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Words for Production 1. stir [ st3 ] vi.; vt. to be awake and move about; to make something move slightly 起床,活 動;使 ( 微微地 ) 動 On Sundays he seldom stirs.

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Presentation on theme: "Words for Production 1. stir [ st3 ] vi.; vt. to be awake and move about; to make something move slightly 起床,活 動;使 ( 微微地 ) 動 On Sundays he seldom stirs."— Presentation transcript:



3 Words for Production 1. stir [ st3 ] vi.; vt. to be awake and move about; to make something move slightly 起床,活 動;使 ( 微微地 ) 動 On Sundays he seldom stirs before ten. The breeze stirred the leaves lying on the path.

4 Words for Production 2. pale [ pel ] adj. (of colors) not bright 黯淡的 In the pale light of dawn, he could barely see the mountain path.

5 Words for Production 3. cigarette [ &sIG1`rEt ] n. [C] a thin tube of paper filled with finely cut tobacco that people smoke 香菸 The father lit another cigarette as he waited anxiously for news of his lost son.

6 Words for Production 4. shiver [ `SIv2 ] vi. to shake, as from cold or fear 顫抖 When the cold wind blew on her, she shivered.

7 Words for Production 5. nightgown [ `naIt&Ga5n ] n. [C] a piece of clothing, like a thin dress, that one wears in bed 睡衣 At midnight, frightened people in their nightgowns ran out of the burning building and into the streets.

8 Words for Production 6. wrapper [ `r8p2 ] n. [C] a loose outer gown that one wears indoors; the piece of paper or plastic that covers something when it is sold ( 在室內穿的 ) 寬鬆便袍;包裝紙 PS. The example sentence are on the next page.

9 Words for Production 6. wrapper Hearing several loud knocks on the door, she got up, put on her wrapper, and went downstairs to see who it was. Remove the outer wrapper before heating the pie. Would you like to know more...

10 wrap [ r8p ] vt. 圍,纏 The nurse wrapped the blanket around the patient’s legs to keep him warm.

11 Words for Production 7. tie [ taI ] vt. to fasten something with a cord or string 繫,綁 Susan tied the old newspapers in a stack and took them out for recycling.

12 Words for Production 8. waist [ west ] n. [C] the part of the human body between the ribs and the hips 腰 The skirt was beautiful, but it was too big in the waist. So, I didn’t buy it.

13 Words for Production 9. creep [ krip ] vi. to move slowly and quietly, so as not to attract attention 躡手躡腳地走路 In order not to wake up the sleeping baby, the mother crept quietly out of the room, hardly making a sound.

14 Words for Production 10. hall [ hOl ] n. [C] a long narrow passage inside a building that connects one room to another 走廊 Because she was late for class, she ran down the hall to her classroom.

15 Words for Production 11. chain [ tSen ] n. [C] a length of metal rings, connected or fitted into one another, used for fastening or pulling 鍊條 The bridge was supported by heavy iron chains hanging from two towers.

16 Words for Production 12. rope [ rop ] n. [C][U] (a piece of) strong thick cord made by twisting together several thinner cords of cotton or similar material 繩 索 The kidnaped boy was found with his wrists tied with rope in a deserted house.

17 Words for Production 13. ladder [ `l8d2 ] n. [C] a piece of equipment consisting of two long pieces of wood, metal, or rope with steps fixed between them, used for climbing up or down something 梯子 To reach books on the top shelf, he had to use a ladder.

18 Words for Production 14. rubber [ `r^b2 ] adj. made of a strong, elastic substance made from the sap of a tropical plant or produced synthetically 橡膠的 Before the operation, the nurse helped the surgeon put on a pair of rubber gloves.

19 Words for Production 15. flow [ flo ] vi. (of liquid) to move steadily and continuously 流 The stream flowed gently past the village and down into the valley.

20 Words for Production 16. whiskers [ `hwIsk2z ] n. pl. the long stiff hairs that grow near the mouth of a cat or mouse; hair growing on the sides of a man’s face ( 貓、鼠的 ) 鬚; ( 男人的 ) 鬢鬚 To grow heavy whiskers, the man has not shaven for days.

21 Words for Production 17. neatly [ `nitlI ] adv. in an orderly way 整齊地 She arranged all her CDs neatly on the shelves. Would you like to know more...

22 neat [ nit ] adj. 整齊的 He folded his clothes in a neat pile on the chair.

