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Gillian Slovo Red Dust Alex Mpondo.

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1 Gillian Slovo Red Dust Alex Mpondo

2 Index general characterization Mpondo‘s past
effect of his past on his present emotional and mental life relationship towards his torturer Alex from the eyes of Dirk relation between Alex and Sarah relation between Alex and Steve situation at the end of the book

3 general characterization
popular politician well-educated strong and smart versatile influenced by his feelings due to his past a little bit weird deep connection between him and Steve his motto: “Don’t mourn, mobilize.”

4 Mpondo‘s past an MK operative who had buried some RPGs in the
dried-up river bed outside town he was young and naïf, he had no idea how cruel the police could be he was imprisoned Dirk was responsible for him, had done the hearings and was his torturer he had suffered very long  tough man

5 effect of his past on his present emotional and mental life
filled with bitterness deep mental scares mood swings  extreme variations political activities problems with hometown / region problems to sleep well doesn´t want to be confronted with past  wants life in peace able to drink abnormal much cannot handle his experiences from past  not able to talk about past

6 relationship towards his torturer
hates him  calls him bastard rejection to face him  no sense cannot see him Dirk left him nothing, not even anger physically revulsion his voice follows him  fear knows him well  intimate and deep connection knows his smell, what he thinks and plans  like nobody else they are two men in one Dirk made him to a white person  they are equal later does not regret coming back  beginning of handling with the past ?!

7 Alex from the eyes of Dirk
first expressions after a long time smart looks different the changes cover every aspect of the man seems taller, more confident, more at ease and even slightly fatter the dramatic change lay entirely in his face, in his expression seems to be a ladies man

8 relation between Alex and Sarah
Sarah tries to find the same level, but Alex doesn’t let her approach she has difficulties to appreciate him at the beginning Alex is all the time attractive for Sarah first there is an unpredictable distance between them but then their relation gets closer

9 Relation between Alex and Steve
 Alex hadn’t thought about Steve in a long time to save himself and to forget  Steve had been a friend, a part of him like a brother  Alex finds it almost impossible to summon up Steve’s image  It’s also his own need to lay Steve to rest  Alex still mourns Steve  James blames Alex that Steve had gone astray  Alex has a bad conscience  thinks that his betrayal ended in Steve’s death, this insecurity plagues him

10 situation at the end of the book
the hearings afflicted him hard  couldn’t eat, sleep and couldn’t go on he was sad, tired and vulnerable he felt like a victim but later he is seen as a hero the end of the hearings seemed to be the beginning of a new peaceful life for him  he seems to come to terms with himself ! Hat später Dirk verhört, deswegen hero….

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