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Every day we will be reading and exploring “Love That Dog” and other poems by amazing poets! You will keep a response journal just like the speaker, Jack,

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1 Every day we will be reading and exploring “Love That Dog” and other poems by amazing poets! You will keep a response journal just like the speaker, Jack, in our novel!

2 Love That Dog: Pages 1-2 This is my puggle, Reese! My husband and I adopted Reese 3 years ago because his owners could not care for him. Jack Room 105 : Miss Stretchberry September 13 I DON’T WANT TO BECAUSE BOYS DON’T WRITE POETRY GIRL’S DO September 21 I TRIED. CAN’T DO IT. BRAINS EMPTY. Who is Jack? Who is Miss. Stretchberry? What doesn’t Jack want to do? Why? Who is he speaking to? What’s his tone toward poetry?

3 Love That Dog : Pages 3-5 September 27 I don’t understand the poem about the red wheelbarrowred wheelbarrow And the white chickens And why so much depends on them If that is the poem About the red wheelbarrow And the chickens Then any words Can be a poem. You’ve Just Got To Make Short Lines Is Jack right? Can “any words” put together be a poem? What did you think about The Red Wheelbarrow poem by William Carlos?

4 Love That Dog : Pages 3-5 October 4 Do you promise Not to read it Out loud? Do you promise not to put it on the board? Okay, here it is, But I don’t like it. So much depends Upon Blue car Splattered with mud Speeding down the road. October 10 What do you mean – Why does so much depend Upon A blue car? You didn’t say before That I had to tell why. The wheelbarrow guy Didn’t tell why.

5 Love That DoG: 16 Word Poem On the first page of your poetry response book, please write a 16 word poem. Your poem must be 8 lines long with 16 words total. Your poem must start with “SO MUCH DEPENDS UPON…” A Snow Day By: Mrs. Ritchie So much depends upon A Fun Snow day Mountains of Climbing Snow Beside the Burrowed Buses

6 Love That Dog : Pages 6-7 October 17 What was up with the snowy woods poemsnowy woods you read today? Why doesn’t the person just keep going if he’s got So many miles to go before he sleeps?sleeps And why do I have to tell more About the blue car Splattered with mud Speeding down the road? I don’t want to Write about that blue car That had miles to go before it slept. so many miles to go in such a hurry.

7 Love That DoG: Snow Poem On the second page of your poetry response book, please write a cinquain about winter. Winter Wind By: Mrs. Ritchie Winter Artic, Bitter Blowing, Stabbing, Icing I wear a scarf Wind The first line is one word. The second line contains two adjectives. The third line has three words ending in “ing.” The fourth line has four or more words that make a complete sentence. The fifth line is one word.

8 Love That Dog : Pages 8-9 October 24 I am sorry to say I did not really understand The tiger tiger burning bright poemtiger tiger burning bright But at least it sounded good In my ears Here is the blue car with tiger sounds… Blue car, blue car, shining bright In the darkness of the night: Who could see you speeding by Like a comet in the sky? I could see you in the night, Blue car, blue car, shining bright. I could see you speeding by like a comet in the sky. Some of the tiger sounds Are still in my ears like drums beat-beat-beating

9 In what distant deeps or skies Burnt the fire of thine eyes? On what wings dare he aspire? What the hand dare seize the fire? And what shoulder and what art Could twist the sinews of thy heart? And when thy heart began to beat, What dread hand and what dread feet? What is the Rhyme scheme? What other poetic devices did you notice in this poem?

10 Love That DoG: End Rhyme Poem Here are the requirements of a CLERIHEW! Please write this on page three of your response book! 1.They are four lines long. 2.The first and second lines rhyme with each other, and the third and fourth lines rhyme with each other. 3.The first line names a person, and the second line ends with something that rhymes with the name of the person. 4.A clerihew can be humorous or serious! Your choice! Must Follow… Format!

11 Garfiel d Garfield the cat On his rear he sat. Eating lasagna galore While Ruining the decor.

12 Love That Dog : Pages November 6 Yes You can put The two blue-car poems On the board But only if you don’t put My name On them. October 31 T hey look nice Typed up like that On blue paper On a yellow board (but still don’t tell anyone who wrote them, okay?) (And what does anonymous mean? Is it good?)

13 Love That Dog : Pages November 15th I don’t have any pets So I can’t write about one And especially I can’t write A POEM About one. November 9 Yes, I used to have a pet. I don’t want to write about it. You’re going to ask me Why not? Right? Lets INFER… Why might Jack not want to talk about a pet he used to have?

14 Love That Dog : Pages November 29 Can’t I make up a pet- A different one? Like a tiger? Or a hamster? A goldfish? Turtle? Snail? Worm? Flea? November 22 I liked those Small poems We read today. When They’re small Like that you can read A whole bunch in a short time And then in your head are all the pictures Of all the small things From all the small poems.

15 I liked how the kitten leaped In the cat poem And how you could see The long head of the horse in the horse poem And I especially liked the dog In the dog poem Because that’s just how My yellow dog Used to lie down, With his tongue all limp And his chin Between his paws And how he’d sometimes Chomp at a fly And then sleep In his loose skin Just like that poet, Miss Valerie WorthMiss Valerie Worth, Says, In her small Dog poem.

16 Love That Dog: Valerie Worth Inspired Poem Please write on page four of your response journal Write a poem describing an animal, person, plant, insect… it has to be living. Your poem must be at least 6-8 lines long! Your poem must also include at least 5 verbs! Having trouble? Picture yourself watching an animal at the zoo! What is the animal? What is it doing?

17 December 4 th Why do you want To type up what I wrote About reading The small poems? It’s not a poem? Is it? I guess you can put it on the board If you want to But don’t put my name on it In case other people think It’s not a poem. December 13 th I guess it does look like a poem When you see it typed up like that But, I think maybe It would look better if there was more space Between the lines Like how I wrote it The first time. And I likes the picture of the yellow dog you put beside it. But that’s not how My yellow dog Looked.

18 January 10 Love That Dog : Pages I really really really Did NOT get the pasture poempasture poem You read today. I mean: Somebody’s going out to the pasture To clean the spring And to get The little tottery calf While he’s out there And he isn’t going To be gone long And he wants YOU (Who is YOU?) To come too. I mean REALLY. And you said that Mr. Robert Frost Who wrote about the pasture Was also the one who wrote about Those snowy woods And the miles to go before he sleeps – Well! I think Mr. Robert Frost has a little Too much time on his hands!

19 Love That Dog: Robert Frost Inspired Poem Write a poem inviting someone to join you doing or experiencing something that you especially enjoy. It can be something you like to do outdoors or indoors. It can be a special place that you like to visit or an activity that you enjoy. Think about the things that make the place or activity special. Use descriptive words in your poem to encourage the reader to accept your invitation. Help him or her to see, hear, and feel the wonderful experience that is so special to you. A poem that does not have any Rhyme. Please write on page 5 of your response journal.

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