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What is PARALLEL STRUCTURE? Parallel structure means using matching patterns of words (ex: all verbs have to be in the same form). When taking the English.

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1 What is PARALLEL STRUCTURE? Parallel structure means using matching patterns of words (ex: all verbs have to be in the same form). When taking the English section of the ACT, watch for parallel structure errors!

2 Correct the following sentences using correct parallel structure. 1.) Iris likes hiking, to swim, and taking walks. 2.) My dog not only likes to bark, but also chasing cars. 3.) Oil spills are destroying marine life and hurt the environment. 4.) I would rather eat green beans than eating carrots. Bell-Ringer

3 Answers 1.) Iris likes hiking, swimming, and taking walks. 2.) My dog not only likes to bark, but also likes to chase cars. 3.) Oil spills destroy marine life and hurt the environment. 4.) I would rather eat green beans than eat carrots.

4 THUMBS UP FOR PARALLELISM! 1.) To grow tired of school means growing tired of life. 2.) Juan won a ribbon and a trophy. 3.) She likes taking long walks on the beach and to watch TV. 4.) He walked to the fruit market and then he walked to school. 5.) When near the pool, do not run and spitting is not acceptable.

5 Write 5 sentences that are not in parallel structure. When you are finished, trade with the person next to you. Rewrite each of their sentences correctly.

6 Complete the following using parallel structure. 1.) Ariel bought a shirt, shorts, and _____________. 2.) Harold walked calmly, steadily, and ___________. 3.) I plan to become a doctor, ________, or _______. 4.) The planets are distant, curious, and _________. 5.) She is friendly, ___________, and ____________. 6.) He entered the room, looked around, and _____. 7.) Jonah is known for his truthfulness and _______. 8.) I walked my dog, rode my bike, and __________. 9.) Yesterday, he came late and today ___________. 10.) Maria was exhausted, bored, and ___________.

7 Homework Describe this Escher painting by writing at least three sentences that show that you understand parallel structure. Example: Not Parallel: The man decided to draw a picture and then writing a poem. Parallel: The man decided to draw a picture and write a poem.

8 Please correct your answers from the ACT Practice Test you took yesterday. Use a different color than you originally used. 1.A 2.G 3.C 4.J 5.B 6.H 7.A 8.H 9.D 10. F 11. C prep. 12. F 13. D vocab. 14. J clauses 15. B 16. J prep. 17. D comma 18. F 19. B tense 20. J comma 21.B 22.J 23.C 24.G 25.D 26.G 27.D frag. 28.G 29.B 30.F 31.A 32.F 33.D 34.F 35.D 36.H concise 37.B subj. 38.F 39.C vocab. 40.F

9 Notes Misplaced modifiers are simply words that are separated from the word they describe (modify means describe). This can occur with adverbs, adjectives, or phrases. To correct the misplaced modifier, simply move the word or phrase. Here is a very obvious example: I ate a warm bowl of oatmeal. Did I eat a warm bowl or warm oatmeal? I ate a bowl of warm oatmeal.

10 What about in this sentence? The torn man’s newspaper fell on the floor. Ask yourself was the man torn or the newspaper? Although a person can be torn about a decision, the following change makes the most logical sense. The man’s torn newspaper fell on the floor.

11 Something isn’t clear here! Riding down the street, the sun is shining. Wait, did you just say the sun was riding down the street? Who is the subject? The Sun? What I meant, of course, was Riding down the street, I saw the sun shining.

12 How can we correct these misplaced modifiers? 1.) When tossed in the air, the dog caught the Frisbee. 2.) Adrian whistled to his dog on the way to the restaurant.

13 1.) Carlos searched for someone to show him how to play the piano without success. 2.) We ate food after the movie that was delicious. 3.) I returned the ice to the market that was melted. 4.) We sold our car to our neighbor that had been left in our garage for years. 5.) I used a pencil for a test that wasn’t number two. 6.) Tom was given a ticket from the cop who was speeding.

14 7.) The photographer gave his picture to a small woman in a wood frame. 8.) Firefighters were putting out a fire wearing protective masks. 9.) We swam the length of the lake wearing shoes and clothes. 10.) I could see the moon using a telescope. 11.) The student apologized to the teacher who cheated on the exam. 12.) The crying boy listened to the doctor who had a terrible cold.

