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vocabMore examples Lat is flatThat is a long Tie! $100100$100100$100100$100100 $200200$200200$200200$200200 $300300$300300$300300$300300 $400400$400400$400400$400400.

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Presentation on theme: "vocabMore examples Lat is flatThat is a long Tie! $100100$100100$100100$100100 $200200$200200$200200$200200 $300300$300300$300300$300300 $400400$400400$400400$400400."— Presentation transcript:


2 vocabMore examples Lat is flatThat is a long Tie! $100100$100100$100100$100100 $200200$200200$200200$200200 $300300$300300$300300$300300 $400400$400400$400400$400400 $500500 5 theme example $400400 $100100 $200200 $300300 $500500 5 theme descrip $100100 $200200 $300300 $400400 $500500$500500$500500$500500 Score

3 Woop There it is. - $100 An exact place on a map. What is absolute location? Back to Board

4 Mappy days - $200 Cartography. What is the science of making maps? Back to Board

5 Meteor shower - $300 The study of weather. What is meteorology? Back to Board

6 Geo tree - $400 These are the two main branches of geography What are physical and human? Back to Board

7 Change the channel - $500 This was the mnemonic device we used to remember the five themes of geography? What is “Lazy people have many remotes?” Back to Board

8 Run to the border - $100 This theme is about areas that have common characteristics. What is “Region?” Back to Board

9 Hurry Kane $200 Dealing with the relationships between people and their surroundings. What is Human-Environment Interaction? Back to Board

10 A unique rabbit $300 This theme is about what makes it unique. What is “Place?” Back to Board

11 Get a job! $400 How and why a person travels to a different location. What is movement? Back to Board

12 Smarty Nerd is here! $500 These are the five themes of geography. Back to Board What are location, place, human- environment interaction, movement, and region?

13 Where the prez hangs $100 What is location? Back to Board 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

14 I’m leaving… $200 I came here from North Dakota because I hate the snow! What is “Movement?” Back to Board

15 So low I can’t here it $300 DAILY DOUBLEDAILY DOUBLE!!!

16 Canton…What a place $400 Ohio is famous for the Football Hall of Fame. What is “Place?” Back to Board

17 Want a mater I grew? $500 Back to Board Growing crops is a positive example, deforestation is a negative example. What is “Human-Environment Interaction?”

18 Relatively close - $100 I live south of Kent. What is location? Back to Board

19 Commonalities - $200 All of the countries in South America are some form of a Republic government. What is “Region?” Back to Board

20 That makes it a scary place - $300 The Komodo Dragon can only be found on Indonesia. What is “Place?” Back to Board

21 Bad human - $400 The sinking of an oil tanker off the coast of Alaska is an example of this theme. Millions of gallons of oil spread in to the ocean. What is “Human-Environment Interaction?” Back to Board

22 Com mon u can do it - $500 An example of region. (Answers will vary.) The class must decide if the answer reflects a common characteristic of an area. Borders, similar government, language, religion, or climate. Back to Board

23 Parallel - $100 The lines that run right to left on the map. What is latitude Back to Board

24 Buckeyes Rule! - $200 This line of latitude is at 0 degrees. What is the equator. Back to Board

25 You rung? $300 This is how you might remember latitude if you get stuck on the test. What is “lat is flat” or the rungs on a ladder. Back to Board

26 ABC…Easy as 123… - $400 This always goes first when writing latitude and longitude to show a point on the map. (How can you remember this?) What is latitude? Back to Board

27 What’s your sign? - $500 You have one minute on the clock to give me a famous line of latitude other than the equator. What is the Tropic of Capricorn, Tropic of Cancer, Arctic Circle, or Antarctic Circle? Back to Board

28 Just like my tie. $100 This line on map that runs up or down (vertical.) What is longitude? Back to Board

29 Prime for pickin’ $200 This is the most famous line of longitude that is located at 0 degrees. What is the Prime Meridian? Back to Board

30 My hands are tied. $300 Mr. Hunt wore this to remind you of the direction that longitude runs. What is a longgg tie? Back to Board

31 Green with envy. $400 This is the famous city that the Prime Meridian runs through. (You have one minute on the map.) What is Greenwich England? Back to Board

32 Ice ice baby. On the political map of North America in your book (page 711), this country is located at 20 degrees west longitude? What is Iceland? Back to Board

33 Daily Double Specify Your Wager!

34 Hit the road Jack. --- Back to Board This theme is from the song Mr. Hunt is about to play for you. Hit it Hunt. What is movement?

35 Score TEAM 1TEAM 2

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