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Improving Vocabulary Skills Tips to help you read for understanding.

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1 Improving Vocabulary Skills Tips to help you read for understanding.

2 What do you do when find a word you don’t know? Do you look it up in the dictionary every time? –This will take too long and distract you from what you are reading –You may learn every vocabulary word, but miss the point of the article

3 Unfamiliar Words

4 How to Guess the Meaning It is important to know how to guess the meaning of a word Guessing the meaning only gives you the general meaning of a word –this is usually enough Use context clues to help you guess the meaning

5 Common Context Clues Use as many of these as possible when reading a passage

6 1. Synonyms and Antonyms The old man asked if I could traverse the creek; I said I could cross it easily. He seemed uncertain that I could do it, but I was resolute.

7 2. Comparisons and Contrast Outside, the tempest raged like a hurricane. Confined to the house by their concerned mother, Jeremy was restive, but Adam contentedly read a book.

8 3. Definitions and Descriptions The woman wore a red mantilla that covered her head and shoulders.

9 4. Words in a Series The dulcimer, fiddle and banjo are popular in the Appalachian region.

10 5. Cause and Effect Because no one volunteered to clean up the gym, the principal declared the work session would be mandatory for all sophomores.

11 6. Tone and Setting The sinister sound came from a long, dark passageway that had been hidden behind a bookcase. As we crept into the blackness, the stale, damp air made us feel as if we were being drawn into a dungeon.

12 Hint A context clue does not always appear in the same sentence as the word you don’t know. you may need to look for clues in surrounding sentences and paragraphs.

13 7. Descriptive Words

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