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Mingo Indians BY: Noah and Matthew.

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1 Mingo Indians BY: Noah and Matthew

2 Art The Mingo Indians are known for their false face mask.
The picture on the false face mask represents their family. They also did beadwork, porcupine quillwork and made wampum belts with white and purple beads. The flute and drum were two important instruments.

3 Language The Mingo Indians spoke English and Seneca Language.
Some Seneca words are one – ska:t two – tekhni:h three – seh four – ke:ih

4 Clothing The Mingo Indians wore beaded shirts. The Mingo men wore breechcloths with leggings. Mingo women wore wraparound skirts. For shoes they wore moccasins.

5 Tools Mingo hunters used bow and arrows.
Fisher man used fishing poles and spears

6 Chief Logan Chief Logan was the leader of the Mingo tribe.
Chief Logan was born by the Yellow Creek, near present Wellsville, Ohio. He wanted revenge from Americans killing his family member so he helped start the Dunmore’s War. After the war, Logan became famous for a speech later known as Logan’s Lament. Later in 1780, his own nephew murdered him. His cemetery is in Auburn, New York.

7 Food The Mingo men hunted elk and they fished.
The Mingo were farming people, they grew corn, beans and sqaush and they harvested wild berries and herbs.

8 Shelter The Mingo people lived in villages of long houses, which were large wood-frame buildings.

9 Other facts Today some believe the Mingo were Seneca.

10 About the Authors Noah has a dog and he plays basketball and soccer. He has 2 brothers and 1 sisters. Matthew has two sisters and a dog. Matthew’s favorite sports are basketball, baseball and football.

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