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Gayatri Geeta.

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1 Gayatri Geeta

2 What Is Gayatri Power of Righteousness in us.

3 Shastriya Gyan Ved : Knowledge Directly Absorbed by Rishis From Ether.
Ved then consist of following: Samhita : Knowledge written as it is. Brahman: Explanation of those Knowledge is know as Brahmans. Aaranyak: Those formulae used for doing Rituals. Upnishad: Knowledge when absorbed and realized, then written are Upnishad. Puran : Explanation of Upnishad’s knowledge for common man in simple story form.

4 What Is Geeta? Conclusion of Upnishad is known as Geeta. Bhagvad Geeta
Ashtavakra Geeta Vyadh Geeta Ram Lakshman Geeta

5 Gayatri Geeta ? Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Pujya Gurudev has given us conslusion from his Gayatri Sadhna in the form of Gayatri Geeta Complete knowledge of Upnishad combined with Righteous knowledge along with Mantra.

6 OM Name Of God : Cosmic Energy in the form of Sound Energy.
Ved has considered it as the most holy name of god. To obtain GOD one has to follow his discipline. Praising or Criticizing doesn’t effect him. Feel GOD in our own heart it will give experience of SAT CHIT ANAND

7 Bhu Presence of GOD all over in the form of Pran/Soul/Life.
All are equal.

8 Bhuwah When God is in us then our all activities need to be like GOD.
All Sorrows ends is Bhuwah Karma : work done with the inspiration of duty.

9 Swah Stability of Mind No Expectations
When expectations fulfilled they generates EGO/Showoff/too much expenses When expectations NOT fulfilled they generates Sorrow/Tension/Anger Both of the condition are unfavorable and humand mind becomes blind.

10 Tat Understanding the truth of Life and Death.

11 Savitur Become Strong like Sun , Nurture yourself with following 8 qualities. Satya (Truth) Sahas (Boldness) Swasth (Health) Sangathan (Unity) Vidya (Knowledge) Dhan (Wealth) Yash (Fame) Chaturta ( Intelligence)

12 Vareniyam Perform any job to its excellent shape.
Accept the righteous job.

13 Bhargo Reason for Sorrow is Sin : Do not perform any sin.
Similarly if we are in sorrow that implies we have done some sin OR In any condition we will not be in Sorrow. Bharg means to clean with energy of TAP , clean all our negative.

14 Devasya Devta means the one who Give what they have. What We have ?
Love. Affection. Respect. Appreciation. Give them to others like Devta/Deity Consider our self as Soul which is immortal so we.

15 Dhimahi Nurture our self with following qualities Active (Niralasya)
Loving Caring Self Controlled Polite

16 Dhiyo Understand the knowledge of Vedas and implement them in our daily life. This is the duty of minded person.

17 Yonah

18 Prachodayat Get inspired by great souls sacrifice and be a inspiration for others.

19 Too Much Knowledge?

20 Solution : Take any one word which is of your concern.
Chant Gayatri mantra for getting energy for it. Feel that you are absorbing energy from cosmos for same.


22 Thank You

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