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Words for Production 1. workshop [`w3k&SAp] n. [C] a meeting for people to perform, discuss issues, or exchange professional knowledge and experience.

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2 Words for Production 1. workshop [`w3k&SAp] n. [C] a meeting for people to perform, discuss issues, or exchange professional knowledge and experience 研習會 This creative writing workshop, held through the Internet, is open to all the students around the country.

3 Words for Production 2. shattered [`S8t2d] adj. extremely upset and shocked 苦惱的,震驚的 The pop singer’s fans were shattered at the news of his suicide. 詞類變化

4 shatter [`S8t2] vt. to make someone feel very upset and shocked; to break something into small pieces 震驚;粉 碎 The unexpected death of the president shattered the whole country. The glass windows of the church were all shattered during the severe earthquake.

5 Words for Production 3. shell [SEl] n. [C][U] an explosive usually launched from a large firearm over long distances; the hard covering of nuts, eggs, seeds, or some animals 炮彈;殼 A shell burst only yards away from the crowd and killed six people. Bowls made of coconut shell were used by ancient inhabitants of the island.

6 Words for Production 4. splatter [`spl8t2] vt. to throw or drop; to splash 使 ( 血肉 ) 橫飛,使飛 濺 The man splattered water on the windshield to clean off the mud on it.

7 Words for Production 5. rubble [`r^bL] n. [U] broken stone or bricks from a destroyed or damaged building 碎石,瓦礫 The explosion destroyed the building and reduced it to a pile of rubble. * a pile of 一堆

8 Words for Production 6. distinguished [dI`stI9GwISt] adj. very successful and highly respected by others 優秀的,卓越的 ,傑出的 The cellist was brought up in a distinguished academic family. Both of his parents are known for their outstanding achievements in art and music. * be brought up 被撫養長大 * be known for 因 … 而著名

9 Words for Production 7. massacre [`m8s1k2] n. [C][U] the cruel killing of people or animals in large numbers 大屠殺 The massacres of Jews during World War II were a horrifying consequence of racial prejudice.

10 Words for Production 8. endure [In`dj5r] vt. to bear something painful or difficult without complaining 忍受,忍耐 The patient burst into tears; he could no longer endure the pain of the wound. 詞類變化 * burst into tears = burst out crying

11 endurance [In`dj5r1ns] n. [U] 忍受,忍耐 The boring play was beyond endurance; the audience had to get up and walk out. * beyond endurance 令人無法忍受

12 Words for Production 9. anguish [`89GwIS] n. [U] great mental suffering or physical pain 極 度的痛苦 The widow was consumed with great anguish after her only son died. 詞類變化

13 anguished [`89GwISt] adj. 感到極 度痛苦的 The woman let out anguished cries when giving birth to her first baby. * give birth to 生 ( 孩子 )

14 Words for Production 10. battlefield [`b8tL&fild] n. [C] a place where a battle is or was fought 戰場 In spite of their excellent military training, the soldiers have never actually fought on the battlefield. * in spite of 雖然

15 Words for Production 11. mournful [`mOrnf1l] adj. very sad 悲傷的,悲痛的 At the funeral, the pianist played an extremely mournful piece, which put me in tears. 詞類變化

16 mourn [mOrn] vt.; vi. 哀悼 As the news of the railway accident was reported, the whole nation mourned the deaths of their fellow citizens.

17 mourning [`mOrnI9] n. [U] 哀悼 They were all dressed in black in mourning for their grandfather. * be dressed in 穿著 … 的衣服 * mourn for 為 … 而哀悼

18 Words for Production 12. cellar [`sEl2] n. [C] an underground room for storing goods 地窖,地下室 In northern China, people used to store pickles in cellars. * used to + to V 過去習慣

19 Words for Production 13. unimaginably [&^nI`m8dZIn1bLI] adv. beyond one ’ s imagination 難以想像地 To his own surprise, he was unimaginably eloquent when talking to the girl he had been attracted to.

20 Words for Production 14. compassion [k1m`p8S1n] n. [U] sympathy and understanding for someone who is suffering 同情,憐 憫 Out of compassion, they offered the homeless mother and her children a place to stay overnight. 詞類變化 * out of + 抽象名詞 出於 …

21 compassionate [k1m`p8S1nIt] adj. 同情的,深表憐憫的 He is always compassionate to the needy and willing to help them.

22 1. cellist [`tSElIst] n. [C] a person who plays the cello, a stringed musical instrument like a large violin 大提琴家 cello [`tSElo] n. [C] 大提琴 Words for Recognition

23 2. Manchester [`m8n&tSEst2] n. [U] a city in northwestern England 曼徹斯特 Words for Recognition

24 3. Sarajevo [&s8r1`jevo] n. the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina 塞拉耶佛 ( 波士尼亞赫塞哥維納的首都 ) Words for Recognition

25 4. mortar [`mOrt2] n. [C] a short cannon which fires shells at a high angle over a short distance 迫擊炮 Words for Recognition * at a ~ angle 以 … 角度

26 5. Vedran Smailovic [`vEdr1n `smelOvItS] n. a cellist from Sarajevo 維卓‧史麥洛維奇 Words for Recognition

27 6. crater [`kret2] n. [C] a large hole in the ground caused by the explosion of a bomb 彈坑 Words for Recognition

28 7. repertoire [`rEp2&twAr] n. [C] all of the compositions in an area of music; all of the musical pieces that one can perform 某音樂領域中的全部曲目; 某人能表演的全部曲目 Words for Recognition

29 8. masonry [`mesNrI ] n. [U] the part of a building structure consisting of bricks and stone 磚瓦或石造部分 Words for Recognition * consist of 包括

30 9. shelling [`SElI9] n. [C] the act of firing a weapon 炮擊 Words for Recognition

31 1. in(to) the midst of into the middle part of 在 / 到 … 之中 The poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost is about a traveler who rode into the midst of the woods and wondered which way to go. Idioms and Phrases

32 2. make a stand for to make a strong effort to defend 捍衛 Martin Luther King made a firm stand for racial equality throughout his life. Idioms and Phrases

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