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Comanche Tribe By Sylvia & Claudia.

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1 Comanche Tribe By Sylvia & Claudia

2 Crafts They made jewelry,bear basket’s and fine beadwork.They also made clothing.

3 Making a Living The women were in charge of the families home.The men were hunters and went to war to protect their families.The children helped the mom by gathering food and help make food.

4 Other Interesting Facts about this Tribe
The men wore tribal tattoos on their chests.The other Native Americans communicated by using the plains Sign Language.

5 Location The comanche live in the Southwest.The states are New Mexico,Texas,Oklahoma and Arizonia.There tribe was in Wyoming.A major river was Wind River Range.Also Yellowstone Lake.Big Horn mountains are also where their tribe was.

6 Shelters They lived in tepees. They were made of sticks and branches. A whole family lived in a tepee. They were 8 feet tall.

7 Food They hunted for buffalo’s and they gathered nuts,berries and wild potatoes.They also hunted rabbits.Also they fished.

8 Clothing Their clothes were made of eagle feathers,deer and buckskin.They wore tribal tattoos on their chest and paint on their faces.The ladies wore deerskin dresses.The man wore buckskin war shirt,and feather head dress.

9 Source Citations

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