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Insights into Book the Second Chapters 10 and 11.

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1 Insights into Book the Second Chapters 10 and 11

2 Be sure that you pay attention to the titles of chapters ten and eleven: “Two Promises” and “A Companion Picture.” You must be able to explain how chapter eleven is a “companion picture” to chapter ten.

3 Chapter 10: “Two Promises”

4 Make sure you can explain what the two promises are to which the title of chapter ten refers.

5 Note the passage of time at the beginning of chapter ten. Make sure you write in the margin of your book what year it is when the chapter begins.

6 It’s important that you know what Charles Darnay does for a living in England (since he renounced all of his power and property in France).

7 Note Dr. Manette’s pain at the bottom of page 133 as Charles begs Dr. Manette to understand his love for Lucie. Make sure you understand to what Dr. Manette refers when he begs Charles to “not recall that!”

8 Dr. Manette will not look at Charles on page 134, and he is obviously agitated. By the bottom of page 135, “dark doubt and dread” are upon Dr. Manette’s face. Be sure to ask yourself why.

9 On page 137, the first promise is made. Make sure you know by whom the promise is made and what is contained in the promise.

10 On page 137, Dr. Manette tells Charles that “[i]f there were…any fancies, any reasons, any apprehensions, anything whatsoever, new or old, against the man [Lucie] really loved…they should all be obliterated for her sake.” Mark this as foreshadowing.

11 Page 138 contains a strange reaction from Dr. Manette as Charles attempt to tell him his real name. This strange reaction will lead to the second promise.

12 Chapter 11 “A Companion Picture”

13 Once again, make sure that you can explain why chapter eleven is entitled “A Companion Picture.”

14 Pay close attention to who is engaged in dialogue at the beginning of this chapter—and what the subject of their conversation is.

15 Throughout this chapter, we see Dickens continue to characterize Stryver as the bullying striver— and Sydney as the apathetic (albeit brilliant) drunk.

16 On page 141, mark the sentence at the bottom of the page in which Stryver tells Sydney, “If you had been a fellow of any sensitiveness or delicacy of feeling.” This sentence will provide us with the titles of the next two chapters.


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