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The Canterbury Tales Pilgrims. The Knight Estate #2 A soldier, knight just back from the Crusades Wore a stained tunic with blood, dirt Honest, generous,

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1 The Canterbury Tales Pilgrims

2 The Knight Estate #2 A soldier, knight just back from the Crusades Wore a stained tunic with blood, dirt Honest, generous, wise, modest, a true and gentle knight Fought in 15 mortal battles, distinguished in battle

3 The Squire Estate #2 A knight in training (armor and shield bearer for the knight) Wears embroidered clothes with red/white flowers; has a short gown with long, wide sleeves Average height, curly hair Likes to flirt with girls/women, is respectful and courteous The knight’s son, 20 years old, can dance, sing, write poetry, joust, play the flute

4 Yeoman Estate #3 The knight’s servant, a forester (outdoorsman) Wears a green coat with hood, has bow and arrows made of peacock feathers, has a hunting horn Head shaped like a nut, very tan (brown face) Neat, orderly, smart, loyal, strong Wore a St. Christopher’s medal, an excellent shot with bow and arrow, knows woodcraft well

5 Prioress/Nun Estate #1 2 nd in command of a convent for nuns; took vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience Wore a charming cloak, a coral bracelet, rosary beads, and a gold brooch with the motto, “Love Conquers All” Has an elegant nose, gray eyes, small red mouth, wide forehead, speaks in a nasly voice and she is “plump” (not skinny) Pleasant, friendly, neat when she eats, compassionate to animals rather than the poor, tender hearted Her name is Madame Eglantyne, speaks French, kept and feed dogs, 1 other nun and 3 priests ride with her

6 Monk Estate #1 Monks are members of religious orders who live entirely in a monastary Has sleeves lined with fur, wears a gold pin tied in a lover’s knot, wears supple, expensive boots, horse bridles had bells Bald, greasy face, fat, bulging eyeballs Likes modern ways, doesn’t like hard labor, fun, friendly Owns expensive horses, loves to hunt and has greyhounds, rides a brown palfrey horse, loves good food

7 Friar Estate #1 Friars are members of the Franciscan order and they can live and move between the monastery and the community. Friars can hear confessions Wears expensive clothes Has a nice voice, but spoke with a lisp, has a white neck Happy, popular, visits the taverns (bars), money hungry=greedy Named Hubert, plays the harp and the hurdy-gurdy

8 Merchant Middle class Merchants buy and sell goods/merchandise Wears a multi-colored dress, a beaver hat, and boots with buckles Has a forked beard and solemn voice Very knowledgeable businessman, knows a good bargain, respected Very much in debt (irony)

9 Oxford Cleric Middle class A student and tutor Wears a threadbare coat and old, torn clothes Is skinny, pale and has a sober stare Is studious, thankful, quiet, respectful, and spends all his money on books Rides a skinny horse

10 Sergeant at Law Lawyer Middle class A lawyer who hears cases and can draft deeds, documents Wears a multi-colored coat and pin-striped silk belt Is discreet, wise, seems busier than he really was, well spoken, good memory Memorized all laws and court cases since “King William’s time,” but doesn’t think for himself

11 Franklin Middle class A well to do land owner, but not of noble birth Has a white, silk purse and a dagger Has white beard with a ruddy (red) complexion Happy, generous, enjoys the “good life,” popular Had the “party house” which was always full of food and wine

12 Guildsman Trade class There were 5 men in a guild or trade: a haberdasher, carpenter, dyer, weaver, and carpet maker Well dressed “trim and fresh”, knives lined with silver not brass Concerned about their appearances, proud of their professions and their money Brought their wives who liked to be “seen”; middle class trades were growing which brought these men more money

13 Cook Trade class A very good cook, can bake, fry, boil, roast, simmer and stew sauces, popular with the people Has an oozing ulcer on his knee, ? Doesn’t have good hygiene?

14 Skipper Trade class Captain of a ship Wears a woolen knee length gown with a dagger on a lanyard Very tan, bearded A good fighter, a thief, dishonest, likes to drink, excellent sailor Made prisoners “walk the plank,” knew the stars and constellations and sea currents, stole wine from the stock he transported on his ship, a pirate, didn’t ride horses very well

15 Doctor Middle class Doctor Wore bright red clothes lined with bluish gray Very healthy Very skilled doctor, knowledgeable about medicine and diseases (for that time period); loves gold but does not spend a lot of money; is not religious Knows astrology (zodiac) and astronomy (the stars); works with the pharmacists to get more money from people

16 Wife of Bath Middle Class Wife, was a skilled seamstress prior to marriage Wore expensive clothes, red stockings, large hat, new shoes Gap teeth, large hips, pretty, somewhat deaf Liked to laugh and talk, got mad if she was not first at the alter Had 5 husbands, travelled a lot, been to Jerusalem 3 times among other places/pilgrimages

17 Parson Estate #1 Priest of an independence church (Protestant, not Catholic) Wears simple clothes Well educated, devout, generous, hardworking, patient, holy “Practiced what he preached”, took care of his parishioners (church congregation) in all types of weather, the ideal priest/pastor

18 Plowman Estate #3 A farm laborer Wears a tabard smock (short jacket made of coarse material) Honest, hard working, loves God with all his heart, helps the poor, pays his tithes on time, lives in peace and harmony with God and his neighbors His brother is the Parson

19 Miller Estate #3 (peasant) Grinds grain into flour Wore a white coat with a blue hood, sword and buckler at his side Weighted 16 stone (224 pounds), stout and strong, red beard, had a wart at end of his nose with hairs growing from it; dark and wide nostrils Greedy and dishonest, tells dirty jokes, brags about his strength Pulled doors from their hinges, overcharged for grain that he ground for customers, plays the bagpipes

20 Manciple Trade class In charge of ordering, buying, and storing food at colleges, monasteries, and/or law offices Illiterate, but very smart at his job; watched the market for good deals, shrewd Stashed money away for himself, in charge of 30 lawyers

21 Reeve Middle class The manager of an estate Wears a long, blue overcoat, has a rusty bladed knife at his side Old, thin, has a short beard and short haircut, skinny legs Bad tempered, feared like the “plague,” intimidating, a great bargainer, efficient and capable at his job Could predict next year’s crops by studying nature, rode a dapple gray horse named Scot; a master carpenter

22 Summoner Estate #1 Summoned people to appear before the church court=someone today delivering a subpoena for court Has boils and pimples on his face, narrow eyes, thin beard, scabby eyebrows, wears a garland on his head (taverns/bars would put a garland outside their door so people would know it was a bar) Loves garlic, onions, and leeks; likes to drink (get drunk); will bribe people to “lose their summons”; Children are afraid of his face, knows everyone’s secrets/business, only knows a few Latin phrases=not very smart

23 Pardoner Estate #1 Sells pardons for the church to sinners Wears a little cap, no hood Long, yellow, shoulder-length hair (blonde), bulging eyeballs, no beard Most corrupt of the pilgrims, sells fake religious relics, takes advantage of poor people Sings the loudest at offerings

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