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>Christopher F. Passaretti Software Development Manager >SpeechTek 2007 Expand VoiceXML & CCXML Using Web Services.

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1 >Christopher F. Passaretti Software Development Manager >SpeechTek 2007 Expand VoiceXML & CCXML Using Web Services

2 Nortel Confidential Information 2 Expand VoiceXML & CCXML Using Web Services >This presentation discusses functionality beyond the VoiceXML/CCXML standards and suggests a standards- based Web service methodology. The benefits include keeping the application portable and a clear separation of the call flow and the business logic. Learn how Web services can help your speech application leverage other standards without comprising portability.

3 Nortel Confidential Information 3 Web Services Reinventing the Wheel? >Message Exchange >SOAP/XML >HTTP >WSDL >OS Independent >Loosely Coupled Web Services >Similar to CORBA >Focused on underlying implementation (Java/Windows) >Easier to implement RMI/COM >Object Model >Object Request Brokers >IIOP >OS Independent >Tightly Coupled CORBA

4 Nortel Confidential Information 4 Characteristics of Web Services >Technologies: XML,SOAP,WSDL, UDDI >Discoverable >Loosely coupled >Abstract implementation and does not expose underlying logic or implementation to the customer >Secondary Properties Can be composed into higher level services Reusable Interaction is stateless

5 Nortel Confidential Information 5 Why Web Services? >Machine to Machine to interaction >Allows disparate software to communicate (similar to RPC, CORBA in the past) >Services are loosely coupled Applications more responsive to business needs Create rich menu of ‘enablers’ or building blocks Easily mix and match to create new services Automate business processes and streamline workflow >UDDI – Universal Discovery and Description – XML based registry Provides access to WSDL documents that describe message formats to interact with web services

6 Nortel Confidential Information 6 Interactive Voice Response Progress >Open Standards >Open Development Environments >DTMF, Speech, Natural Language >Open Systems 2000s >Proprietary Development Environments >DTMF & Speech 1990s >Proprietary Scripting Languages >DTMF Focused >Closed Systems 1980s

7 Nortel Confidential Information 7 IVR Web Services 1.0 >Less Dependencies >External Interfaces tn3270 vt100 Database CORBA Java HTML XML >CTI >Messaging Protocols VoiceXML and CCXML

8 Nortel Confidential Information 8 IVR Web Services Enabler >Open Standards >More Developers >Training widely available >Built to leverage existing web technologies Java/.NET web servers VoiceXML and CCXML IVR Web Server VXML SOAP Firewall Internet

9 Nortel Confidential Information 9 CTI via CSTA >Standards based approach to CTI based on ECMA standards ECMA-269 – defines capabilities ECMA-323 – defines XML representation ECMA-348 - WSDL >TR-85 defines CSTA XML over HTTP >TR-87 defines CSTA XML over SIP >Data will attempt to be synchronized where possible >Asynchronous data will be sent to registered endpoint in the web server or to CCXML interpreter IVR Web Server VXML CCXML ` ASYNC Events SOAP

10 Nortel Confidential Information 10 Mashups >Combining content from multiple sources to create an integrated experience

11 Nortel Confidential Information 11 IVR Web Services 2.0 and Beyond Example Mashup Conferencing Contact Center Messaging Speech Recognition / Speaker Verification

12 Nortel Confidential Information 12 What is a workflow? >Movement of information and/or tasks through a work process >Workflow: ‘Work’ flows through the organization Tasks Procedural Steps Relative ordering Synchronization Approve Order Wait for Contact Fulfill Order Fulfull Order Ship Order Order Placed by Phone Customer Notified Problem with Order Customer calls and Resolves problem 4 weeks 5 min workflow

13 Nortel Confidential Information 13 Workflow

14 Nortel Confidential Information 14 Workflow Integration Concepts >Services can act as triggers, causing a new workflow to be created. In this scenario, the order could have been placed by via self service over the web or the phone. Both would have sent the same trigger notification to create a new workflow. >Once a workflow exists, services that handle external inputs such as phone calls need to associate themselves with the correct instance of the workflow >Services can be invoked by the workflow as is the case for the Notify By Phone service Customer Notified Problem with Order Customer calls and Resolves problem workflow Order Refil`l By Phone Service Order Approval Service Order Fulfillment Service Order Placed by Phone Trigger(order) Order Fulfillment Service Ship Order Service Notify By Phone Service Customer Contact By Phone Service Problem Resolution

15 Nortel Confidential Information 15 Contact Center / IVR / Speaker Verification Mashup Customer fails retrieving account status Customer calls and Resolves problem Routing Service Account/PIN Service Speaker Verification Service Caller dials into IVR Trigger(order) Speaker Verification Service Account Status Service Queue’d to Agent Problem Customer is already verified, No verification is required Agent Processing Agent receives authenticated call, No need to retrieve Account number and verify

16 Nortel Confidential Information 16 Speech Workflow Manager one-five- four-three nine-five- one Approve VXML: Account Dialog VXML: PIN Dialog VXML: PIN Dialog VXML: Voting Dialog VXML: Voting Dialog VXML: Submit Vote VXML: Submit Vote Workflow Engine VXML: Initiate Session VXML: Initiate Session VXML: Vote Status VXML: Vote Status Session Established Voting Workflow Submit Vote Vote Results

17 Nortel Confidential Information 17 HyperConnectivity and Communications Enabled Applications >Mega-trend: Communication Enabled Applications Applications are to be intelligent & fully featured, regardless of the interface used to access them Communications experience is part of the total applications experience >Disruption: Traditional Communications ecosystem is merging with the IT ecosystem creating richer more productive results >Evidence: Online gaming merging with voice communications “Click to connect” web pages Internet dependent television like TiVo, and MediaCenter PC

18 Nortel Confidential Information 18 Questions?


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