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International Day of Prayer for the persecuted church For more info please visit:

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1 International Day of Prayer for the persecuted church For more info please visit:

2 The International Day of Prayer for the persecuted church (IDOP) is a global day of intercession for persecuted Christians worldwide. Over half a million churches in 150 countries are joining to pray for the persecuted church worldwide.

3 The persecuted church worldwide In 2009 millions of Christians around the world face persecution because of their faith. They may face social ostracism, discrimination in education or employment, imprisonment, physical beatings or even death. The focus of IDOP this year is praying for Christians in India.

4 India India is the largest democracy in the world and has the second largest population. Tensions remain high between Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and Christians. India’s constitution guarantees freedom of religion, but eight states have proposed anti-conversion laws.

5 In August 2008, an outbreak of unprecedented persecution engulfed Christians in Orissa state. At least 120 people were killed and over 300 villages and 250 churches destroyed. More than 50,000 people were displaced. Christians in Orissa

6 Open Doors’ response Open Doors distributed 6,000 relief packs to families who had lost everything. Open Doors organised trauma counselling and biblical training seminars to encourage local Christians. Open Doors also provided victims with legal advice.

7 Manini Digal Manini Digal was attacked by Hindu extremists during last year’s violence in Orissa. Please pray: that Manini would recover fully from her injuries, both physical and emotional for those providing emergency relief and medical assistance to victims of the violence that the government would do all it can to bring the perpetrators of the violence to justice.

8 Junas Nayak Junas Nayak witnessed the murder of his brother when Hindu extremists broke into his house. Please pray Ask God to help Junas recover fully from his injuries, and to comfort his family as they mourn the loss of his brother for wisdom for those providing trauma counselling to those who have been injured or bereaved that the government and other organisations will be successful in promoting peace and reconciliation in the region.

9 More than a year later, life for many Christians in Orissa remains bleak. More than 4,000 people are still living in refugee camps. Thousands are unable to return to their homes for fear of death or forcible conversion to Hinduism. One year on...

10 for the rebuilding efforts. Pray that many people’s lives will be impacted for good that the government in Orissa will do all it can to protect the Christian minority Open Doors is running an advocacy campaign on behalf of Christians in Orissa. Pray that it will be well received by the Indian authorities. Please pray

11 Take action... by speaking out Christians in Orissa need you to speak up on their behalf. Join Open Doors’ advocacy campaign today. Sign a letter to India’s Prime Minister urging him to pursue justice for Christians in Orissa as a matter of priority. Please do this before you leave today so we can add your voice to thousands across the country. Encourage friends to take part at

12 Take action... by giving Right across India there are Christians in significant physical and spiritual need. We can be the answer to their prayers. A gift of just £20 will support an entire family with essential food supplies for one full month.

13 Heavenly Father, we remember our brothers and sisters in Orissa, and ask you to restore those affected by last year’s violence. Please bless the rebuilding efforts and bring your people hope for a better future. We pray for peace and justice across Orissa state. Please move the government of Orissa to do all it can to protect the Christian minority. Finally, give your people grace to forgive their persecutors, and courage to share your Word. May many come to know you through their witness. For the glory of your son, Jesus Christ, Amen. A Prayer for Christians in Orissa by Vijay Lal, Secretary for the Religious Liberty Commission of the Evangelical Fellowship of India

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