips. BurnerMate Universal Boiler Controller

14 Flame Safeguard Functions Optional gas valve leak test logic. Optional oil gun purge logic (blow-thru into the furnace, or suctioned back out of the gun via scavenger pump) High flue gas temperature shutdown (added dry boiler protection) BurnerMate Universal Boiler Controller

15 Fuel-Air Ratio Control Functions Jackshaft or parallel positioning combustion control is supported. Up to 8 analog outputs available for fuel/air servos, and VSD’s for FD fan, FGR fan, and ID fan. Up to 15 combustion control points can be programmed. “Off-curve” points available for standby, purge, and light-off positions. Optional O2 trim control is supported. Separate curves available for VSD by-pass mode (in case of VSD failure) BurnerMate Universal Boiler Controller

16 Fuel-Air Ratio Control Functions Low fire and high fire rate limits can be temporarily configured to limit burner travel. Problematic firing rates can be configured to be “skipped over” until the problem is resolved. Burner can be warm-up slowly until FGR temperature reaches setpoint. BurnerMate Universal Boiler Controller

17 Boiler Control Functions Single, two, or three-element PID feedwater control Adjustable draft control is fully integrated into flame safeguard and fuel-air control algorithms. Firing rate is used as a feed forward for both drum level and draft control. VSD outputs available for ID fan and feedwater pump. BurnerMate Universal Boiler Controller

18 Boiler Control Functions Remote setpoint and remote firing rate control. Outdoor air temperature reset Warm standby and domestic hot water override Low fire hold based on boiler shell or flue gas temperature. Steam pressure or hot water control supported. Five auxiliary relays can be configured to control additional boiler auxiliaries. Supervised or automatic water column blowdown & low water level test logic. Boiler cold start function allows for adjustable boiler thermal shock protection. BurnerMate Universal Boiler Controller

19 Ease of Operation No special sensors are required (common switches and transmitters can be used) Preferred supplies flame scanners, or any U.L. listed scanners can be used. (BMU provides 120 VAC and 24 VDC power, and accepts a contact closure for proof of flame and analog input for optional flame intensity. Servo set-up is easy, intuitive, and well-documented. 33 basic parameters configure most control functions. Flame safeguard logic is designed to U.S. standards (NFPA 85) BurnerMate Universal Boiler Controller

20 Security Features Servos are “locked” into place on the fuel air curves. Putting a servo in manual will trip the burner. Safety related parameters can only be changed when the burner is off- line. Fuel-air curve points must be “verified” before the technician can exit commission mode. Four levels of password security enable operators, technicians, engineers, and Preferred factory personnel access to parameter settings. BurnerMate Universal Boiler Controller

21 Product Support BMU is Made in America. It is available only through Preferred and it’s factory trained representatives. All components are in stock. It is supported from the Preferred Utilities factory in Connecticut, outside sales offices in Massachusetts, Illinois, Texas, and Oregon, and factory trained representatives around the country. Preferred has service engineers located throughout the U.S. BurnerMate Universal Boiler Controller

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