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* Revision worksheet (Unit One ) - Vocabulary -Fixed phrases -Phrasal Verbs -Idioms 8 th Grade Done By: Shatha Hersh.

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1 * Revision worksheet (Unit One ) - Vocabulary -Fixed phrases -Phrasal Verbs -Idioms 8 th Grade Done By: Shatha Hersh

2 Rosary College School / Shmeisani Revision worksheet: (Fixed Phrases –Phrases with on) Choose the suitable fixed phrase to complete the sentences below: My brother is only 20 years old and he is living----------------------. I’d live to buy a new mobile phone,but I ‘m-------------------------. ---------------, They decided to go on vacation. I don’t think I’ll forget,but give me a ring ---------------------. I have been working on my project for three weeks in order to be finished-------------------. Sorry, I forgot to give your book back again. It wasn’t--------------. I can’t call her now,I’m ----------------. I'd like a cup of coffee, please - actually, ---------------, I'll have a coke. They spoke to the police about the incident ------------ they would not be called as witnesses. He opposed the death penalty ---------------. “ Do not forget to pray because God did not forget to wake you up this morning” Done by : Shatha Hersh On the off chanceOn seconds thoughtsOn a whimOn a budgetOn principle On one’s ownOn targetOn dutyOn purposeOn condition that

3 Rosary College School / Shmeisani Revision worksheet: (Infinitive/Gerund) - Circle the best item: 1- Dan enjoys (reading, to read) science fiction. 2-He asked ( talking, to talk) to the store manager. 3-Ann was the first person (greeting,to greet) me on my birthday. 4-We’ve waited for two hours only (getting, to get) a ticket for the concert. 5-She refused (speaking,to speak) to me after our fight. 6-Its hard (to be, being) on a diet. 7-Debbie plans (studying, to study) abroad next year. 8- Bill agreed (meeting, to meet) us at the restaurant,but he never showed up. 9- I look forward to (see, seeing) you. 10- I am tired of (study, studding). 11- I would rather (playing, play) football than basketball. 12-(Telling, To tell) you the truth, I had asked him for some money. 13-I would love (inviting, to invite ) you to my wedding party. 14-It was easy ( passing, to pass ) the exam. 15-I can’t stand (talking, to talk) to him. “ The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” DONE BY : SHATHA HERSH

4 Rosary College School / Shmeisani Revision worksheet: (Vocabulary / Unit One) -Fill in the blanks with the correct word/phrase to form a meaningful sentence: ( There are two extra words): --------------at your acting career, and I'm sure that one day you'll be a huge star. See also ------- links for web sites of bodies associated with new quality assurance. She started playing the piano when she was very young; now it is like a -------------- to her. Denis Lewis needed extra two meters to claw her way back into------------------------. Once I overcome these--------------,I’ll feel relaxed. I have many things to do. I should --------------------. She just needs to ------------her self-belief. Finishing the tasks by tomorrow's deadline seemed ------------------------. “Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something” Done by : Shatha Hersh hurdlesinsurmountable permutations tacklingboost second natureexternalKeep plugging awaycontentionPut things into perspective

5 Rosary College School / Shmeisani Revision worksheet: (Idioms / Unit One) -Fill in the gaps with the suitable idioms: a -have the world at one’s feet. f– be in seventh heaven. b-be a feather in one’s cap. g–have one’s head in the clouds. c-Keep on top of things. h–Keep up with the Joneses. d-Rub sb up the wrong way. i– Steal the show e-Work one’s finger to the bone. j–Work one’s way up to the top. She --------------------when she relieved the acceptance letter to medical school. This young actress already----------------------. This contract will-----------------------. John ----------again, he’s talking about winning the lottery. I will------------------------. This project means a lot to me. I am surprised that Mary worries about----------------.I thought she is more matured than that. A: You look great! How did you lose so much weight? B: I -----------------------and exercised everyday. I am afraid to --------------------. I hate hurting people. He started as an office junior and--------------to become a director. He -----------------with just that one song. Done by : Shatha Hersh

6 Rosary College School / Shmeisani Revision worksheet: (Phrasal Verbs :carry + wear) Use the following phrasal verbs in the correct tense to complete the sentences below: The lawn has been---------------by people walking across it. She -----------------the first prize in the competition. The meeting -------------into the afternoon because there was so much to talk about. As the days ----------- John became increasingly depressed. The stress of my job is -------------me ------------. They ---------- their goals ----------despite the opposition. The government is----------------tests on growing genetically modified crops. She played the video so many times that ----- the tape -------. He moved to London to----------------his work. After the shock of losing her father------------, she went back to her work. “actions speak louder than words” Done By: Shatha Hersh Carry throughCarry outWear outCarry onWear off Wear awayCarry offCarry overWear onWear down

7 Key Answers: Fixed phrases: 1- on his own 2- on a budget 3- on a whim 4- on the off chance 5- on target 6- on purpose 7- on duty 8- on second thought 9- on condition that 10- on principle. Infinitive/Gerund: 1- reading 2- to talk 3- to greet 4- to get 5- to speak 6- to be 7- to study 8- to meet 9- seeing 10- studying 11- play 12- to tell 13- to invite 14 to pass 15- talking. Vocabulary: 1- keep plugging away 2- external 3- second nature 4- contention 5- hurdles 6- put things in to perspective 7- boost 8- insurmountable Idioms : 1- F 2-A 3- B 4- G 5- C 6- H 7- E 8- D 9- J 10- I Phrasal Verbs: 1- worn away 2- carried off 3- carried over 4-wore on 5- warring down 6- carried through 7- carrying out 8- wore out 9- carry on 10- wore off.


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