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In your journal, answer the following question  What possessions/things do you love?  Make a list  Pick your top 3  Stand up/Hand up/Pair up  Share.

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1 In your journal, answer the following question  What possessions/things do you love?  Make a list  Pick your top 3  Stand up/Hand up/Pair up  Share your top 3 with your partner

2 What items stand the test of time?  How would your list of things you love be affected by a worldwide blackout? worldwide blackout  Look at your list and draw a line through anything that would be affected by a complete loss of all power in the world.  As a society, where do we store the majority of our information?  What would our society look like if we underwent a worldwide blackout?  How far back in time would we regress?  Which country would survive this epic problem the best? The worst? WHY?!

3 Lesson 1 – The Dark Ages A time of lost or forgotten knowledge

4 Today’s Plan  What things do we love?  Stand up/Hand up/Pair up  Blackout  It has happened before  The Dark Ages  The Bubonic Plague  How will our culture survive?

5 The Dark Ages  Watch this video and write down the changes that occurred in Europe after the fall of the Roman Empirevideo  What technologies had the people of Europe lost?  How would you react if you saw amazing technology all around you, but did not understand it and could never use it? Have any of you ever felt this way?  What parts of our society would we see as reminders of our past if we had an epic blackout?

6 Daily life  While watching this next clip, describe the daily life of people in this period  If you couldn’t read, write, and had no access to technology, what would you do during the winter period of the year?  What percentage of children died at birth?  What percentage died before reaching your age?  What kind of effect do you think losing a family member would have on people during the Dark Ages?  Why did parents continue to have children?

7 Safety  What do you need to feel safe?  Why is safety an important aspect of every person’s life?  Watch this video and think about how safe these people would have feltvideo  Why do people look to religions like Christianity when they do not feel safe?  What things do people use in our society to help make them feel safe?

8 Disease  Everyone stand up!  If half of the Okanagan’s population died from a virulent disease in the next month, how would that affect our economy?  Our local government? Our police force?  Our culture?  Why do you think the bubonic plague spread as fast as it did?  Where did it start? Why is that important?

9 Nasty, Brutish, & Short  Looking back on European society during the Dark Ages, Thomas Hobbes wrote that a man’s life is “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short”.  Thinking back on all of the clips we saw today and the discussions we had, do you agree with this statement or not?  In a paragraph (5-7 sentences) I want you to reflect on this quote and state your opinion, providing evidence from our discussion. Remember there are no wrong answers as long as you can support them with facts.

10 How do we know all this?  How did the knowledge of the Roman Empire survive?  Write down a guess (minimum of one) in your journal

11 How do we know all this?  How did the knowledge of the Roman Empire survive?  Monks and monasteries kept the past alive.  They were some of the only literate people during the Dark Ages

12 Lesson 2 – The Franks Brutes or Heroes?

13 What’s a Barbarian?  When I say the word “Barbarian” what images come to mind?  This is probably what most of you think of  But this is not what the Barbarians of the Early Middle Ages looked like

14 Today’s Plan  What’s a Barbarian?  Who were the Franks?  The Salic Code  Franks Vs. Canadians

15 The Fall of Rome Leads to New Leadership in Gaul (France)  As the Roman Empire over-extended themselves, groups of Germanic peoples (sometimes called Barbarians) took control  The Franks were one of these groups  They took control of the Roman province of Gaul around 400 C.E.

16 Who were the Franks?  They were mostly just farmers, but they LOVED to fight and make war  They were constantly armed  Both men and women wore jewelry and kept their hair long  They loved wealth, and who had lots of that?  But most of all, they wanted to be free  The word “Frank” means free

17 Clovis I – The Frankish King  Clovis I was the embodiment of what the Franks valued  He was strong, skilled in battle, and wanted to be free of the Roman rule  Watch this video and think about how people would act if they were led by this  As king, Clovis I set the tone for his people

18 In the Eye of the Beholder  While the Franks looked up to Clovis to lead them, many others felt he embodied everything wrong with the Franks  Tacitus, a Roman historian, wrote “You will find it harder to persuade a German to plough the land to await its annual produce with patience than to challenge a foe and earn the prize of wounds. He thinks it spiritless and slack to gain by sweat what he can buy with blood. When not engaged in warfare, [the men] spend some little time in hunting, but more in idling, abandoned to sleep and gluttony [excessive eating and drinking].”

19 In the Eye of the Beholder  But the Franks thought they were far from lazy  The Preface to their Salic Code reads “[We are a] glorious people, wise in council, noble in body, radiant in health, excelling in beauty, daring, quick, hardened… This is the people that shook the cruel yoke of the Romans from its neck.”  What was the purpose of Tacitus’ writing?  Why did the Franks write that in their preface to their laws?

20 The Salic Code  A Law system often reveals a lot about the culture that made it  The Franks created the Salic Code to settle disputes  It placed a monetary value on every piece of property and on every person  A fine, or wergild, had to be paid if someone’s property was stolen or a person was injured  If a family member was killed, a revenge killing was not punished

21 Everything Has a Price  Here are some examples of laws found in the Salic Code  If any one have assaulted and plundered a freeman, and it be proved on him, he shall be sentenced 2500 denars, which make 63 shillings  If any one have wished to kill another person, and the blow have missed, he on whom it was proved shall be sentenced to 2500 denars  If any one steal a bull belonging to the king he shall be sentenced to 3600 denars, which make 90 shillings  What values does this show the Franks had?

22 Today  Quiz  Statistics  Map Work

23 Number Off  1-6  Remember your number!!!

24 Franks Vs. Canadians 1.Canadian Man 2.Canadian Woman 3.Canadian Child 4.Frankish Man 5.Frankish Woman 6.Frankish Child  You must find another person in the class who is a man, woman, or child from the other group  EXAMPLE: if you are a Frankish Man, you must find a Canadian Man

25 Franks Vs. Canadians  Using the stats for each of you, answer the following questions in your journal.  Be prepared to provide your answer to the class 1.Who will probably live longer? Give 3 possible reasons why. 2.Who will probably get married first? Explain why this is. 3.Who will probably have more babies die? Explain why. 4.Who is or will be taller? Why do you think that is?

26 Letter: Delivery by Time Machine  Using what you learned in the statistics activity, write a letter to a Frankish person your own age who lived in Gaul  Tell them a bit about your own life (relevant to this Socials activity) and empathize with them about an aspect of his/her life  Ask them a few clarifying questions (relevant to this Socials activity)

27 Map Work  Take out your map of Rome  Watch thisthis  Add a red line to your map depicting the land occupied by the Franks  Add the red line to your legend

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