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The Outsiders Chapters 1-2

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1 The Outsiders Chapters 1-2
heaved roguishly unfathomable  incredulous rivalry nonchalantly gingerly abiding sarcasm digested

2 The Outsiders Chapters 1-2
heaved: throw What did the Greasers heave at the Socs? unfathomable: impossible to understand Why was Johnny’s pain unfathomable? rivalry: competition Name the two rivals in The Outsiders. gingerly: cautious; with great care Why did Ponyboy touch his cheek gingerly? sarcasm: mocking; wit used to insult What character in The Outsiders is not sarcastic?

3 The Outsiders Chapters 1-2
roguishly: deceitful; playful manner Who did Dally grin roguishly at? incredulous: disbelief What did Cherry do after she gave Dally an incredulous look? nonchalantly: unconcerned; indifferent Why did Ponyboy speak nonchalantly to Cherry and Marcia? abiding : lasting for a long time Who is the most law abiding citizen in The Outsiders? digested: to process information; understand What information did Ponyboy have to digest?

4 The Outsiders Chapters 3-4
sophisticated defiance aloofness contemptuous elite ruefully resignedly sheepish ember premonition

5 The Outsiders Chapters 3-4
sophisticated: refined; more proper Are the Greasers or Socs sophisticated? aloofness: distant emotionally physically Why are the Socs so aloof? elite: higher status What do the elite wear in The Outsiders? resignedly: feeling of acceptance to a resignation Who was Cherry resignedly speaking of when she said, “…they’ve spotted us.” (Hinton 44)? ember: dying fire Where did Ponyboy see an ember?

6 The Outsiders Chapters 3-4
defiance: opposing authority Who is the most defiant character in The Outsiders? contemptuous: open disrespect Why did Dally glance over his shoulder contemptuously? ruefully: sorrow; regret; compassion Why did Dally rub his side ruefully? sheepish: embarrassed; stupid Who did Ponyboy look at sheepishly? premonition: forewarning Where did Ponyboy have a creepy premonition?

7 The Outsiders Chapters 5-6
imploringly wistfully sullenly doggedly hue conviction subside detached elude racking

8 The Outsiders Chapters 5-6
imploringly: an urgent or pity begging Why did Ponyboy look at Johnny imploringly? sullenly: gloomy silence Who was sullen about their appearance? hue: color; tint What literal color is “her hardest hue to hold” referring to? subside: to sink or fall to the bottom What literally subsides in Robert Frost’s poem? elude: to escape What eluded Ponyboy?

9 The Outsiders Chapters 5-6
wistfully: melancholy; longing; gloomy state Why is Johnny wistful? doggedly: persistent in effort What did Johnny doggedly ask Dally? conviction: firm belief What did Johnny say with conviction? detached: separated; not attached Why were Ponyboy and Johnny detached from the dangerous fire? racking: to torture; to strain What was racking Darry’s brain?

10 The Outsiders Chapters 7-8
radiate aghast delinquents 7.contemptuously manslaughter 8. faltered brawn 9. ornery recurring 10.divert

11 The Outsiders Chapters 7-8
radiate: to spread Who radiates in front of the reporters? delinquents: guilty of an offense Who were the juvenile delinquents? manslaughter: killing of a human; homicide Why was Johnny charged with manslaughter? brawn: strong; muscular Is Darry “all brawn and no brain?” recurring: appearing again What was Pony’s recurring dream?

12 The Outsiders Chapters 7-8
aghast: sudden fright or shock Who was aghast about working? contemptuously: disrespectful Who does Ponyboy hate bitterly and contemptuously? faltered: to hesitate Why does Johnny falter in the hospital? ornery: unpleasant; stubborn What character is ornery? divert: different path Why did Two-Bit divert attention in the hardware store?

13 The Outsiders Chapters 9-10
underprivileged contract conformity stupor ruefully stricken leery  delirious taut indignantly

14 The Outsiders Chapters 9-10
underprivileged: denied enjoyment due to low economic or social status Who are the underprivileged? conformity: compliance; to go along with Who conforms during when it comes to fighting? ruefully: causing sorrow or pity; mournful Why did Tim grin ruefully? leery: suspicious Why was Ponyboy leery of the Brumly boys? taut: tightly drawn What was taut on Darry?

15 The Outsiders Chapters 9-10
contract: drawn together Why did Dally’s face contract in anger? stupor: dazed and confused Who is in a stupor? stricken: deeply affected Why was the gang stricken with silence? delirious: wild with excitement What made Ponyboy delirious? indignantly: strong displeasure Who does Soda look at indignantly?

16 The Outsiders Chapters 11-12
idolized vacuum hearing veered   guardian welled liable quivering acquitted vast

17 The Outsiders Chapters 11-12
idolized: to worship Who did Dally idolize? hearing: opportunity to be heard What was the hearing about? guardian: legally caring for a minor Who is Pony and Soda’s guardian? liable: legally responsible Who will be liable for Pony and Soda? acquitted: not guilty Where did Ponyboy see an ember?

18 The Outsiders Chapters 11-12
vacuum: emptiness Who is living in a vacuum? veered: to change direction Who did Pony veer in front of when he was running? welled: to gush Why did tears well up in Soda’s eyes? quivering: tremble Why did Two-Bit give Pony a quivering sigh? vast: great size What is too vast of a problem?

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