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Jeopardy Language Arts Olive Vista Middle Fall 2003.

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2 Jeopardy Language Arts Olive Vista Middle Fall 2003

3 Jeopardy – Language Arts Word MeaningsMatching WordsContext Clues $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $300 $400 $500

4 Word Meanings for $100 Something that is frequent is --- A.occurring seldom B.a holiday C.happening often D.sad

5 Word Meanings for $200 An image is --- intention B.a picture C.a subject D.a fact

6 Word Meanings for $300 To grieve is to --- A.donate B.wonder C.celebrate D.mourn

7 Word Meanings for $400 Accuse means --- A.honor B.question C.blame D.reward

8 Word Meanings for $500 To capsize is to --- A.load B.Get out of C.overturn D.launch

9 Matching Words for $100 I wrote a check for the groceries. A.Melissa had to check her urge to laugh during the concert. B.The teacher will check the answers. C.Mom paid my fee with a check. D.You need to check your calculations.

10 Matching Words for $200 She used a tissue to dry her eyes. A.Muscle tissue can feel sore after exercise. B.The tissue she bought was very soft. C.The scientists observed the animal tissue under a microscope. D.Mel made party decorations from tissue paper.

11 Matching Words for $300 He cut his head when he fell. A.Stand at the head of the stairs. B.She laid her head on her arm. C.Did you buy a head of lettuce? D.She owns forty head of cattle.

12 Matching Words for $400 Ann trimmed the collar with lace. A.The little boy tries to lace his shoes. B.Marissa bought a yard of lace for the dress she is making. C.They stopped the game while the girl tied her shoe lace. D.Dad will lace the drink with green food coloring.

13 Matching Words for $500 Each hall monitor is required to wear a name tag. A.Can you see the computer monitor? B.A monitor in the hospital room kept track of his heartbeats. C.The teacher will monitor the student’s progress and report it to the parents. D.Is she the classroom monitor today?

14 Context Clues for $100 Our food supplies were dwindling steadily. Dwindling means -- A.increasing B.rotting C.shrinking D.improving

15 Context Clues for $200 The people were eager for the opera to commence. Commence means -- A.conclude B.begin C.continue D.close

16 Context Clues for $300 There is some kind of obstacle blocking the highway. Obstacle means -- A.a truck B.a traffic jam accident D.a barrier

17 Context Clues for $400 Events that are organized rarely have any last- minute problems. Organized means -- order B.dissolved C.exciting D.educational

18 Context Clues for $500 The reckless driver finally came to a stop when he crashed into the building. Reckless means -- A.cautious B.careless C.experienced D.careful

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