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“The Masque of the Red Death”

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1 “The Masque of the Red Death”

2 Why do Prince Prospero and his followers retreat to his palace?
To escape the Red Death Plague

3 Describe in specific detail the series of rooms in which the Masquerade Ball takes place.
A series of 7 rooms in a zig-zag pattern To serve as lighting, there are large bowls of burning coals between the rooms.

4 In the black room there stands a huge ebony grandfather clock.
The decorations match the color of each room. There is a Gothic window in each room which panes match the color of the room. The black room’s window panes are the only exception: its panes are “blood” red.

5 Explain how the party is constantly disrupted.
Every time the clock strikes off another hour, the orchestra stops playing and the people stop dancing.

6 Inside Outside Wealth Poverty Fantasy Reality Life Death; Destruction
Compare life outside the palace with the life of the people Prospero brought inside. Inside Outside Wealth Poverty Fantasy Reality Life Death; Destruction Happiness Sorrow Health Disease/Sickness Hope Despair

7 He is prejudiced against the poor.
What do you learn about Prospero's character from his desire to keep his palace free of the plague? He is afraid to die. He is prejudiced against the poor. He thinks he can cheat death. (He thinks he can buy his way out.)

8 What mood or effect is created by the colors and the lighting in the rooms of the ball?
It causes a dream-like effect. Fantasy

9 Why does the clock have such a dramatic effect on the dancers?
It symbolizes reality; their lives slowly ticking away.

10 Why does the visitor frighten the guests?
Because he suddenly and mysteriously appears out of nowhere Because he looks like someone with the Red Death Plague Because he just stalks to and fro and doesn't talk

11 List aspects of how Poe builds terror in the story:
Description of the plague’s symptoms Doors welded shut; one couldn't leave even if one wanted to Dim, pulsing lights from the burning coals Black room with the red panes Appearance and behavior of the intruder Clock constantly stopping the party

12 Allegory: A type of story in which the characters, settings, and events are an interconnected series of SYMBOLS. The deeper or symbolic meaning of the story may contain a LESSON ABOUT LIFE.

13 Allegory set of recognizable symbols whose meanings combine to convey a message. An allegory always operates on two levels of meaning: the literal elements of the plot (the colors of the rooms, for example) and their symbolic counterparts, which often involve large philosophical concepts (such as life and death).

14 What is the allegorical lesson in the story?
THEME: One cannot escape his or her fate or death.

15 Symbolism Connects the theme
Projected symbolism: The author writes without the intent to make things symbolic, but the reader can draw symbols from the story. Intended symbolism: The author writes with the intent to make things symbolic or representative of something else

16 Symbolism connects the Theme
Symbol: a person, animal, thing, event, or idea that represents something in addition to itself heart = love cross = religion or Christianity skull = death red = passion, blood white = purity, innocence what could symbolize life? death? freedom? joy? hate? ***symbols help readers understand the meaning of the story by focusing on specific ideas related to the theme

17 SYMBOLS What might each Symbol from the story represent?

18 He represents mankind's futile attempt to live forever.
Prince Prospero – Wealth; prosperity He represents mankind's futile attempt to live forever.

19 The masquerade – Fantasy; escaping from reality

20 More specifically, the Red Death Plague
The masked figure – Death in general; More specifically, the Red Death Plague

21 The number 7 - The Seven Deadly Sins
Gluttony - The overindulgence of anything. Envy- Jealousy of others. Lust - Impure thoughts and desires. Covetousness - The desire for others’ things Anger-fury, also known as wrath Pride- An overconfidence in one’s self or one’s abilities Sloth (Procrastination)- Laziness

22 The number 7 - 7; the world was created in 7 days; it symbolizes fullness, completion. Room 1 (in the east): blue (water-life begins in water in womb) Room 2: purple: royalty, power (children control, dominate family life) Room 3: green: growth, life (youth, maturation Room 4: orange: fertility (adulthood; procreation & productivity) Room 5: white: purification (part of aging is finding meaning in life & becoming more spiritual) Room 6: violet: light purple (weakening power as result of aging body) Room 7: black/ red: evil, death, sorrow, loss Full spectrum of colors represents the stages of man’s life from birth to death.


24 Going from East to West:
Blue Purple Green Orange White Violet Black

25 Masculinity; Sadness; Melancholy; Calm
BLUE Masculinity; Sadness; Melancholy; Calm

26 PURPLE Royalty

27 GREEN Envy; luck; growth

28 ORANGE Caution ;fertility

29 WHITE Purity; peace

30 Violet Mystery; sprituality

31 BLACK Death; mourning


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