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A LIFESTYLE OF BIBLICAL REPENTANCE 2 Corinthians 7:10 1 John 3:8-10.

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1 A LIFESTYLE OF BIBLICAL REPENTANCE 2 Corinthians 7:10 1 John 3:8-10

2 When our Lord and Master Jesus Christ said “Repent,” He intended that the entire life of believers should be repentance. Martin Luther, Thesis 1 REPENTANCE is the way we make progress and mature in the Christian life. Indeed, pervasive, all- of-life-repentance is the best sign that we are growing deeply and rapidly into the character of Christ.

3 All of the Christian life is repentance. Turning from sin and trusting in the gospel that Jesus saves sinners are not merely a one-time inaugural experience but the daily substance of Christianity. The gospel is for every day and every moment. Repentance is to be the Christian’s continual posture, therefore a LIFESTYLE.

4 I. WORLDLY REPENTANCE Worldly repentance is damaging or destructive because it is self-centered. Being focused on self, it does not lead to a changed heart and mind, but to defeat and destruction.

5 1.WORLDLY REPENTANCE IS JUST MERE REMORSE FOR WRONG ACTIONS  Worldly repentance is translated from the Greek word “metamelomai‘”which literally means to have remorse for one's actions.

6  The Bible tells us that men can be remorseful about their actions without exercising genuine repentance. This is described as the “sorrow of the world” in 2 Cor. 7:10. This was true in the case of Judas.  Judas is the fearful New Testament example of a man who was remorseful but did not repent toward God (Matt. 27:1-5).

7  This kind of remorse is man- centered rather than God-centered because of the following implications. Implications: a.Worldly repentance is nothing but remorse and regret for the consequences of one’s action. It only puts a person under the burden of his own guilt.

8 The sorrow of the world is…. i.caused by shame at being found out. ii.attended by hard thoughts of God. iii.leads to displeasure and resentment. iv.leads to hardening of heart. v.lands the soul in despair.

9 b.WORLDLY REPENTANCE does not turn us toward God, but it drives us away from God. c.Worldly repentance is a rejection of grace and the need to feel to bear the penalty one’s own wrong doings.

10 d.They feel unworthy of God's mercy because they are not looking at God or His Word; they are looking at their actions and their guilt. e.Guilt in itself can never bring us to true repentance. Only the light of God's Word can produce true repentance.

11 2. WORLDLY REPENTANCE IS JUST MERE HUMAN REFORMATION.  Just stopping the wrong things that you are doing is not in itself biblical repentance for it stops with the self and does not turn to God.

12 Mere human reformation is man- centered and problem-centered IMPLICATIONS: a.Since the man who merely reforms has his eyes on the people he has offended and the consequences of his actions in his present life, it is crucial that people be taught plainly what sin is from the Bible.

13 b.Since the man who reforms his life looks upon his actions as problems, weaknesses and faults, it is not enough to tell people that they have sinned. Man as sinner does not naturally think of himself as truly evil.

14 He will admit that he has faults, problems and weaknesses, etc., but it is important that he sees and admits the perspective of God- that he is a wicked and undone sinner before a righteous God.

15 2. BIBLICAL REPENTANCE  BIBLICAL REPENTANCE is God centered repentance comes from the Greek word “metanoia” which means a change of one’s mind and heart which imparts a new direction to the whole life.

16  Biblical Repentance is the resolute turning away of the sinful heart from its sins. It is "repentance toward God," the turning from sin to the Father.


18 This GODLY SORROW Is according to the will of God as revealed in Scripture. It is not that God delights to see any of His creatures unhappy but He knows that godly sorrow is essential to our happiness. It is produced in the heart by the Spirit of God. For man in his natural state, knows nothing of this sorrow.

19 This is evidently designed by God to bring us back to Himself. GODLY SORROW leads to repentance with a clean, forgiven and purified heart.


21  Psalm 51 is marked by TRUE CHARACTERISTICS OF REPENTANCE such as: views it as rebellion against God as transgression of His law a disbelief of His truth a rejection of His grace grieved God

22 ingratitude for His goodness insensibility to His love. appeal to the mercy of God honesty no excuses or justification desire to be cleansed and renewed recognition that forgiveness is not deserved but by grace alone does not isolate the particular sin; sees it in its root and in its connection.

23  WORLDLY SORROW is when someone sees his sins and chooses to bear the penalty on his own account. But TRUE REPENTANCE is when someone sees his sins and failures and he lays them down in exchange for God's forgiveness, holiness and righteousness.

24 3. BIBLICAL REPENTANCE - THE LIFESTYLE OF THE BELIEVER  REPENTANCE is not a single act, but a LIFESTYLE CHOICE. It is a continuous evaluation that we make as we compare our lives to God's Word and seek to conform to the image of Christ.  Compare these two passages (1 John 1:6-10; 1 John 3:5-10)

25  In the first passage (1 John 1:6-10), John makes it clear that: Through an abiding relationship with God we receive forgiveness and cleansing from our sins. To have fellowship, we must be walking with Him in His will.

26 We must walking with God. At those times when we allow ourselves to be drawn into sin, the repentant in heart immediately confesses, get back into fellowship and continue to walk in the light with the absolute promise that our sins are forgiven.

27  The scenario in chapter 3:5-10 This chapter is talking about a LIFESTYLE. We can't abide in Him and continue in sin. Anyone who has the Spirit of God in their heart will not be able to continue in a sinful lifestyle. Because God's seed (or the Holy Spirit) remains in us, we cannot live a sinful lifestyle.

28 CONCLUSION:  REPENTANCE is a joy. Nothing is sweeter than positioning our lives in line with God's plan and keeping it there.  It is the resistance to repentance that causes dread and worldly repentance that burdens us with guilt. Godly repentance gives freedom, satisfaction and fulfillment.

29 John Stott writes: “The first great secret of holiness lies in the degree and the decisiveness of our repentance. If besetting sins persistently plague us, it is either because we have never truly repented, or because, having repented, we have not maintained our repentance. It is as if, having nailed our old nature to the cross, we keep wistfully returning to the scene of its execution.

30 We begin to fondle it, to caress it, to long for its release, even to try to take it down again from the cross. We need to learn to leave it there. When some jealous, or proud, or malicious, or impure thought invades our mind we must kick it out at once. It is fatal to begin to examine it and consider whether we are going to give in to it or not. We have declared war on it; we are not going to resume negotiations.

31 We have settled the issue for good; we are not going to re-open it. We have crucified the flesh; we are never going to draw the nails.” Let us therefore, embrace a lifestyle of repentance from our sin and faith in the risen Christ. Only then can we truly experience the abundant life which was blood-bought by our Savior.


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