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Introducing The Everest Package. Whole Life Insurance Plus.

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1 Introducing The Everest Package

2 Whole Life Insurance Plus


4 For more than a decade we’ve been working towards this vision and now almost 25 million people in North America have Everest To revolutionize the way consumers interact with the funeral industry

5 THE EVEREST OFFERING 24/7 Advisor Planning Assistance - Funeral planning issues - Creating a personal funeral plan for the client Everest PriceFinder Research Reports - Detailed, local funeral home price comparisons - Available on demand via our website Online Funeral Planning Tools - Includes: Personal Profile, 10 Key Decisions Planner, Reference Guide, “My Wishes” Planning Guide and more - Information stored and maintained in a secure data warehouse

6 THE EVEREST OFFERING At-Need Family Support Family Assistance and Plan Implementation - Communicate the client’s Personal Funeral Plan to the funeral home, removing the family from a sales-focused environment - Provide 24 hour assistance throughout the funeral process Negotiation Assistance - Gather pricing information and present to client in an easy-to- read format - Negotiate funeral service pricing with local funeral homes - Help the family compare prices of caskets and other products



9 Canadians are unprepared and underinsured 64% have never planned a funeral Only 10% have pre-planned their funeral Only one-third of Canadians have insurance to cover funeral costs Canadians’ funeral concerns and priorities 1.Not being able to afford it 46% 2.Not knowing where to start 37% 3.Being taken advantage of 36%

10 Canadians want to be prepared 74% say that having the option to pay for their funeral in advance as a part of their life insurance package in appealing Two-in-five say they are likely to pre-plan for their own funeral within the next five years Canadians are interested in the Everest service Over half are interested in hearing more about Everest 83% would purchase a service like Everest for themselves

11 Everest’s unique service addresses Canadians’ needs and concerns Not being able to afford it ─Solution: Everest offers a source of funding through life insurance, the expertise to research and negotiate the costs, plus assistance with expediting the claims process Don’t know where to start ─Solution: Everest’s planning information and helpful advisors provide families access to unbiased third party advice and someone to execute all the details per the client’s request Fear of being taken advantage of ─Solution: Everest’s independent advocates work for the client, not the funeral home, allowing the family time to focus on what’s important as opposed to making arrangements


13 Women in the workforce – 73% Women delaying marriage – 27.4 yrs. Women out-earning husband – 30% Women manage the budget – 87% Women having fewer children – 1.6 Women getting divorced – 40% Women living longer – 82.7 vs. 77 yrs. Source: Statistics Canada 2009-2011; The Richer Sex, Maclean’s March 2012

14 Women are overwhelmingly making decisions for their household: – Vast majority of healthcare decisions (~85%) For themselves For their families – Sandwich Generation – Women Boomers Responsible for own children Increasingly responsible for parents – Boomer Women have more spending clout than any other demographic But often feel overlooked Source: The Baby Boomer Woman, Brown & Osborn

15 Product categories WOMEN dread buying the most: 3. Healthcare 2. Autos 1. Financial Services Source: Women Want More, BCG Survey 2009

16 Dissatisfaction is prevalent: – Most dissatisfied Of all industries that affect their daily lives, women are most dissatisfied with the Financial Services Industry – Insurance has a problem 75% of women dissatisfied with service 74% of women dissatisfied with product offering – Misunderstood 85% of women feel misunderstood by investment marketers Overwhelmingly, women willing to switch to provider who understands them better Source: Women Want More, BCG Survey 2009; Too Busy to Shop, by Kelley Skolda

17 Think about your business Think about these trends Think about your agents MORE What do you need MORE of?

18 The Everest System MORE Gateway to MORE

19 Everest was designed with women in mind: – Provides personal touch at a sensitive time Removes her from a high pressure sales environment – Female-focused communication Designed to resonate with her – Service focus She demands higher service levels Everest delivers

20 The Everest System Features: – Recruiting to a program – Attractive compensation 3 sales/week = $100,000 commission/year – Professional training – Powerful in-home presentation Unique Door Opener Needs Analyzer

21 The Everest System: MORE Gateway to MORE – MORE – MORE Recruits – MORE – MORE Clients – MORE – MORE Sales



24 Simplified Issue Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance






30 Thank You

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