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Known as Shelley's most famous poem In memory of John Keats.

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1 Known as Shelley's most famous poem In memory of John Keats

2  When Shelley drowned and washed up on shore, a copy of Keats’s works was found in his pocket.  It is said that Shelley believed that Keats died because of harsh negative reviews of his poetry, which caused him such anger that it ruptured one of his lungs.  Really, Keats died of tuberculosis at the age of 26 on Feb. 23, 1821.

3  Greek god of manly good looks.  Handsome hunter who died young and was reborn Adonais  Hebrew for “Lord”  Hebrew blessing for God’s sovereignty over all creation.

4  he was killed while hunting by a wild boar  Aphrodite, who was in love with him, pleaded with Zeus to bring him back to life.  Zeus agreed to get the young man back, but he had to stay in the underworld during winter with Persephone (goddess of death) and be with Aphrodite (goddess of love) in summer, thus making the vegetation die in winter and blossom in summer. This makes Adonis a god of vegetation as well.



7  Speaker calls all to mourn with him  “frost” (3) – winter imagery, personification  The “sad Hour” in which Adonais died should be joined by all other hours, sad all the time (4-6)  (8-9) We won’t forget him. His art and fate will be eternal (I see some hope here.) His poetry is his “resurrection” to eternal life. Christ-like metaphor.

8  “Mother” (10) – Nature and Urania  Where was Urania? Up in Paradise with Echo chillin’ while her son dies (12-15)  (15-18) “one” = Adonais/Keats  Nearing his death, he “rekindled all the fading melodies” – remembers all the poems he wrote – and tries to use them to take the focus of his dying (TB didn’t kill you quickly, so Keats knew he was dying).

9  Nature should mourn for the death of Adonais (20)  No, wait, even better- Nature should die too! (22- 23)  Speaker cannot bear to think that Adonais will come back, because Death won’t allow it. Duh.  Back to despair and mourning….

10 AAfter a bazillion stanzas of mourning and despair… EEnds with HOPE NNow that Adonais/Keats is one with nature, his spirit will live on in the inspiration we draw from his poetry/art.

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