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2 Why We Use Them  Addendum to Common Application  Help institutions gather additional demographic information  Track student path to institution  Assess students writing ability, creativity, and personal voice  Give institutions a distinctive character during the application process

3 Two Common Types of Supplements InformativeEvaluative

4 Common Mistakes: That’s not what I asked… Applicants often ask, “What does Beloit look for in its applicants?” The Beloit College Admissions Committee reads each application in its entirety and considers each student’s particular strengths, preparation, aspirations, and motivations for a challenging college education. That said, what should the Admissions Committee look for in you, beyond your transcript and scores, and why is Beloit among your college choices?  If I knew that I could not fail, I would want to accomplish what I am accomplishing now: trying to get into college and creating a future for myself. However, nothing would be able to bring me down because I would run through those obstacles in a snap of a finger. It would come to me as easy. I know that now I am working to accomplish that goal, but it is way harder than it looks. Being able not to fail would make it way easier for me to start the life I only dream of being the best veterinarian in all of Illinois. I would be in newspapers, and everyone would bring their animals to my hospital. I know that if I could not fail that would be what I would want to accomplish. I know I can be a veterinarian now but being well-known is just a dream I wish I could not fail at.

5 Common Mistakes: This sounds familiar… The house was incomplete, cold, but if it were up to me, it would have been different. It was the first time I saw my mother cry. It was the last time I had the family people dream of. So opaque the room was as I watched the door slam. From where I was standing, from my own little four-year-old eyes, I saw my father leave. My mother was sitting on the couch with tears relay racing down her cheeks. The sorrow that room had was scarcity of hope. I felt like I was in a stranger’s house. However, it was our home. That sight changed three lives forever. Common Application EssaySupplement Answer

6 Common Mistake: The Tale of Writers “Not every student was as thrilled with her teaching methods as I was. When she started a new project, I sometimes heard grumbling from my classmates. There were often whispers of, “this project is stupid,” “Why can’t this be like a normal class,” or “look at what Martha’s wearing. She’s so weird.” Sometimes even parents complained about how she brought her chicken into class, or that their students weren’t getting a proper, “traditional” education from her creative projects. Fortunately for us, Martha never felt she had to change to please these people. She continued to teach in her own unique way, and her students reaped the benefits of an engaging curriculum.” Besides my transcript, and scores, Beloit should look for my dedication and understanding. I am really a dedicated person. Whatever I do I stay committed to it unless there is a big emergency or reason on why I can’t complete what I start. I am a diligent person. I work hard on everything I do. I get frustrated at times when I feel like I am putting on too much, but that doesn’t stop me from doing what I have to. I am very understanding when it comes to making choices and when people aren’t in a good mood. I am very helpful and caring. I love to help those who need help without anything in return. I would do great attending Beloit College because I feel like I am different from every student and human being. Common Application EssaySupplement Essay

7 Tips for Strong Supplements  Make sure students understand why supplements are important and what the institution is trying to learn about them  Make sure students are answering the question(s)  Review supplements just as you would a student’s personal statement  Encourage the student to be personal, take risks, be passionate

8 Discussion

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