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An Evolution of Sculptural Style

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1 An Evolution of Sculptural Style
Kouroi and Korai An Evolution of Sculptural Style

2 Kouros (Kouroi) New York Kouros (600 BCE) Sounion Kouros (580 BCE)
Kleobis and Biton (580 BCE) Tanagra Boys (580 BCE) Anavysos Kouros (530 BCE) Aristodikos Kouros ( BCE) Kritios Boy ( BCE)

3 NY KOUROS NY MMA 32.11.1 1.84 m in height From Attica 600 BCE
Egyptian grid-design Attention to patterning No real anatomy

4 Sounion Kouros Athens, National Museum Restored height 3.05 m
Found in a pit at the sanctuary of Poseidon at Sounion Like NY Kouros but more achieved Seashell like curls, washboard stomach, rounder musculature

5 Design Ionic volute ear Careful attention to texture of hair
Love of geometric form and symmetrical patterning

6 Kleobis and Biton Delphi Museum Restored height of 1.97 m 580 BCE
Story of their sacrifice in Herodotus i.31 Artist’s inscription: [Poly]medes the Argive made this.

7 Boys from Tanagra Athens, National Mus. From Tanagra 1.47 m in height
Limestone 580 BCE “Amphialkes put this up for Dermys and Kittylos”

8 Some Awkwardness Awkwardness of the embrace is seen in Egyptian couple statues.

9 Anavysos Kouros National Mus. 3851 1.94 m in height 530 BCE
“Stay and mourn at the monument for dead Kroisos whom violent Ares destroyed, fighting in the front rank.”

10 Problems with Hips More robustly modeled
Struggle with the weight of the marble Unsuccessful solution

11 Aristodikos National Museum, Athens 510 - 500 BCE 1.95 m in height
Base inscribed with name Aristodikos More skillfully handled body masses

12 Kritios Boy Acropolis Museum, Athens 0.86 m in height 490 - 480 BCE
Precursor to the Classical period Shift of weight - confidence in body masses

13 Sculptor in Bronze? Engrave lines of the hair
Hollow eyes characteristic of bronze work Broken limbs and head

14 Archaic Horsemen Rampin Rider 550 BCE Head from the Louvre
Fragments from the Acropolis circuit wall

15 Remarkable join Payne saw that this head from the Louvre joined the body on the acropolis Lace-like carving of the hair and beard Celery crown - Nemean or Isthmian games. Delicacy of features Same sculptor as Peplos Kore?

16 Persian Rider Newly restored 520 BCE

17 Paint on Archaic Statues
Encaustic Paint Depth to Flat Surfaces Lost in late Classical Period

18 Kore (Korai) Auxerre Kore (640 - 630 BCE)
Nikandre Kore ( BCE) Berlin Kore ( BCE) Peplos Kore (530 BCE) Cheramyes Kore ( BCE) Ionic Korai, Acropolis ( BCE) Phrasikleia (540 BCE)

19 Auxerre Kore Louvre 3098 From Crete. 0.65 m in height 640 - 630 BCE
Incision and traces of painted lines Daedalic style Large hands and position suggest adoration.

20 Nikandre Athens, National Museum From Delos 640 - 625 BCE
1.75 m in height Earliest life-sized statue Nowhere thicker than 20 cm .

21 Nikandre Inscription Boustrophedon.
“Nikandre dedicated me to the Far Darter, the Arrow Shooter, outstanding of women, daughter of Deinodikes of Naxos, sister of Deinomenes, wife of Phraxos.”

22 Berlin Kore Berlin Antikensammulungen. 1.93 m in height 570 - 560 BCE
Found wrapped in lead in Keratea, suburb of Athens. Crown (polos) of meander pattern and lotus and bud motif. Funerary?

23 Peplos Kore Acropolis Museum, Athens. 1.17 m in height 530 BCE
Peplos over the chiton Same sculptor as Rampin head?

24 Traces of Paint Embroidered dress. Colored belt.
Strands of hair, irises, lips all colored. Added jewelry pegged in.

25 Cheramyes Kore Louvre 686 1.92 m in height 560 BCE From Samos
Epiblema, mantle, and chiton Dedication:”Cheramyes dedicated this statue to Hera.”

26 Ionic Korai on the Acropolis
Acropolis 681: Antenor Kore Acropolis 682 Acropolis 670 Acropolis 674 Acropolis 686: Euthydikos Kore

27 Antenor Kore Acropolis Museum 2.155 m in height 530 - 520 BCE
“Nearchos the potter dedicated this to Athens. Antenor the son of Eumares made this statue.” Nearchos signed pots BCE. Eyes: rock crystal set in lead.

28 Early Chian Acropolis 682 530 - 520 BCE 1.82 m high “most peculiar”
“the less one sees of the whole, the more of the detail, the better”

29 Unusual Chiton Style Acropolis 670 1.15 m high 520 - 510 BCE
Sculptor: same hand as the Aristodikos No himation. Unusual chiton use.

30 Advanced Chian Style Acropolis 674 H (preserved) 0.92 m 500 BCE
Preliminaries to the Severe Style.

31 Euthydikos Kore Acropolis 686 490 BCE
Euthydikos, son of Thaliarchos, dedicated me. Same sculptor as the Kritios Boy.

32 Phrasikleia Excavated from Merenda (ancient deme site of Myrrhinous) in 1972. Found almost intact with a male kouros. Cemetery context, on the road to Athens. 1.72 m in height 540 BCE

33 Bridal Garb Stephane or crown of lotus buds and flowers.
Earrings, necklace, bracelets. Embroidered gown. Fancy belt. Special shoes. Iconography of bride.

34 Inscription Fit into previously discovered base (1729).
Artist’s signature: Aristion of Paros. Metrical epitaph: “Sema” of Phrasikleia. I shall be called kore always, instead of marriage by the gods that having been alloted name.

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