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There are ways to conduct yourself The Adler Method, Abrahamson Institute, Weight Watchers And there are ways to get excited that work! 150,000 people,

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1 There are ways to conduct yourself The Adler Method, Abrahamson Institute, Weight Watchers And there are ways to get excited that work! 150,000 people, 2500 lectures, 700 organizations Americans, Europeans and Japanese as well. For you, for work, for your children, for your family

2 Enthusiasm Method The Objective of the Method: Increasing enthusiasm from 8 to 9 and leave it for years to come Increasing: Thrills, highs, drive, power boost, charging up the hill Reducing: Irritation, depression, boredom. Reducing burnout

3 The Happiness Graph 3 Age 45/50 Life is both beautiful and hard Conclusion? Slowly - tarry Less - simplicity

4 Stages of the Enthusiasm Project 1.A positive “shake up” lecture 2.Each one selects what to implement and / or an organizational project 3.One year’s personal telephone support from me – free of charge 4.Second session free of charge – pep talk ( it’s OK to bring a spouse) 5.Two books and a presentation – at the website 6.Enthusiasm survey * once every two months 7.Enthusiasm app

5 5 Snapshot how + experiment What is the matter with me (: What do I do now – how do I react PAL - Process Awareness Level Experiment

6 Helicopter Snapshot Evening Work Children Nutrition Coupling Experiences Morning

7 How does change work Awareness – desire – trust – experience – correction Have I had enough already Try – fall down – try – fall down Prepared to be a little embarrassed / flushed The Moment – you take the leap Fulfillment – non fulfillment

8 Time to Take the Leap 1. Preparation – 2 seconds – Comprehend / recognize the tension – Thinks of the future – I want it – Que serra serra. I don’t care – Breathe. A lot more feeling, a lot less thought 2. Do / Say 3. Not confused by the subsequent feeling / pulse

9 Watch Out – Flashing Light Activate an imaginary flashing light each warning On the road, at meals, in twosome trust, upon departure What is the price tag of action? And if? And if so, then what? Will things get better? What do I get out of it? Offsets: And if I get A, I’ll be left with B. No! When you get A, you lose B And is there a way back from it, or is it a one way trip, like death?

10 Re-Start Mechanism For Self Starting 10 Straighten your back, breathe Reinforcing sentence: I Only Live Once. What do you want Every 30 minutes Telephone email action

11 Thought Management Give it out / Initiate I give thanks I only live once! I am not afraid! Leave your mark What is most important to me? Start from scratch What mode am I 11 Re-Start Mechanism Answer your brain Criticism – What did I take away from it. Jealous – “What I have” list The children? Their journey

12 Happy Chappie / Gloomy Gus 12 Re-Start Mechanism Turned down mouth Give yourself an instruction Raise your eyebrows Flexible neck Worried frown Stiff “Military” Neck

13 Body 13 Breathing 1.haaaaaaaa 2.pppppsssss 3.hmmmmm 4.chppppppp Back Upright Forward Not a whale Sit like a swan Or tiger Straighten your back shoulders back With a morning shower Energy level Without Push JM Relax RM Breathe DJ In Sprints

14 Another Body Energetic Light, pleasant clothes. A light jacket / coat! Less layers of clothing No briefcase, no wrist watch Tie shoelaces a little tighter Floss your teeth at lunchtime Loosen your belt a notch when driving Rinse your face after lunch / apply aftershave 14 Re-Start Mechanism

15 The Enthusiasm Method A Journey of Sensations and Experiences Shape – light fitting, autumn trees, shades of green Get hooked on music = neck, intensive, lips Dance lesson: NIA, contact, modern, Rio. Natraz Festival / at Metzukei Dargot Village in November Shiatsu treatment in the evening – you alone Bar lunch at a restaurant with a wine chaser Shower slowly. Spread cream slowly

16 Converting the need for excitement into creativity Write Paint / sculpture Sports Set up a business Write down methods / thoughts /emotions

17 Applying Humor - to Everyone Lift up the windshield wiper on her car Make faces / sing / scare with a puppet Dance in the sitting room / after a shower Wisecracks - words Talk like a teenager: (Hey bro, ‘sup?, cool)

18 Encouragement Compliment clothes / look / a personality trait Thank you very much, well done Love you madly Shake it up. Don’t give in to yourself! Don’t be afraid to be afraid, to dread Life! Proportion. Music! Clothes! 18 Re-Start Mechanism

19 The Enthusiasm Method at Work What will we improve today – Form / screen – Product attribute Methodical problem solving Together, no fighting What, until when Invent services 19 Getting Closer Value > price Power sentences Check list = differentiation A crazy new service

20 Family Speak less handling Improve listening and reconciliation time Woo your spouse 3 times a day Improve touch: A hug, back scratcher, rocking Children – learn to view from above Forgive in 4 stages 20 Re-Start Mechanism

21 Options for Implementation 1  Morning Shower  Strength = Starter. Breathe and straighten up every 15 minutes  Thoughts – morning input + responses  Coupling: More verbal wooing / by written note  Coupling: Touch differently – head massage, back rub..  Coupling: Concentration and reducing operational talking  Coupling: Reducing complaints Re-Start Mechanism

22 My “I Believe” List For you, friends, coworkers and children Don’t fight * Push what is important for you * Sensitivity * Always be your no. 1 source of strength * Arise at 05:30 * Family is far more important than work * Don’t be afraid to demand at work * Don’t talk a lot – do * Telephone people even when you don’t want anything in particular from them 22 Re-Start Mechanism

23 Options for Implementation 2  New music in the car and sway to it  Encourage people a lot more, compliment people.  Enthusiasm with others, raise eyebrows and your voice...  New clothes: Color, cut, size, mix and match  Children: Learn to breathe  Children: Learn to view from above  Forgive your siblings and parents right away without analyzing Re-Start Mechanism

24 Options for Implementation 3  A journey of sensations and experiences: Shiatsu, Natraz, dancing  At work – Increase your courage vis-à-vis customers, demand things  At work – come up with an improvement for a process or a product  At work – put an end to judgment and criticism once and for all  Nutrition – ¼ of the carbs, double the vegetables  Sport – 5 kms. every two days  Write up and hand out your “I Believe” sheet Re-Start Mechanism

25 Options for Implementation 4  Compassion and love – push it hard into every hour  Gentleness – preserve / give back to children and people.  Money: Reduce credit, zero loans  On the road: Brake, keep your distance, lanes, junction, roundabout  Throw out / give away items from home. Reduce the load  Tranquil morning, no irritation, arise earlier, write  Tranquil evening, candles + a family dinner Re-Start Mechanism

26 Language / Dictionary = Incoming Change Breathe one shoulder at a time Flexible / stiff neck Fun rinse (morning shower) Input / answers Starter Encourage Compassion / love Whale / Swan / Tiger Raise eyebrows You only live once Starting from scratch

27 Pass it on Teach your children / family / friends Call me whenever you want (054) 434-6494 Email: Website: Face Book page: Eran Shachar Public appearance January 24, 2014 at Cinema City: 1-700-707-071 1 on 1 counseling - through Hadar: (052) 353-2244

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