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SrImAn venkaTanAthArya: kavitArkika kesarI vEdAntAcArya varyo me sannidattAm sadA hrdi.

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2 SrImAn venkaTanAthArya: kavitArkika kesarI vEdAntAcArya varyo me sannidattAm sadA hrdi

3 நானிலமும் தான் வாழ்க நான்மறைகள் தாம் வாழ்க ! மாநகரின் மாறன் மறை வாழ்க ! ஞானியர்கள் சென்னி அணிசேர் தூப்புல் வேதாந்த தேசிகனே ! இன்னும் ஒரு நூற்றாண்டு இரும் ! ஸ்வாமி தேசிகன் - திருவயிந்தை

4 SrImate SrI lakshmInrsimha parabraHmaNe nama: SrImate SrI vakuLabhUshaNa mahAgurave nama: SrImate rAmAnujAya nama: SrImate nigamAnta mahAdeSikAya nama: SrImate SrIAdivaNN SaThakopa yatIndra mahAdeSikAya nama: SrImate SrIvaNN SaThakopa SrI vedAntadeSika yatIndra mahAdeSikAya nama: SrImate SrI lakshmInrsimha divyapAdukAsevaka SrIvaNN SaThakopa SrI nArAyaNa yatIndra mahAdeSikAya nama: SrImate SrI lakshmInrsimha divyapAdukAsevaka SrIvaNN SaThakopa SrI ranganAtha yatIndra mahAdeSikAya nama: With the blessings of HH 45 th paTTam SrImad azhagiya singar SrI nArAyaNa yatIndra mahAdeSikan

5 Dear swAmi deSika bhaktAs: It is a glorious day to extend our krutajn~atai for the mahOpakAram of swAmy deSikan. onRE pukalenRu uNarntavar kATTat-tiruvAruLAl anRE aDaikkalam koNDa nammattigirit-tirumAl inRE-isainin-iNaiaDi-sErpAr inippiRavOm nanRE varuvatellAm namakkub-bhAramonRilatE ---rahasya ratnAvaLi hrdayam (Introductory verse). Meaning: uNarntavar = Those AcAryAs, who know about the artha pancakam and SarIrAtma bhAvam onRE pukal yenRu kATTa = instructing us that SrIman narAyaNan alone is the refuge for us (kATTa) = those AcAryAs, who know the upAyam (means) for our rakshaNam and placed us at His sacred feet tiru aruLAl onRE pukal yenRu uNarntavar = they understand that their act of seeking the Lord's intervention for the protection of the jIvan is only by the grace of the Lord, who does not expect anything in return. namm attigiri tirumAl = Our Lord of hasti giri, Lord varadarAjan inRE isainin iNayaDi sErppaar= (He) will right now unite the jIvan for mukti at His sacred feet (on the intercession from the sadAcAryan). inip-piRavOm = We wont be born anymore in this karma bhUmi. varuvatu yellAm nanRE= Whatever happiness or sorrow that come our way after bhara samarpaNam are only for our good and are indeed anukUlams for us. bharam onRilatu= There is nothing else we have to do for our ujjIvanam (upliftment).

6 ‘attigiri aruLALa perumAl’ kAnci SrI varadar on puraTTAsi SravaNam

7 swAmi deSikan doing mangaLAsAsanam of SrI varadar at kAnci on puraTTAsi SravaNam

8 swAmi deSikan doing mangaLAsAsanam of SrI varadar at kAnci with Ananda bAshpams on puraTTAsi SravaNam

