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What are we studying today?. Symbol What is a symbol?

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1 What are we studying today?

2 Symbol

3 What is a symbol?

4 A symbol is a concrete object that represents, stands for, or suggests something abstract like an idea, belief or action.

5 The following are some familiar, universal symbols. See if you can interpret what they stand for. What does it symbolize? Discuss with your groups!


7 Broken Mirror

8 Chain

9 Colors as symbols. WHITE- represents good, peace, purity, innocence. YELLOW- represents life, energy, hop, happiness and wisdom. The color of the sun! BLUE- represents cool, calm, peaceful. The color of the sky! Green- the color of plants and grass it represents life, growth and hope. It can also describe negative traits- envy and inexperience. Red- the color of fire and blood. It is used to represent danger, anger and violence. Black- is used to represent death, evil, witchcraft, fear and mourning.

10 Questions so far? Let’s look at an example in poetry..

11 Island By Langston Hughes Wave of sorrow, Do not drown me now: I see the island Still ahead somehow. I see the island And its sands are fair: Wave of sorrow, Take me there. What is the symbol in this poem? What do you think it represents? Take a minute to discuss with your groups.

12 Island By Langston Hughes Wave of sorrow, Do not drown me now: I see the island Still ahead somehow. I see the island And its sands are fair: Wave of sorrow, Take me there. In "Island" sorrow is described as a wave; waves are constantly engulfing all their surroundings, which show how powerful the sorrow is. The symbolism here is of an image that radiates such a strong meaning. The anguish is so deep that there is a fear of suffocating and drowning from it. Despite the sorrow, "still ahead somehow" is the dream of a better place, "the island." The island's "sands are fair," resembling splendor and light, almost heavenly. The speaker's only means of traveling to this island is to ride this "wave of sorrow," to go through this daunting life in order to enjoy a peaceful one.

13 What else are we studying? Hint: Middle School students are amazing at this. You may use your knowledge rating for clues if you need it!

14 Hyperbole (Exaggeration)

15 What does it mean to exaggerate? What is hyperbole?

16 Hyperbole is a figure of speech that uses exaggeration to express strong emotion, make a point, or evoke humor. For example…

17 Examples of Hyperbole: Your suitcase weighs a ton! I ate so much this weekend my stomach exploded. My homework killed me this weekend. Ms. Guiry must have at least two million pairs of shoes. That joke is so old, last time I heard it I was riding a dinosaur. I am so strong, Chuck Norris ducks into store doorways when he hears my name.

18 Helpful hint: Hyperbole often uses superlative. Superlative is a type of adjective that sets something above and beyond anything else.

19 Superlative at work: That is the BEST! That was the WORST! That bus was the biggest I‘ve ever seen! That was the hardest test ever!

20 I ate a spicy pepper From my brother on a dare. The pepper caught my head on fire And burned off all my hair. My mouth erupted lava And my tongue began to melt. My ears were shooting jets of steam. At least that’s how they felt. I ricocheted around the room. I ran across the ceiling. I dove right in the freezer To relieve the burning feeling. I drank a thousand soda pops And chewed a ton of ice To try to stop the scorching Of that spicy pepper’s spice. At last, the flames extinguished, I admitted to my brother, “That pepper was the best one yet. May I please have another?” I Ate a Spicy Pepper

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