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Pyramus and Thisbe OVID

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1 Pyramus and Thisbe OVID
Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso) , 43 BC-AD 18, Latin poet, b. Sulmo (present-day Sulmona), in the Apennines Author OVID

2 Short Summary Pyramus and Thisbe were neighbors in ancient Babylon, and their homes were separated by a large, brick wall. Although they loved one another, they could not marry because of a disagreement between their fathers, and so they talked with each other through a narrow chink in the wall. They decided to meet one night at Ninus' tomb in the woods outside Babylon. While Thisbe waited for her lover, a lioness came to the nearby stream, and it frightened Thisbe away. When she fled, she dropped her shawl and the lioness ripped it with her bloody jaws and then left the stream. 9 Mar ,2010.Online Internet. <>

3 Pyramus came to Ninus' tomb and found his love's ripped, bloody shawl and assumed that she'd been killed by a lion. He killed himself with his sword to be with his love. Thisbe soon returned and found Pyramus slain there, and so she killed herself as well. Their blood changed the color of the mulberry tree under which they lay. The berries changed from white to burgundy from the lovers' blood. 9 Mar ,2010.Online Internet. <>

4 Theme You can’t keep lovers apart from each other . The love between Pyramus and Thisbe is so strong that they defy the will of their parents and run away.

5 Characters Pyramus: Handsome youth of Babylon who falls in love with his neighbor, Thisbe. Thisbe: Beautiful young girl of Babylon who returns Pyramus's love. Parents of Pyramus and Thisbe: They oppose a relationship between Pyramus and Thisbe for reasons not explained in the story. The parents play no active role in the story. Semiramis: Queen of Babylon and the subject of myths and legends. After the death of her husband, Ninus, she ruled Babylon for many years. Semiramis is the Greek name for Sammu-ramat. Semiramis plays no active role in the story. Ninus: King of Assyria and late husband of Semiramis. He plays no active role in the story. However, it is at his tomb that Pyramus and Thisbe meet after running away. 9 Mar ,2010.Online Internet. <>

6 Antagonist- Pyramus & Thisbe’s parents
Protagonist- Pyramus & Thisbe Conflict-Man vs. Self Man vs. Society

7 Vocabulary Lament-v. Express deep sorrow; mourn (le ment’)
Inevitable-adj. unavoidable; certain (in ev I te bel) By: Hutch Boykin

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