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Words for Production 1. obviously [`AbvI1slI] adv. in a way that is clear or easy for almost everyone to see or understand 顯然 ,明顯地 Even the best student.

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2 Words for Production 1. obviously [`AbvI1slI] adv. in a way that is clear or easy for almost everyone to see or understand 顯然 ,明顯地 Even the best student in the class couldn't pass the exam. Obviously, it was too difficult. 詞類變化

3 obvious [`AbvI1s] adj. 明顯的,顯著的 My dog kept barking at the stranger. It was obvious that it didn ’ t like the man.

4 Words for Production 2. converse [k1n`v3s] vi. to have a conversation with someone 交談 The lonely old man enjoyed the chance to converse with anyone that came to sit beside him.

5 Words for Production 3. conversely [k1n`v3slI] adv. in a way that one situation is opposite to another; taking the opposite view 相反地;從另一方面來看 People who earn a lot of money have little time to spend it. Conversely, many people with a lot of time do not have enough money to do what they want. * be opposite to 相反

6 Words for Production 4. assistance [1`sIst1ns] n. [U] help or support 協助,援助 Our government should offer more financial assistance to the students who cannot pay their tuition. 詞類變化

7 assist [1`sIst] vt. 協助,援助 These handicap-friendly restrooms are designed to assist physically disabled people.

8 assistant [1`sIst1nt] n. [C] 助手,助理 The manager is so busy that she needs several assistants to help her handle minor business in the department.

9 Words for Production 5. invariably [In`vErI1blI] adv. (almost) always 總是,不變地 Believe it or not! It invariably rains after I have my car washed. 詞類變化 * Believe it or not ! 信不信由你 !

10 invariable [In`vErI1bL] adj. 不變的,始終如一的 When anything went wrong, his invariable response was to blame others. He never admitted his own fault.

11 Words for Production 6. dread [drEd] adj. causing fear or anxiety 可怕的,令人憂慮的 No one knows how to deal with the dread disease, which has claimed hundreds of lives in only a few weeks. 詞類變化

12 dread [drEd] vt.; n. [U] 害怕,恐懼 I dread going to the dentist. The sound of the drill makes me nervous. The thought of making an English speech in class filled her with dread. * Ving dread + to V that - clause

13 dreadful [`drEdf1l] adj. 可怕的 The earthquake was so dreadful that I was too frightened to move. * too Adj/Adv to V 太 … 而不 …

14 Words for Production 7. detach [dI`t8tS] vi.; vt. to become separated from something; to remove something from something else that it is attached to 分離,分開 Detach the form at the bottom of this page and send it back to this address. * be attached to 連結 * at the bottom of 在 … 的底部

15 Words for Production 8. reluctant [rI`l^kt1nt] adj. unwilling to do something 不情願的,勉強的 The children enjoyed themselves so much at the amusement park that they were reluctant to leave. * reluctant = unwilling * amusement park 遊樂場

16 Words for Production 9. previously [`privI1slI] adv. before the present time or a particular time 以前,先前 Before I took this job, I previously worked at a gas station. 詞類變化 * gas station 加油站

17 previous [`privI1s] adj. 以前的,先前的 “Do you have any previous experience of doing this type of work?” “No, this is the first time I've ever been a delivery man.”

18 Words for Production 10. indeed [In`did] adv. truly; certainly (used to emphasize a positive answer or statement) 當然,確實 “Would it help if you have an assistant?” “It would indeed.”

19 Words for Production 11. graphically [`Gr8fIkLI] adv. very clearly and in great detail 生動地,清楚地 The scientists graphically described how they explored the coral reefs in a new series on the National Geographic Channel. 詞類變化 * in detail 詳細地

20 graphic [`Gr8fIk] adj. 生動的,清楚的 People are afraid that graphic descriptions of violent crimes on TV may have bad influence on children. * have ~ influence on 對 … 有影響力

21 Words for Production 12. diploma [dI`plom1] n. [C] a document showing that a student has successfully completed a course of study or part of his or her education 學位證書,畢業文憑 Frank is studying for a diploma in hotel management. After he gets it, he would like to get a job at a five- star hotel downtown.

22 Words for Production 13. hospitalize [`hAspItL&aIz] vt. to keep someone in a hospital for medical treatment 送 … 住院,使留院 ( 治療 ) Grandma is so sick that she has to be hospitalized immediately.

23 Words for Production 14. admission [1d`mIS1n] n. [U] permission given to someone to enter a place or become a member of a school, club, etc. 允許 ( 入院 / 學等 ) Peter applied for admission to more than three colleges, but all of them rejected his application. 詞類變化 * apply for A to B 因 A 事而向 B 申請

24 admit [1d`mIt] vt. 允許進入 Latecomers will not be admitted into the concert hall until intermission.

25 1. narcissistic [&nArsI`sIstIk] adj. showing great love for one's own self 自戀的,自我陶醉的 Words for Recognition

26 2. ground hostess [`Gra5nd `hostIs] n. [C] a female clerk who facilitates movement of both departing and arriving passengers at the airline terminal 地勤女客服人員 Words for Recognition

27 3. retina [`rEtN1] n. [C] the area at the back of the eye that receives light and sends images of what one sees to the brain 視網膜 Words for Recognition

28 4. X-ray [`Eks`re] n. [C] a beam of radiation that can go through solid objects and is used for photographing the inside of the body X 光 Words for Recognition

29 5. orderly [`Ord2lI] n. [C] a hospital worker, without special medical training, doing jobs such as helping nurses, carrying heavy things, and cleaning ( 未受專門訓練的 ) 護理員,雜役 Words for Recognition

30 1. in the eyes of somebody in the opinion of somebody 依照某人的看法或見解 David, in the eyes of his ex-girlfriend, is very narcissistic. He is too concerned about his own appearance and spends too much time admiring himself. Idioms and Phrases * be concerned about 關切

31 2. to date up to now; so far 迄今,到目前為止 Grandma was hospitalized early this month, but there has been no improvement in her condition to date. Idioms and Phrases * to date = up to now = so far 與現在完成式連用

32 3. at the top of one's lungs as loud as possible 扯著喉嚨 ( 喊、唱 ) If my sister sings at the top of her lungs in the shower, that means she is in a good mood. Idioms and Phrases * in a good mood 心情不錯

33 4. drive something home (to somebody) to make something unmistakably clear (to somebody) 使 ( 人 ) 清楚地了解 The speaker really drove her message home to her audience; she repeated her main point several times. Idioms and Phrases

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