9 rahasya ratnAvaLi is a necklace with 30 gems (sacred utterances) that was strung by swAmi deSikan. He also wrote His own elaborate commentary for each of these 30 vAkyams for our clear understanding. SrIman nelvAy Sowmianarayanan swAmy has kindly consented to cover the sampradAyic meanings gained by him thru his kAlakshEpams from his sadAcAryan for all of our benefit. We look forward to his postings. We will conclude this morning salutations to swAmy deSikan with the invocation of the Sanskrit SlOkam at the end of this chillarai rahasyam, where He comments about this SrI sUkti as well as others that He has blessed us with as our kula danam: samkshiptam vistrutam vA saraLa-samucitam sAvadAnapriyam vA prAdAnyEna praNitam paraphaNitiparishkAravrtyA sthitam vA SikshAsaukaryatushTipracitagurujanAnugrahEddham sudhIbhi: SraddhEyam nAthajushTaSrutiyuvatiSirObhUshaNam bhAshaNam na: Meaning: We have created many grantams; some are brief (samkshiptam); Some are expansive (vistrutam); Some are written in a simple style for the benefit of for those without deep knowledge on SAstrams (saraLa samucitam); some are for learned ones, who can study them in depth with great attention; some are independent SrI sUktis (prAdAnyEna praNitam) and the others are commentaries for other AcArya SrI sUktis (para-phaNiti-parishkAra vrttyA stitham vA). Our speech (bhAshaNam) emanating through these grantams in its entirety in an easy-to-understand manner are the fruits (anugrhams) of the pleased AcAryAs (SikshA-saukarya-tushTi-pracita guru- janAnugrahEddham). This speech of ours (bhAshaNam na:) are fit to be accepted with faith (for the above reason) by the scholars.

10 The kAruNyam and mahOpakAram of swAmy deSikan are to be saluted with reverence during every moment of our lives on this earth. Our praNAmas to those bhAgavatAs, who are fortunate to attend the serti sevai of our AcAryan, swAmy deSikan, with His Lord at hastigiri today (puraTTAsi SravaNa EkAdaSi day) and whose pUrva janma puNyams let them participate in the Oushadha giri Festival (malai yERRam utsavam and periya sARRu muRai thereafter in the company of Lord devanAthan in the kaNNAdi aRai) at tiruvahIndrapuram! swAmy deSikan at peRiya sARRumuRai at tiruayindhai

11 ekAsimhAsana sevai – swami deSikan and SrI hayagrIva perumAL on puraTTAsi SravaNam at tiruayindhai


13 Today at tiruvahIndrapuram, swAmy deSikan will be presented with a golden simhAsanam. Our kavtArkika simham will rest His arm on the two simhams on either side and perform upadeSams for us from there from hereon. The creation of this special Aasanam is more than 50 percent complete. The samarpaNam was rushed as is to fit with swAmy deSikan's 742nd birthday (tirunakshatram celebrations) utsavam today at tiruvahIndrapuram, where He spent more than 40 years of His life on the Lord's leelA VibhUti and created mahOnnata SrI sUktis like para matha bhangam, SrI devanAyaka pancASat, SrI acyuta Satakam, nava maNi mAlai and mummaNikkovai besides SrI raghuvIra gadyam, SrI hayagrIva stOtram, SrI gopAla vimsati et al. Many of these SrI sUktis of swAmi deSikan has been released as free eBooks in and A beautiful pictorial presentation of swAmi deSikan’s avatAram and caritram can be found as a PPT presentation (chitra deSikIyam) at swAmy deSikan along with Lord devanAthan and hemAbhjavalli tAyAr will be enjoying the periya sARRu muRai today from the Mirror Room and we hope to get a few pictures from tiruvahIndrapuram as soon as possible, for all of us to enjoy. adiyEn would like all bhaktAs of swAmy deSikan from every where to join with the other bhaktAs, who have made samarpaNams to cross the half way mark in gold cladding of the Copper plates enmeshing the teak wood lion's throne for swAmy deSikan as reverential offerings from us.

14 In the previous pages aDiyEn presented a few images of swAmi deSikan’s tirunakshatra mahotsava celebrations at kAnci and tiruayindhai. I conclude this presentation with the image of swAmi deSikan at tUpul resplendent in the recent samarpaNam of swarna kavacam for your enjoyment and praNAmams. Contact aDiyEn at for taking part yathA Sakti in the swarna simhAsana kaimkaryam, whether in India or overseas ||namo SrI hayagrIvAya|| ||swAmi deSikan tiruvaDigaLE SaraNam|| - V.Sadagopa dAsan


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