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Body language 班级: 05100 组员:杨 健 汪学金 张军年 赵志祥 周 华 黄海榕 蒯宗享 王亚超.

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Presentation on theme: "Body language 班级: 05100 组员:杨 健 汪学金 张军年 赵志祥 周 华 黄海榕 蒯宗享 王亚超."— Presentation transcript:

1 Body language 班级: 组员:杨 健 汪学金 张军年 赵志祥 周 华 黄海榕 蒯宗享 王亚超

2 speaking ringing writing typing Spoken language Written language Body language Ways of communicating welcome gesturing

3 Different gestures to communicate the same idea Introduction to body language Different interpretations of the same gesture PART A PART B PART C


5 handshake babykiss hug shake nod bow kiss your hand to sb.

6 Body language Body language is the movements or positions of our body. We use them to show other people what we are thinking about and how we are feeling. If you attend a formal party or an informal party, then your body language can express different information.

7 Dunno ( ) ! I’m shocked/scared/frightened I don’t know

8 sad / depressed / helpless happy

9 anger fear joy sorrow contempt 轻视 surprise disgust 厌恶

10 10 In Thailand never cross legs The sole of the foot is the furthest part from heaven and the least sacred. To show the bottom of the foot to someone is to show disrespect

11 10 happy Smiling in Japan is strongly associated with nervousness, social discomfort, or sorrow

12 It means money in Japan. It means zero in France. It means rude in Brazil & German.

13 13  V-for victory in US is obscene in some European countries

14 thumbs up great / good job[China,USA] rude [Nigeria] the number one[Germany,Japan]

15 Moving the index finger in a circle in front of the ear ( USA ) Moving the index finger in a circle from side to side ( China ) Crazy I don’t know Shrugging one’s shoulders ( USA ) Shaking the head ( China )

16 Come here Good luck No such a gesture ( China ) Moving the index finger forwards and backwards. ( USA ) Moving one’s hand up and down with the palm facing down. ( China ) Cross the fingers ( USA )

17 Incredible. I can’t believe it open one’s eyes and mouth wide. ( China ) Rolling one’s eyes. ( USA )

18 animals’ body language What’s this? I’m tired!

19 I am scared I am alert

20 I am very happy I am angry

21 Life is great

22 Happy & angry


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