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Roman Picture Dictionary

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1 Roman Picture Dictionary
Draw your own picture dictionary. The contents of your dictionary can be found on this page. For each term included you will need to fill in either a missing illustration, a missing definition or a missing entry term. Use texts and laptops/ipads to research information to complete the missing picture, definition or term. After completing this create a booklet from this information by making a front and back cover, creating a title for your Roman Dictionary and placing your name and class period on the back. Then place the terms in alphabetical order like a dictionary and bind the booklet together.

2 __arena__________: a circular or oval shaped building with rows of seats
built around a central open space. This building was a center for entertainment. Barrel vault: a series of arches in a row that create a lone rounded ceiling or roof. Bulla: gold chain and amulet worn by patrician children for protection.

3 Chariot: An ancient two wheeled card pulled by horses
Chariot: An ancient two wheeled card pulled by horses. Large enough for one or tow passengers. This vehicle was used in races, wars and processions Cistern: collected water (located in the perstilium or large internal court of a house) Colonnade: A row of columns usually supporting one side of a roofed building

4 Dome: A large round roof built on a circular base
Dome: A large round roof built on a circular base. It is shaped like a bowl turned upside down. The Romans used the this type of roof on many of their public buildings. Forum: an open rectangular space in the center of a city for business, Government, worship etc.

5 Gladiator: Roman warrior, slave, fought in arena, circuses-against
Animals, and humans. Impluvium: a pond in the main atria used for cooling and Collecting water from a hole in the roof. _Janus____: Roman god of the home. His two faces turned in opposite directions represent welcoming guests into the home and the other face wishes them farewell as they leave.

6 Roman temple: building dedicated to the gods, place of
Worship in the forum (Parthenon in Rome is the most famous) Roman Triremes: a Roman galley. Usually a warship with 3 rows of oars, one above the other on each side.

7 _ __ _Stola____: A long robe worn by women in ancient Rome.
It was a one piece garment wrapped about the entire body. It was belted at the waist with broad, graceful fold. Stylus and Wax tablet: Romans used this wooden tablet covered in wax for writing. The pointed instrument was used to make letters and figures on the tablet.

8 Tribulum: heavy wooden board with pieces of flint driven into it.
Farmers dragged through fields (back and forth) over grain to harvest. It separated the kernels from the straw. Toga: worn by Patricians (plebeians or common people wore tunics). Togas were worn over tunic and fastened with a fibulae (pin) . _Vestibulum____: a small interior room of a house.

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