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1 Please click to forward the slide show................... Listen with music….

2 Have you realised that your physical body is a product of your fathers spermatozoa and mothers ovum. It grows as programmed by the paired DNA: one from your father and one from your mother.

3 It continuously divides to produce different type of cells and group of millions of cells that functions in harmony and neuronal cells coordinates its activities.

4 The function of this body is only two fold: first is its survival and second is continuation of human species. All living animal kingdom creatures has these two basic function.

5 After your birth you have innate property of homosapiens continued over millions of years. You also develop your own property once you born and react with nature. Your innate property helps you for survival and continue your species.

6 But as you born you store all the sensations you acquire in your brain computer. You continue to store and use it as you grow. You accept or discard depending upon your happiness and sorrow. You become prisoner of your society, and your thoughts.

7 But remember you have the one inner conscious which always tells right or wrong. This inner consciousness is called Aatma.

8 So you also have Aatma, which is not felt by your physical body. This Aatma is not of this world. It comes from metaphysical world of GOD. The innate properties are peace, happiness, purity, fearlessness, positivity and bliss.

9 You have to recognize your Aatma and fill your consciousness with this Soul consciousness and once it begins to fill up slowly the body consciousness used to create thoughts will be removed. All of your thoughts will be of Soul consciousness.

10 You will realise that you need to have only those materials that is necessary to perform your Karma with soul consciousness.

11 You will also realise that your thoughts are only of positive thoughts. Useless and unnecessary thoughts will not be stored in brain.

12 Your Aatma is a part of Paramatma so you have all the innate qualities. You have to be consciousness of this fact and store in your computer brain every time.

13 Keep practising working, writing, thinking, talking or doing anything with only Aatma consciousness.

14 You will realize you do not have all the negative characters within you. You will feel your innate character of Soul. Once you feel it: you will be free in this world, you will fly with happiness, peace and bliss..

15 You will see the beauty every where. You will see happiness around you. You will feel joy in your every work. You will liberate positive energy to every one. You will feel energetic all the time. You will be with you.

16 Begin to take a trip to this journey of Aatma. The time is running out. Feel the ecstasy of this Metphysical truth. A truth running all the time in this universe. Few realize it and some reach in it.

17 AND ALWAYS REMEMBER : Paramatma has given us a beautiful life, beautiful place to live and peaceful life to enjoy.

18 And continue to enjoy yourself, your family, your home, your friends, your work and every thing around you.............

19 See you again !!!

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