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Why Do Teens Choose A Subculture Kozlova L.P. School №493 St. Petersburg 2005.

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2 Why Do Teens Choose A Subculture Kozlova L.P. School №493 St. Petersburg 2005

3 Contents 1.Vocabulary 2.Topic 3.Activities 4.Speaking 5.Test

4 Vocabulary Generation – поколение Society – общество Movement – движение Peaceful – мирный Unemployment – мирный To blame – винить, обвинять Safety pin – булавка

5 Vocabulary Ripped T-shirts – рваные футболки Spiky hairstyle – ирокез Baggy – мешковатый Violent – жестокий Loose – свободный Individuality – индивидуальность, личность To express oneself – выразить себя To irritate – раздражать

6 “Each generation is a secret society and has tastes and interests which are mystery both to its predecessors [‘pri:disesez] and posterity [po’steriti]”. John Chapman Read after the teacher 1.Generation – 2.Society – 3.Mystery – 4.Predecessor – 5.Posterity – The key: 1. e; 2. b; 3. d; 4. a; 5. c Match the definitions a.Someone or something that has come before b.The way of life, customs, etc., of a group people living in one place, district, or country c.All the people in the future d.The state of being unknown or secret e.A group of people who are all at the same physical stage in a family or nation

7 Hippies The hippy movement started in the 1960s. Men and women grew their hair long, wore Indian style clothes and usually wore or carried flowers. They believed in love and peace. Hippies often lived in communes, were vegetarians and didn’t conform. They enjoyed the songs of Bob Dylan, an American folk singer and song writer. The Beatles were the most famous British pop group of all time.

8 Punks Punks appeared in the 1970s and were against money. Many teenagers blamed the society of unemployment and hard life. They expressed negative feelings and a new youth culture started up. They were full of hate and aggression. They listened to punk rock, which was loud, often violent music. Punks wore black leather jackets, ripped T- shirts, put safety pins through their ears and noses and often had strange spiky brightly coloured hairstyles. The Sex Pistols were one of the most famous rock groups of the 1970s.

9 Ravers Ravers were young people in the 1980s and 1990s who enjoyed going to illegal night parties in large empty buildings. They could dance all night to the fast beat of acid or techno music. It was very loud electronic music which was accompanied by strange lighting effects. Ravers wore casual clothes: loose T-shirts and jeans.

10 Use the chart and describe the pictures Youth group WhenClothes Hair style Music What kind Hippies 1960s – 1970s Indian style dresses, flowers Long hair Bob Marley The Beatles PeacefulQuietLoving Punks1970s Ripped T-shirts Doc. Marten boots leather jackets Brightly coloured spiked hair The Sex Pistols AggressiveIrritatingViolent Ravers 1980s – 1990s Loose T-shirts, jeans casual clothes Acid and techno music Awful Drug addicts

11 TEST Complete the sentences: 1. Girls often wore Indian-style silk … 2. They lived in groups, often in quiet places in the … 3. Young people showed their peaceful feelings by wearing … in their hair. 4. Punks wore … 5. Punks often put … through their ears and noses. 6. Ravers enjoyed … all night in empty buildings. 7. Ravers wore casual clothes, comfortable to dance …

12 Homework Make a project: “My Favourite Subculture Is … Why?”

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