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Antigone Sophocles.

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1 Antigone Sophocles

2 Scene 4 Allusions Reference to a diff. text, history, Bible
Who does Antigone compare herself to? Niobe—queen of Thebes –kids killed bc she boasted she was greater than a goddess

3 Myths Traditional stories with supernatural beings or events to explain natural processes or phenomena Myths were a kind of science and religion (birth, death, and the origins of the universe) Classical mythology came from Ancient Greece

4 Vocabulary chorus choragus antagonist skene tragedy protagonist
catastrophe orchestra

5 Background

6 Characters Antigone Ismene Haemon Eurydice Daughter of Oedipus
Creon’s son Engaged to Antigone Eurydice Wife of Creon

7 Creon Eteocles Buried with military honors Given a soldier’s funeral
Polyneices Will not be buried No one will mourn for him Stoning to death if orders are not followed

8 Sisters Ismene Antigone Will not help her sister bury their brother
Will obey the law of the land Is afraid and weak Says she is helpless Will not attempt the impossible Antigone Will bury her brother Is bold and confident Tells Ismene to tell everyone she is responsible Says you are dead much longer than you are alive Thinks her sister is selfish

9 Flashback of the Battle
Polyneices earlier retreated, but he comes back for a final battle Polyneices tries to accomplish a surprise attack Polyneices hurls insults and tries to defame the land For going against the gods, he loses Both brothers were killed in the battle

10 Scene 1---Choragus’ speech
How does he start out his speech? How does he say he will rule? What do you think is his motive for treating Polyneices’ corpse this way? What metaphor does he use?

11 Questions What does the Sentry reveal?
Describe Creon’s reaction to the news How does Creon feel about the Sentry’s question about the gods? Describe the burial Money talks (Creon) There’s nothing in the world so demoralizing as money A fortune won is often misfortune How dreadful it is when the right judge judges wrong

12 Ruling Where do gender roles come up?
What does Creon demand Sentry do? When are men weak? (1031). When is a government strong? (1031).

13 Scene-2 Antigone is Caught
How do they know she is to blame? How does the Sentry’s description invoke sympathy for Antigone? What metaphor does the Sentry use? How is she bold? What is her attitude toward death? Creon What metaphors does he use show Antigone’s stubbornness? Why MUST Creon do something? Who else does he accuse?

14 Antigone vs Creon What does Antigone assume about the attitude of the chorus? Is Antigone justified How does she feel about the gods? How does Antigone treat Ismene? Why does Ismene want to die? Is Creon justified? How does he feel about the gods? What ulterior motives does Creon think Antigone has? How does Creon view the sisters? How does Creon bring up gender issues? (1031).

15 Ode 2 How do different people judge God? Who is the ode talking about?
What does it say?

16 Like Father Like Son? Haemon
“I am your son, Father. You are my guide. You make things clear for me, and I obey you” (1041). Don’t lose your head over a woman “Do you want me to show myself weak before the people?” Show me the man who keeps his house in hand, He’s fit for public authority.

17 Creon Goes Off The man who knows how to obey, and that man only, knows how to give commands when the time comes. And no woman shall seduce us. If we must lose, Let’s lose to a man, at least! Is a woman stronger than we?

18 Haemon Defends Antigone
Reason is God’s crowning gift to man. . . Your temper terrifies them—everyone Will tell you only what you like to hear. They say no woman has ever, so unreasonably, died so shameful a death for a generous act Do not believe that you alone can be right

19 The Fight Continues Haemon
It is not reason never to yield to reason! The reasonable thing is to learn from those who can teach.

20 Back and Forth What does Haemon say about his father’s ability to compromise? Who does that remind you of? Why does Creon bring up age? What kind of government does Haemon seem to be talking about? Prove it Where does God fit in? What kind of government is Creon talking about?

21 Temper, Temper What does Haemon threaten?
Then she must die. But her death will cause another. I swear you’ll regret this superior tone of yours! “Let her die before his eyes” What does Creon decide about Ismene? What will Antigone’s punishment be?

22 Ode What’s the ode about ?

23 Scene 4- Allusions Refs to text or history or Bible
Comparing Antigone to people Niobe-queen of Thebes. Kids killed because she bragged—turned to stone—still cries Persephone-wife of Hades queen of the underworld (daughter of Zeus) She will welcome Antigone when she dies (she is also trapped) Danea- princess who is imprisoned by her father bc she predicted her son will kill the king someday

24 Sum up Scene 4 Antigone is on her way to the tomb
She freely accepts her fate She still thinks her punishment does not fit the crime

25 Ode 4 Allusions

26 Teiresisas and Creon Who is Teiresias? What is he predicting?
What signs has he seen? Why is he saying this is happening What is Creon’s reaction to Teiresias’ predictions? What does he accuse Teiresias of? What curse does Teiresias tell Creon of?

27 Creon finally breaks Choragus says “I am old, too, But I cannot remember that he was ever false” Do it Swiftly! He follows Choragus’ advice to free Antigone from her vault and make a tomb for Polyneices The Laws of the gods are might, and a man must serve them

28 Exodus Who is Eurydice and what does she ask?
Prove that money cannot buy happiness Who is Eurydice and what does she ask? What has happened to Haemon? What does the messenger tell Eurydice?

29 The Queen The queen leaves without a work.
Creon is in his room and gets new that the queen has killed herself. What has happened to Antigone? What happens to Creon?

30 Is Creon to blame? Antigone- Haemon- Eurydice-

31 Themes?

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