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Grade 9 Religion Review.

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1 Grade 9 Religion Review

2 Obedience What is the 4th commandment and explain how it relates to obedience? Honor your father and mother. God requires us to respect our parents and appreciate everything they do for us. As long as it is for the common good, we must obey our parents.

3 Obedience What is the common good?
The common good refers to the fact that we desire the best for everyone.

4 Obedience What are the 3 requirements for legitimate authority?
1. Serves the common good 2. Respects human dignity 3. Protects the weak

5 Justice Explain the preferential option for the poor.
The basic needs of the poor should always come before our wants. We all have dignity and we should look out for and serve one another.

6 Justice Provide some examples of Natural Law.
Social assistance, food hampers, student loans, low income housing.

7 Honesty Explain how the virtue of honesty is an important part of building relationships. Honesty allows us to build our relationship with God and those within our community. Honesty allows one to develop trust in a relationship.

8 Honesty Describe the 7th and 8th commandments and how they relate to honesty. 7th Commandment: You shall not steal. Stealing forbids us to take or keep anything that belongs to another individual. The only instance where taking another’s things is NOT considered stealing is when it is done out of necessity to meet someone’s basic needs. 8th Commandment: You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. To bear false witness against your neighbor refers to anything that you do to deny, hide, or distort the truth.

9 Generosity How is the virtue or generosity and being pure of heart related? When we truly love someone, we want to share with them. Being pure of heart means that we see others as God sees them, seeing their goodness.

10 Generosity What is the difference between modesty and false modesty?
Modesty is appreciating our dignity and the dignity of others. False modesty is when we do not value ourselves and what we have to offer or give.

11 Generosity What is diabolical sin?
Diabolical refers to anything that is evil. Therefore, ENVY is a diabolical sin because it leads to so many other sins.

12 Forgiveness What 2 important powers does God give us?
1. Free Will- choosing. 2. Intellect- knowing what is right or wrong.

13 Forgiveness Name the different types of sin and be able to explain what they are. Original Sin Actual Sin Venial Sin Mortal Sin Sin against the Holy Spirit Commission Omission Personal Sin Social Sin

14 Forgiveness What are the 3 conditions for something to be considered a sin? 1. Must be a wrongful act. 2. You must know it is a wrongful act. 3. You must freely choose to do wrong.

15 Forgiveness Name and explain the 3 C’s of conversion.
1. Contrition (sorrow)- The person in the wrong must see that it is wrong and be genuinely sorry. 2. Confession- The sinner must be willing to admit to their fault and take responsibility. 3. Correction- The person must do what they can to repair the harm caused.

16 Forgiveness What 3 things happen when we go to confession?
We confess our sins and express our sorrow. We commit ourselves to doing what we can to fix it. We receive God’s forgiveness.

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