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UDL and Integrating Visual Literacy across the Curriculum.

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1 UDL and Integrating Visual Literacy across the Curriculum


3 Part 1: UDL

4 The Principles of Universal Design for Learning Multiple Modes of Representation Multiple Modes of Engagement Multiple Modes of Expression


6 Some Elements of Visual Literacy colorcolor Scale Part 2: visual elements Symbolic Shape juxtaposition &

7 Color

8 Juxtaposition & Scale

9 symbolism

10 Shape







17 You are the artist Part 3: the assignment

18 Illustrator's Note: My illustration was supposed to represent sorrow and grief. I used colors to describe how I felt about the war. How I felt about the war is kind of like how I feel when people are making fun of me, it hurts. It does not hurt nearly as much as what the Jews were put through. But I want to make it clear to people that even though others are different don’t pick on them. Not Me Lonely, cold. Nazi is part of me. I am a stranger to myself. I am a T R A I T O R Who knows why? Not me. NOT ME. I feel empty and heartless. Destroying my motherland. This person really isn’t me. My heart is dying. Frozen, shattered. No. This is not me. I am gone… Holocaust Unit

19 The Assignment 30 minutes Select the media Reflect on your emotional reaction Experiment with medium Create a visual representation Create an artist’s note Share (optional)


21 "All of us are watchers - of television, of time clocks, of traffic on the freeway - but few of us are observers. Everyone is looking, not many are seeing.” - Peter M. Leschak Part 4: Implications for teaching & learning

22 Part 2: visual literacy Visual Literacy means being able to: Interpret, understand and appreciate the meaning of visual messages Communicate more effectively by applying the basic principals and concepts of visual design Produce visual messages using computers and other technologies Use visual thinking to conceptualize solutions to problems

23 Humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text

24 Illustrated materials can boost: Using color enhances learning and improves retention by more than 75% long term learning and application of that learning up to 89% recall up to 42%

25 Using color can increase motivation & particpation by up to 80% Color visuals increase willingness to read by up to 80%

26 image accessed from: Atomic blast



29 Science




33 Math



36 Social Studies/History

37 Google Earth Tools:

38 Wonder of MSWord



41 Digital Storytelling

42 What now?

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