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1 http://www.enviroblo http://www.calla- akeup.jpg http://everystockphoto.s3.a arnish_nail_223629_l.jpg s/old%20makeup.jpg

2 In 310 0 b.c. the y still wo re ma ke up Even in 3100 B.C. they still wore makeup. Women in Egypt decided that green Eye shadow was very cool then. They might of used copper that has been weathered, Like the Statue of Liberty. They used khol to darken their eyelashes too. The women Thought that the more beautiful they were, the closer they got to the gods. They also Used eye makeup to keep away the demons and the bugs. The poor country people used berries, vegetables, herbs, and flowers for makeup. But Really rich people wanted pale skin instead of the tan skin we want today aying_Musical_Instruments_Royalty_Free_Clipart_Picture_100511- 005036-245053.jpg

3 Now makeup is an essential and women use a lot of makeup. Unlike before women Don’t wear natural makeup they wear makeup that is factory made. We also use very Bright colors and we are obsessed with keeping our skin healthy. http:// http://

4 http://;jsessionid=CF6 BC33CD9421C2A9B041F98AD8975E6.p-a3- app1?categoryId=cat50003 I hop e you liked my.ppt

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