15 Homework Create 5 sentences that have misplaced modifiers. Then rewrite each sentence correctly. You should have a total of 10 sentences.

16 Correct the following misplaced modifiers. 1.) Daisy found a muddy child’s ball in the yard. 2.) My grandma saw a bird on the roof that she could not identify. 3.) The wind blew through the window that was strong and cold. 4.) Mari followed a dog down the alley that was barking.

17 Commas At the end of the war, the empire fell. Then, in 1939, World War II began. Semicolons A lot happened during the twentieth century; the changes were often devastating. Dashes The allies – The United States, Britain, France, and The Soviet Union – defeated Germany and Japan in 1945.

18 Where do I put commas? Commas -come before FANBOYS (when linking 2 main clauses), before which, and between a series of words. -come after coordinating conjunctions (while, although, since…), and after introductory words, phrases, or clauses. -come before and after non-essential parts of the sentence.

19 1.) The party was over, but my relatives refused to leave. (before FANBOYS) 2.) It was a relief to see my report card yet I know that I should try harder. 3.) While I was sleeping, the baby cried from the other room. (after introduction) 4.) During the summer of 1994 my mom learned that she was pregnant with me. 5.) I like school lunches; the school breakfast, on the other hand, is not particularly good. (before and after an unessential phrase) 6.) When I fell down last week I twisted my ankle.

20 7.) Maria Ana and Melinda flew kites after school. 8.) Two weeks ago I saw Channel in chemistry. 9.) When I wake up most mornings I get dressed and brush my teeth. 10.) Jonah’s birthday is next week so I am throwing him a party. 11.) Vera cooked lasagna and Joseph baked an apple pie. 12.) The fruit basket contained strawberries bananas and grapes. 13.) Fatima who has never drove a car is taking Drivers Education in the fall.

21 14.) Students believed the school should end at 2pm so they wrote a letter to the school board. 15.) The Euphrates River which is the longest in the world runs into the Tigris River. 16.) My favorite musician Usher is on tour. 17.) We ate eggs toast and yogurt for breakfast. 18.) The team though they never win have enthusiasm 19.) Our neighbor whom visits often forgot to shut the door. 20.) If the storm continues the game will be postponed.

22 Where do I put semicolons? Semicolons belong between closely related clauses. Semicolons are like periods, but they connect two related sentences together. ;

23 1.) I wore a suit for the event; however, my best friend wore a t-shirt and torn jeans. 2.) This would be a good news story; I'll assign it to a reporter. 3.) The alarm always rings at exactly the same time its precision is impressive. 4.) She cut class the homework was confusing. 5.) Sara plays offense Jenny plays defense. 6.) He cut his foot on glass consequently he had to receive a tetanus shot.

24 7.) Derek was unable to be at the meeting Trisha told him what he missed. 8.) I made a list of potential candidates you can help me make decisions. 9.) I knew it was supposed to rain therefore, I brought a rain coat and umbrella. 10.) Mr. Hernandez reminded me to do the homework it was late when I went home and I forgot. 11.) Reading is an activity that I enjoy although, I do not usually have an opportunity to read on week nights.

25 Where do I put dashes? Dashes are used to set off or emphasize a word, phrase, or clause. Dashes are similar to commas or parenthesis. On the ACT dashes almost always come in pairs. Example: Factories — despite awareness of pollution — continue to cloud the sky with smoke.

26 1.) I hope the government — for those who oppose war — does not reinstate the draft. 2.) Being vegetarian if you don’t already know can create a healthier lifestyle. 3.) Recycling I’m sure you would agree is a good way to reduce waste. 4.) The tribe hunted buffalo, birds, deer and fished. 5.) People who live in the country don’t necessarily assume they’re farmers are accustomed to limited stores.

27 Homework Write 10 sentences. 4 sentences should include commas, 4 sentences should have semicolons, and 2 sentences should include dashes.

28 Correctly edit the following sentences. 1.) Beth is a good student however she forgot her homework in her locker. 2.) He was driving the bus recklessly, randomly, and texting his friend. 3.) Without studying, I got an A easy. 4.) David is a great writer and artist who is always reliable and a good friend. 5.) I forgot to buy my baby sisters food.

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