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Orthodox Dogmatic Theology Virgin Mary Coptic Orthodox Church St. Hubert, QC.

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1 Orthodox Dogmatic Theology Virgin Mary Coptic Orthodox Church St. Hubert, QC

2 Module Outline Introduction Dogma of the Holy Trinity God and Creation God and the salvation of Mankind The Church of Christ

3 Salvation and Redemption The essence of sin is the failure to love. Adam and Eve refused the “divine love”, preferring instead life on their own. Separated from communion with God, mankind became enslaved to its own self-centeredness Only one thing could accomplish this – a love stronger than death

4 The problem of Man Man was created for union with God, but after the fall, there were three obstacles in the way –Sin –Death –Nature

5 Obedient unto Death The Incarnation is an act of identification and sharing God incarnate enters into all our experience. As the prophet Isaiah said –“Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrow”

6 Obedient unto Death Christ freely chose to die for us on the cross. The death of Christ on the cross is in itself a victory. The victory of suffering love. Because of love, Christ offered himself as a sacrifice, choosing voluntarily to go to His passion, as He said: –“I lay down my life for my sheep…No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of Myself”

7 The Power of the Cross The power of God is shown, not so much in his creation of the world or in any of his miracles, but rather in the fact that out of love God has “emptied Himself”, has poured Himself out in generous self-giving God is never so strong as when he is most weak

8 The Power of the Cross Through the cross, the suffering of the saints and believers receive their meaning. The saints, sharing in the suffering of Christ, also share in His resurrection that follows.

9 The resurrection The Crucifixion is itself a victory; but on Great Friday the victory is hidden, whereas on Easter Sunday, it is made manifest Christ rises from the dead, and by His rising, he delivers us from anxiety and terror St. John Chrysostom said: –“Let none fear death, for the death of the Lord has set us free.”

10 The Resurrection in the Orthodox Experience The deepest foundation of the hope and joy which characterizes Orthodoxy is the Resurrection. Easter, the center of Orthodox worship, is an explosion of joy, the same joy which the disciples felt when they saw the risen Savior. It is the explosion of cosmic joy at the triumph of life, after the overwhelming sorrow over death – death which even the Lord of life had to suffer. All things are now filled with the certainty of life, whereas before all had been moving steadily toward death.

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