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Journey toward Servant Leadership Dan R. Ebener January 10 2015

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1 Journey toward Servant Leadership Dan R. Ebener January 10 2015

2 The world desperately needs leaders. And a new model.

3 A voluntary and interactive relationship to bring about Change: in thinking, action, attitude, policies, structures, culture and strategy. COMMON GOAL FOLLOWERS LEADER Leadership Defined:

4 The Idea of Leadership Leadership is distinct from Management: – Management is positional. – Leadership can emerge from anywhere. – Management can and does use authority. – Leadership is not coercive. Leaders inspire, invite and influence. Leaders transform self, others, organization, society.

5 Task Side of Leadership Leadership is all about change. Leadership requires life-long learning. Most people long for stability. – Therefore, leaders stimulate change.

6 Entropy Environmental change (external) Demands : Organizational change (internal).

7 The Alternative to Change Entropy Every organization needs to constantly re- invent and re- create itself.

8 Given the Speed of Change…. Become faster. Become flatter. Become more flexible.

9 Mountain Top Retreat Strategic Planning Model

10 White Water Rafting The Speed of Change in our World

11 Thinking outside the Box: But inside the Circle Courage enough to take some risks. Prudent enough to know where the limits are.

12 Relationship between Leaders and Followers Nothing coercive about leadership

13 Relationship Side of Leadership Leadership is: Interactive, voluntary relationship moving toward common goal

14 Love, Truth and Beauty Aquinas Three ways that God enters into human lives. God gives us free will. Great leads in unimaginable ways. Leadership is not coercion.

15 Leadership Management Task Relationship Change Vision Strategy Structure Order Day-to-Day Operations Invite Inspire Influence Authority Coercion Control

16 “I want my people to lead, not manage” Your choice: Leadership or Management?

17 Leadership and Management Most organizations are “over-managed and under-led” M ANAGEMENT Adapted from Leading Change by John Kotter


19 The Beatitudes Leader Matthew 5:1-12: Jesus draws away from the crowds. Goes uphill. Sits down. Gathers disciples around him. Begins to teach…

20 Wisdom: Blessed are the Poor in Spirit: For theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

21 Empathy : Blessed are they who Mourn – For they shall be comforted.

22 Humility: Blessed are the Meek For they shall inherit the earth.

23 Justice: Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for Righteousness For they shall be satisfied.

24 Mercy: Blessed are the Merciful: For they will be shown Mercy.

25 Service: Blessed are the Pure of Heart For they shall see God.

26 Peace: Blessed are the Peacemakers For they shall be called Children of God.

27 Courage: Blessed are they who are Persecuted for the sake of Righteousness For theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

28 The Virtues of Leadership

29 Wisdom

30 Empathy

31 Humility

32 Justice

33 Mercy

34 Service

35 Peace

36 Courage



39 Servant Leadership What is it anyway? Greenleaf: Motivated to serve, then to lead.

40 Leadership in the Gospels Matt. 23:11 - The greatest one must be a servant. Mark 9:35 - The first will be last and servant of all. Mark 10:42-45 - Leaders are servants, not lords. Luke 22:24-27 - Last Supper reminder. John 13:1-15 - Jesus washes the feet of his disciples. Phil. 2:3-7 - Imitating Christ by being a servant. 2 Cor. 6:6 - Paul lists the qualities of a servant. 1 Timothy 3:1-13 - List of qualities

41 Robert K. Greenleaf The Servant Leader (1971) Servant as Leader : begins with natural instinct to serve; to serve first, then to lead. Two roles – servant and leader – are often seen as opposites: – Servants - who put the needs and interests of others ahead of their own; – Leaders – who change the thinking, the actions and the attitudes of others.

42 Words of Jesus “The greatest one must be a servant” (Matt. 23:11). Last Supper reminder (Luke 22:24-27 ). “Whoever wants to be first must become the servant of all” (Mark 9:33-36).

43 “Servants, not Lords” Leading like Jesus: “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lorded over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them. Not so with you. Whoever wants to be great among you must be your servant” (Mt 10: 25-27).

44 Servant Leadership vs. Pedestal Leadership Servant Leadership: – Delegates – Supports initiative – Emerges from anywhere – Accesses power for the interest of the team – Gives credit to others and takes blame. Pedestal Leadership: – Commands – Controls – Relies on position – Uses power for personal interests – Seeks personal glory and status.

45 Servant Leadership Putting the needs and interests of others ahead of your own. Serving the people, and the organization, instead of the other way around. Placing the mission, vision and values of the organization first.

46 Servant Leaders Motivated by mission, vision and core values. Devoted to the success of the organization. Place yourself at the service of others.

47 Servant Leaders Humility: – Virtue necessary for the servant leader. Ultimate test of the servant leader: – Are those being served healthier, wiser, freer? –

48 Servant Leadership Institute: Servant as Leader Leader as Servant

49 Delegation: A Key Leader Behavior Delegation (like Moses and Jethro - Exodus 18:13-37): – Opportunities for leadership and discipleship. – What activities must be done by the person in my position? – What activities can be done by others? – How can I find meaningful work to delegate? – Then: Support - be positive Feedback – be specific

50 Leadership Development The best test of leadership is not how many followers you lead but how many leaders you develop.

51 Goal Setting Think of an area of leadership or management in which you would like to improve. Write some goals that you can set for yourself to become a more effective leader or manager.

52 Thank YOU !

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