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1. rebel  [`rEbL]  n. [C] ( 對權威的 ) 反叛者,反抗者 Ray is a rebel in class; he doesn’t listen to anyone, even his teacher. Reading Next.

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Presentation on theme: "1. rebel  [`rEbL]  n. [C] ( 對權威的 ) 反叛者,反抗者 Ray is a rebel in class; he doesn’t listen to anyone, even his teacher. Reading Next."— Presentation transcript:


2 1. rebel  [`rEbL]  n. [C] ( 對權威的 ) 反叛者,反抗者 Ray is a rebel in class; he doesn’t listen to anyone, even his teacher. Reading Next

3 2. creator [krI`et2] n. 創作者 [krI`et2] n. 創作者 J.K. Rowling is the creator of Harry Potter. Reading Back Next Derivative

4 create [krI`et] vt. 創造 Some people believe that God created the world. back next

5 creation [krI`eS1n] n. [U] 創造 They planned the creation of a new town. back

6 3. human [`hjum1n] n. [C] 人 ( 類 ) [`hjum1n] n. [C] 人 ( 類 ) The use of words is the difference between humans and animals. Reading Back Next Derivative

7 human [`hjum1n] adj. 人 ( 類 ) 的 If you want to be a doctor, you have to study the human body first. back

8 4. mud [m^d] n. [U] 泥 [m^d] n. [U] 泥 After the typhoon, the road was covered with mud and leaves. Reading Back Next Derivative

9 muddy [`m^dI] adj. 泥濘的 Please don’t walk into the house with your muddy shoes. back

10 5. including [In`kludI9] prep. 包括 [In`kludI9] prep. 包括 This week, Sally visited some cities in Taiwan, including Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung. Reading Back Next Derivative

11 include [In`klud] vt. 包括 My trip to the city included a visit to the museum. back

12 6. raise [rez] vt. 飼養 ( 動物 ) ,栽培 ( 植物 ) , [rez] vt. 飼養 ( 動物 ) ,栽培 ( 植物 ) , 養育 ( 孩子 ) ;舉起 養育 ( 孩子 ) ;舉起 The farmer raises many chickens on the farm. If you have any questions, please raise your hand. Reading Back Next

13 7. branch [br8ntS] [br8ntS] n. [C] 樹枝;分公司, 分店 n. [C] 樹枝;分公司, 分店 We need some branches to build the camp fire. There are four branches of this famous restaurant in Tainan. Reading Back Next

14 8. lift [lIft] vt. 舉起 [lIft] vt. 舉起 Please help me lift this heavy box. Reading Back Next

15 9. protect [pr1`tEkt] vt. 保護 [pr1`tEkt] vt. 保護 John wore a hat to protect himself from the sun. Reading Back Next Derivative

16 protection [pr1`tEkS1n] n. [U] 保護 The umbrella gave us little protection from the heavy rain. back

17 10. tool [tul] n. [C] 工具 [tul] n. [C] 工具 A good dictionary is a useful tool for learning languages. Reading Back Next

18 11. civilization [&sIvL1`zeS1n] n. [U][C] 文 明 [&sIvL1`zeS1n] n. [U][C] 文 明 It is believed that the western civilization began from Greece. Reading Back Next

19 12. ruler [`rul2] n. [C] 統治者 [`rul2] n. [C] 統治者 After the queen died, Henry became the ruler of the country. Reading Back Next Derivative

20 rule [rul] vt. 統治 The king ruled the country for thirty years. back

21 13. powerful [`pa52f1l] [`pa52f1l] adj. 強大的,強而有力的 adj. 強大的,強而有力的 The U.S. is one of the most powerful countries in the world. Reading Back Next Derivative

22 power [`pa52] n. [U] 權力 The police have the power to stop your car on the street. back

23 14. punish [`p^nIS] vt. 處罰,懲罰 [`p^nIS] vt. 處罰,懲罰 My brother was punished for cheating on the test. Reading Back Next Derivative

24 punishment [`p^nISm1nt] n. [C][U] 處罰,懲罰 Tom had to clean the floor as a punishment because he was late for class again this morning. back

25 15. chain [tSen] vt. 以鏈條拴住 [tSen] vt. 以鏈條拴住 The dog is chained to the wall because it bites. Reading Back Next Derivative

26 chain [tSen] n. [C] 鏈條 There is a chain on the door, so I can’t enter the room. back

27 16. rock [rAk] n. [C][U] 岩塊;岩 石 [rAk] n. [C][U] 岩塊;岩 石 My feet hurt because I went rock climbing yesterday. Reading Back Next

28 17. suffer [`s^f2] vi.; vt. 受折磨;遭受, [`s^f2] vi.; vt. 受折磨;遭受, 承受 ( 痛苦、損失等 ) 承受 ( 痛苦、損失等 ) He suffered from losing all his family members after the fire. The factory suffered great losses in the typhoon and closed down. Reading Back Next Derivative

29 suffering 痛苦,苦惱 [`s^f1rI9] n. [U] 痛苦,苦惱 No one in Taiwan would forget the suffering in the 921 earthquake. back

30 18. hero [`hIro] n. [C] 英雄 [`hIro] n. [C] 英雄 Mark scored thirty points and became the hero of the basketball game. Reading Back Next

31 19. respect [rI`spEkt] vt. 尊敬,尊重 [rI`spEkt] vt. 尊敬,尊重 I respect Mother Teresa because she was kind to the poor. Derivative Reading Back Next 回到目錄

32 respect [rI`spEkt] n. [U] 尊敬,尊 重 We should show respect to the old because they have lived longer and know better. back 回到目錄

33 1. god [GAd] [GAd] n. [C] 男神 n. [C] 男神 Reading Next Back

34 2. Greek [Grik] [Grik] adj. 希臘的 adj. 希臘的 Reading Back Next

35 3. Prometheus [pr1`miTj1s] [pr1`miTj1s] n. ( 希臘神 ) 普羅米修斯 n. ( 希臘神 ) 普羅米修斯 Reading Back Next

36 4. Zeus [zus] [zus] n. ( 希臘神 ) 宙斯 n. ( 希臘神 ) 宙斯 Reading Back Next

37 5. vulture [`v^ltS2] [`v^ltS2] n. [C] 禿鷹 n. [C] 禿鷹 Reading Back Next

38 6. liver [`lIv2] [`lIv2] n. [C] 肝臟 n. [C] 肝臟 Reading Back Next

39 7. Hercules [`h3kj1&liz] [`h3kj1&liz] n. ( 希臘神 ) 海格利斯 n. ( 希臘神 ) 海格利斯 Reading Back Next

40 8. sacrifice [`s8kr1&faIs] [`s8kr1&faIs] n. [U][C] 犧牲 n. [U][C] 犧牲 Reading Back Next 回到目錄

41 1. make A from B 用 B 做成 A 用 B 做成 A The factory makes wine from rice. Reading Back Next

42 2. in addition 此外 此外 Sarah can speak both Chinese and English. In addition, she can speak Greek. Reading Back Next

43 3. care for 照料,看護 照料,看護 A nurse’s job is to care for the sick. Reading Back Next

44 4. catch fire 著火 著火 Dry leaves catch fire easily. Reading Back Next

45 5. come by 經過,路過 經過,路過 I will give the book to you when I come by your house. Reading Back Next

46 6. 6. 釋放 … The girl saved the bird from the net and set it free the next day. 結束放映 Reading Back

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