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2 Keeping Corner’s: Setting Religious and Other Beliefs Historical Events and Figures Main Characters Plot Conflicts Themes Author

3 Setting: The year is 1918, nearly 100 before 2009 We are in India  British rule over India as a colony  Hindu religion  Caste system In a small village called Jamlee  No cars or pavement, but carriages driven by livestock on dirt roads  Many fairs, events and dinners In a Brahman Household  Dirt floors  Shed with a Bullock  Courtyard  Extended family living

4 Religious and Other Beliefs Hinduism: polytheism, Rama is key god Caste System: several social classes of traditional Hindu society Brahman  Hindu belonging to the highest caste  Subject to strict rules  Example: Widows must “keep corner” – stay confined to your house for a year Widowhood  Keep Corner  Mourn the loss of your husband  Shave head  Shunned by all

5 BRITISH RULE - AND - GANDHI Historical Events and Figures

6 British Rule Origins British East India Co. founded in 1599 Objective was peaceful trade Trade turned to rule Importance India became crowned jewel of British Empire Many influences – words like pajamas, games like playing polo, activities like drinking tea and taking showers Demise Indians tire working for England Indian National Congress gives Hindus some political power World Wars cause British to trade more power troops

7 Gandhi www.flowof www.flowof How you act is more important than what you achieve Let Satygarah against British rule Satygarah = peaceful resistance Saty = truth agrah = insistence Willing to go to jail for Satygarah Went to jail many times Spent 7 years in jail Gandhi became voice of Indian National Congress in 1920 Forced Britain to give India independence in 1947 Killed in 1947 by one of his followers

8 Main Character Leela is a  13-year-old Indian girl  of the Brahman caste She lives with her  Ba (mother)  Bapuji (father)  Kaka (paternal uncle)  Kaki (uncle’s wife) She was  engaged at two,  married at nine  planning at 13 to move into the home of her husband

9 Plot Plans Leela plans for her anu, (ceremony for a bride before she moves into the home of her husband) Tragedy Leela’s husband is bitten by a poisonous snake and dies, leaving her a widow Effect As a widow, she must shave her head, take off her jewelry forever and wear the brown chidri (sari, or Indian dress) of the widow instead of bright and colorful saris. She also must stay confined to her house for one year. This is called “Keeping Corner” New Beginni ng Her former principal offers to help Leela continue her studies. Leela accepts with no real interest in studying, but as time goes by she becomes a diligent student. Struggle She studies she becomes interested in what is going on with her country and Britain. She also reads about Ghandi and Narmad, a writer who believes widows should be allowed to remarry Freedo m As her father decides to follow Ghandi in satyagrah against the British, Leela comes to believe that she has the “right to wage satyagrah” against the unfairness of widowhood.

10 Conflict Leela’s husband dies and society wants her to follow the path of a widow She wants an education and a life beyond confinement and loss One conflict is between Leela wants for herself and what society expects of her: “A widow’s life is a living death.”

11 Conflict Britain is trying to hold onto its rule over India Gandhi and his followers are fighting for freedom There is also a conflict between India and Britain, which rules India

12 Freedom can overcome oppression You should be willing to find a new way Leela was oppressed by tradition and beliefs about widows  “A widow’s arms are forever quiet.” The Indian people were oppressed by Britain Both Leela and the Indian people had to decide which path to take: the old way or the new way  Being a widow means keeping corner for the rest of your life.” When society paves the road, you do not have to follow it—Emma Shapland Themes

13 Author Name: Kashmira Sheth Biography:  Born in Bhavangar, India  Moved to U.S. to attend Iowa State University at 17  Earned microbiology degree  Decided to become author after inspiring letter from uncle  Currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin with her husband and two daughters Other Books: Blue Jasmine, Koyal Dark, Mango Sweet Languages: Hindi, Gujarati, English and Sanskrit Favorite Genre: Historical fiction Awards:  2006-07 Iowa Children’s Choice Award Nominee; Oklahoma’s 2007 Children’s Sequoyah Award Masterlist; Paul Zoindel First Novel Award; 2005 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award; ALA Great Middle School Reads; CCBC Choice 2005 (source

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