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Hair Matters. Head, 2500-800 BP (500BC-200AD) Terracotta.

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1 Hair Matters

2 Head, 2500-800 BP (500BC-200AD) Terracotta

3 Head of a female Ooni Ife (Yoruba) Nigeria Terracotta 800-700 BP

4 Olowe, Offering Bowl, Yoruba, Nigeria Wood, pigment Early 20 th century

5 Mother and child Yoruba, Nigeria Wood, pigments, fiber 20 th century

6 Sowei Headdress, Sande society, (Gola, Vai Peoples) Liberia Sierra Leone Wood, pigment 20 th century Relative luminosity/shinning smoothness

7 Sande society initiates, Bandi, Liberia

8 Figure, Fanti, Ghana Wood, fabric, beads 20 th century

9 Various stages of coiffure making Fanti, Ghana Early 20 th century

10 Comb, Baule, Ivory Coast, Wood, gold, thread 20 th century

11 Hairpin /hair spoons Zulu Peoples Ivory,

12 Bhaca woman with hairpins South Africa

13 Hairstyle made with fruit pips Wando Peoples, Namibia

14 Woman with wig Southwest, Angola

15 Banza man Democratic Republic of Congo

16 Berber woman with musical instrument

17 Woman with coiffure in the Form of a crest with ornaments And comb, Igbo Peoples, Nigeria

18 Woman with feather and other Hair ornaments, Oulad-Hamid, Sudan Early 20 th century

19 Child with fontanel protection Mambila, Cameroon

20 (Dada—Alaade ori) Omo’lokun, Dread locks, Yoruba/Edo Peoples, Nigeria 20 th century

21 Bolaji Campbell, Abiku, Soil on canvas, 1993

22 Girl with her doll Mwila, Angola

23 Doll, Mwila, Angola Wood, fiber, beads

24 Basket like coiffure, Mangbetu Peoples, Democratic Republic of Congo

25 Magbetu woman D.R. Congo

26 Fulani woman with elaborate Coiffure, 20 th century

27 Fan-shaped Coiffure, Zande Peoples, D.R. Congo

28 Man with comb in hair Kassanga Peoples, Guinea

29 Man with dreadlocks Brooklyn, New York

30 Toni Morrison, Nobel Laureate for Literature

31 Denis Rodman

32 Venus Williams

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