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* Revision worksheet (Unit One ) - Vocabulary -Fixed phrases -Phrasal Verbs -Idioms 8 th Grade Done By: Shatha Hersh.

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1 * Revision worksheet (Unit One ) - Vocabulary -Fixed phrases -Phrasal Verbs -Idioms 8 th Grade Done By: Shatha Hersh

2 Rosary College School / Shmeisani Revision worksheet: (Fixed Phrases –Phrases with on) Choose the suitable fixed phrase to complete the sentences below: My brother is only 20 years old and he is living I’d live to buy a new mobile phone,but I ‘m , They decided to go on vacation. I don’t think I’ll forget,but give me a ring I have been working on my project for three weeks in order to be finished Sorry, I forgot to give your book back again. It wasn’t I can’t call her now,I’m I'd like a cup of coffee, please - actually, , I'll have a coke. They spoke to the police about the incident they would not be called as witnesses. He opposed the death penalty “ Do not forget to pray because God did not forget to wake you up this morning” Done by : Shatha Hersh On the off chanceOn seconds thoughtsOn a whimOn a budgetOn principle On one’s ownOn targetOn dutyOn purposeOn condition that

3 Rosary College School / Shmeisani Revision worksheet: (Infinitive/Gerund) - Circle the best item: 1- Dan enjoys (reading, to read) science fiction. 2-He asked ( talking, to talk) to the store manager. 3-Ann was the first person (greeting,to greet) me on my birthday. 4-We’ve waited for two hours only (getting, to get) a ticket for the concert. 5-She refused (speaking,to speak) to me after our fight. 6-Its hard (to be, being) on a diet. 7-Debbie plans (studying, to study) abroad next year. 8- Bill agreed (meeting, to meet) us at the restaurant,but he never showed up. 9- I look forward to (see, seeing) you. 10- I am tired of (study, studding). 11- I would rather (playing, play) football than basketball. 12-(Telling, To tell) you the truth, I had asked him for some money. 13-I would love (inviting, to invite ) you to my wedding party. 14-It was easy ( passing, to pass ) the exam. 15-I can’t stand (talking, to talk) to him. “ The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” DONE BY : SHATHA HERSH

4 Rosary College School / Shmeisani Revision worksheet: (Vocabulary / Unit One) -Fill in the blanks with the correct word/phrase to form a meaningful sentence: ( There are two extra words): at your acting career, and I'm sure that one day you'll be a huge star. See also links for web sites of bodies associated with new quality assurance. She started playing the piano when she was very young; now it is like a to her. Denis Lewis needed extra two meters to claw her way back into Once I overcome these ,I’ll feel relaxed. I have many things to do. I should She just needs to her self-belief. Finishing the tasks by tomorrow's deadline seemed “Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something” Done by : Shatha Hersh hurdlesinsurmountable permutations tacklingboost second natureexternalKeep plugging awaycontentionPut things into perspective

5 Rosary College School / Shmeisani Revision worksheet: (Idioms / Unit One) -Fill in the gaps with the suitable idioms: a -have the world at one’s feet. f– be in seventh heaven. b-be a feather in one’s cap. g–have one’s head in the clouds. c-Keep on top of things. h–Keep up with the Joneses. d-Rub sb up the wrong way. i– Steal the show e-Work one’s finger to the bone. j–Work one’s way up to the top. She when she relieved the acceptance letter to medical school. This young actress already This contract will John again, he’s talking about winning the lottery. I will This project means a lot to me. I am surprised that Mary worries about I thought she is more matured than that. A: You look great! How did you lose so much weight? B: I and exercised everyday. I am afraid to I hate hurting people. He started as an office junior and to become a director. He with just that one song. Done by : Shatha Hersh

6 Rosary College School / Shmeisani Revision worksheet: (Phrasal Verbs :carry + wear) Use the following phrasal verbs in the correct tense to complete the sentences below: The lawn has been by people walking across it. She the first prize in the competition. The meeting into the afternoon because there was so much to talk about. As the days John became increasingly depressed. The stress of my job is me They their goals despite the opposition. The government is tests on growing genetically modified crops. She played the video so many times that the tape He moved to London to his work. After the shock of losing her father , she went back to her work. “actions speak louder than words” Done By: Shatha Hersh Carry throughCarry outWear outCarry onWear off Wear awayCarry offCarry overWear onWear down

7 Key Answers: Fixed phrases: 1- on his own 2- on a budget 3- on a whim 4- on the off chance 5- on target 6- on purpose 7- on duty 8- on second thought 9- on condition that 10- on principle. Infinitive/Gerund: 1- reading 2- to talk 3- to greet 4- to get 5- to speak 6- to be 7- to study 8- to meet 9- seeing 10- studying 11- play 12- to tell 13- to invite 14 to pass 15- talking. Vocabulary: 1- keep plugging away 2- external 3- second nature 4- contention 5- hurdles 6- put things in to perspective 7- boost 8- insurmountable Idioms : 1- F 2-A 3- B 4- G 5- C 6- H 7- E 8- D 9- J 10- I Phrasal Verbs: 1- worn away 2- carried off 3- carried over 4-wore on 5- warring down 6- carried through 7- carrying out 8- wore out 9- carry on 10- wore off.


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