23 Words for Production 18. row [ ro ] n. [C] a neat line (of people or things) side by side 排,列 Before doing the activity, the teacher asked his students to arrange the desks and chairs into two neat rows.

24 Words for Production 19. brace [ bres ] vt. to press part of one’s body against something solid in order to make oneself steadier 支撐 The boy climbed up the tree and braced his feet against the branches. Would you like to know more...

25 brace [ bres ] n. [C] 支撐物,支架 He wore leg braces after the car accident a few years ago.

26 Words for Production 20. saw [ sO ] n. [C] a tool with a row of sharp tooth-like points for cutting hard materials 鋸子 It is much quicker to use a power saw to cut the tree. Would you like to know more...

27 saw [ sO ] vi. 鋸;來回移動 ( 刀等 ) 切 ( 東西 ) He sawed at the tough steak with his knife.

28 Words for Production 21. hammer [ `h8m2 ] n. [C] a tool usually with a heavy metal head, used especially for driving nails into something 鎚子,榔頭 To make a fence around the garden, he drove stakes into the ground with a big hammer.

29 Words for Production 22. nail [ nel ] n. [C] a small, thin, metal rod with a sharp point on the end, used to hold things together or keep them in place 釘子 She used nails to make sure her bookshelf wouldn’t fall over.

30 Words for Production 23. fuss [ f^s ] n. [C] (sing. only) anxious or excited behavior which serves no useful purpose ( 不必要的 ) 忙亂,大驚小怪 There is sure to be a fuss when the parents find the window is broken.

31 Words for Production 24. pound [ pa5nd ] vt.; vi. to hit (something) repeatedly, heavily, and noisily 重擊,猛烈敲打 The worker pounded nails into the wall with a hammer. The stormy waves pounded against the rocks along the shore.

32 Words for Production 25. swing [ swI9 ] vt.; vi. to move (something) round and round in a curve or backward and forward from a fixed point 揮舞;搖 擺 Before swimming, they swung their arms to warm up. Our arms swing as we walk.

33 Words for Production 26. moisten [ `mOIsN ] vt. to make or become slightly wet 弄 濕,沾濕 After giving a long speech, she sipped some water to moisten her dry throat. Would you like to know more...

34 moist [ mOIst ] adj. 潮濕的 The air in the kitchen became moist from the water boiling on the stove.

35 moisture [ `mOIstS2 ] n. [U] 溼氣,潮濕 The desert air contains hardly any moisture.

36 Words for Production 27. seize [ siz ] vt. to grasp firmly with hands 緊抓 The boy seized the rope and pulled himself up.

37 Words for Production 28. household [ `ha5s&hold ] n. [U] all the people in a family 家庭,一家 人 He was still studying after the other members of the household had gone to sleep.

38 Words for Production 29. doze [ doz ] vi. to sleep lightly 打盹,打瞌睡 Tired from preparing for the exam, he was found dozing at his desk.

39 Words for Production 30. blacksmith [ `bl8k&smIT ] n. [C] a person whose job is making things out of iron by hand 鐵匠 The blacksmith was pounding a piece of iron to shape it into a knife.

40 1. washbowl [ `wAS&bol ] n. [C] a large bowl, usually with taps for hot or cold water, for washing hands or face, especially in a bathroom 洗臉盆 Words for Recognition

41 2. bathrobe [ `b8T&rob ] n. [C] a loose garment worn before and after bathing, especially by men 浴袍 Words for Recognition

42 3. screwdriver [ `skru&draIv2 ] n. [C] a tool with a narrow blade at one end which fits into the cut in the head of a screw for turning it into and out of its place 螺絲起子 Words for Recognition

43 4. plink [ plI9k ] n. [U] soft, sharp, metallic sound 輕而尖銳的 金屬響聲 Words for Recognition

44 1. start for to leave one place to go to another 動 身前往 He started for the railroad station early in order to catch the first train. Idioms and Phrases

45 2. set about to start to do (something) 開始做 ( 某事 ) When the bell rang, the students set about taking the test. Idioms and Phrases

46 3. in one’s opinion in one’s view or feeling that 依某人之 見 In my opinion, in twenty years, the long-held dream of sending people to Mars will come true. Idioms and Phrases

47 4. turn to (somebody) to try to get help or advice from (somebody) 向 ( 某人 ) 求助 Whenever he gets into trouble, he turns to his parents for help. Idioms and Phrases

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