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Making a Difference This story began with a simple prayer: “Lord, I want to know You and I want to make a difference.”

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1 Making a Difference This story began with a simple prayer: “Lord, I want to know You and I want to make a difference.”

2 The Priorities Over time, there came a change in priorities: with a passion for prayer and a focus on people.

3 The Focus With over two thirds of the world with little or no middle class, there had to be an answer to the oppression, persecution and sorrow.

4 The Model The model involved a new-old thing: the God-centered, entrepreneurial communities that were a light to the world during the days of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

5 The Process The search for answers resulted in establishing a prayer network and a network of believing business owners and entrepreneurs.

6 The Process The focus of the prayers began to connect a lot of dots: and two books resulted that attempt to define the issues, the calling and the answers...

7 The Program From the prayer, the writing and networking came a program to mobilize economic community builders who could impart the new-old model -- and extend hope to the persecuted and oppressed.

8 The Premise Because the top-down efforts of nation- building are not enough, there is a desperate need to close the gap in the bottom- up efforts to address oppression, persecution and sorrow..

9 The Purpose Global Initiatives’ entrepreneurial startup program is mobilizing community builders and planting seeds of transformation that will restore the model and offer hope, where God’s light has been dimmed….

10 Ethiopia The early stage of the program began in Ethiopia as we sought to alleviate the suffering of an economically distressed and persecuted segment of the population.

11 Realities Conducting business in places like Ethiopia involves ingenuity and hard work, with most having to start with nothing, as was the case with this supplier of cooking-ware.

12 Realities Business is often the only means to feed a family; with opportunity where you can find it, as seen by this roadside sale of grain.

13 Spiritual Riches in Lands of Poverty People walked 10 to 15 miles in rural Ethiopia to partake of the power and love of God in a tarp-covered gathering.

14 Hope in the Face of Oppression Each week, over 3000 Ethiopians gathered to partake of the spiritual hope offered; yet the model was not complete.

15 Israel The next step involved Israel and the opportunity to bring a word of encouragement to a group of 90 Messianic Jewish business owners; still, the call was for MORE than just encouragement.

16 The Crucible These Israeli entrepreneurial pioneers of the faith were subjected to severe persecution. The model was not complete.

17 Afghanistan Then in 2002, before the dust had settled from the military rescue of brutality and oppression, we observed a level of famine and devastation that few nations have ever known.

18 Realities The difference between starvation and survival required extreme levels of entrepreneurial innovation.

19 An Alternative Prior to the arrival of US troops, a man with a vision by the name of Daniel, entered Afghanistan under the Taliban and against all hope; offered hope.

20 Breaking the Mold He broke the mold because he understood the “new- old” model. He began starting small businesses that fed families in a land with the highest rate of widows in the world.

21 The Answer These decorative, wall- hanging Clay Pots are being made by a small business in Cambodia. This simple entrepreneurial effort transformed this previously impoverished village into a purposeful group of community-builders that now provides employment to the entire community.

22 Belarus Our next step was in one of the most anti-West, anti- God and anti-business environments in the world. Average monthly salaries in this land were between $80 to $100.

23 Anti-God Alliances Referred to by locals as the “land of great controls,” the established church courted the government, ignored the people and just added to the oppression and sorrow.

24 The Foundations The foundations to the oppression are reflected in this statue of Lenin in the government square of its capital.

25 Offering Hope Within this environment, and behind locked doors, we met with a group of eager, potential community builders and outlined the new-old model.

26 Against All Odds We imparted biblical principles of business and community; along with how to make God the senior partner in entrepreneurial endeavors.

27 The Change We helped start a number of new businesses. New entrepreneurs doubled, tripled and quadrupled their monthly salaries, as they met regularly for prayer, to pool their wisdom and to encourage one another.

28 The Opportunity Making God your senior partner brought hope and opportunity, as business owners found new purpose as mentors and community-builders.

29 Israel Despite one of the most vibrant venture capital markets in the world, Israel’s economy is an anomaly. Our return to the Promised Land was at a juncture when over 30 percent of the population was under the poverty line.

30 Persecution The uncertainty of terrorism has become a way of life across Israel.

31 The Population Shift Israel’s economy has been seriously challenged with the influx of almost a million new immigrants in the last few years.

32 Against All Odds By partnering with local Jewish and Christian communities, we help to give birth to new business enterprises.

33 Restoring the Roots More than 70 Jewish entrepreneurs hungrily grasped the principles of the new- old business model, that makes God the senior partner during a recent workshop in Israel.

34 Community Builders Within this high- pressured environment are people of God we help to mobilize as community-builders, who can offer hope and make a difference with the new-old model in their communities.

35 The New-Old Business Model Enduring, yet practical biblical principles of diligence, customer relations, community responsibility, multiplication of your assets and generosity are being applied to business plans and strategies.

36 Leadership Support Spiritually mature, local business leaders lead support groups that encourage and mentor new entrepreneurs.

37 Vision to Reality The dynamic of applying the new- old model will turn vision into reality in the most challenging of business environments.

38 Botswana We next went to Botswana, where the Aids pandemic has resulted in a disproportionate ratio of unemployed single mothers and widows.

39 Gateway Cities While Botswana is one of the African success stories, our ministry was in a crossroads village, where the oppression from neighboring countries has resulted in an influx of immigrants seeking the freedoms outlined by the new-old model.

40 The Faith to Counter Adversity The eagerness of the people resulted in some traveling from as far away as 600 km -- with over 90 attending our program.

41 Faith in Motion We helped start some new ventures and local entrepreneurs were trained to nurture and encourage others to establish their own ventures, become community builders and become a part of the transformation.

42 Russia Our next step is Russia, where years of atheism have warped the infrastructure and left far too many without hope.

43 The Dynamics Across the earth, the clash of all ages is manifesting. Not only is the middle class, but western civilization is at risk. The dynamic is spiritual and the counterbalance to this threat includes the restoration of Israel and the mobilization of God’s people in lands of oppression and persecution.

44 The Opportunities The top-down democracy movement is not enough. The need for bottom-up community- and nation-building is critical. Before us are strategic opportunities in Vietnam, China, Serbia, India, Zimbabwe and Algeria, as well as returns to Israel, Ethiopia and other lands seeking the hope we offer.

45 The Inextinguishable Fire Global Initiatives is setting in motion an inextinguishable grass- roots effort that is making a difference. Your partnership, support and prayers will fuel the results. Preparing and Mobilizing Economic Community Builders 3838 South Wabash  Suite 201 Denver, CO 80237-0291 USA Phone (303) 741-9000 Morris E. Ruddick 2006 © Morris E. Ruddick

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