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Calculus Poems By Charles Chy.

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1 Calculus Poems By Charles Chy

2 Calculus – An Acrostic Poem
Children Are the ones Loitering and lingering in Class as they slowly die Unappreciated and unhappy, yet expected to Listen, giving their teachers Undivided attention while draining their Souls…

3 Calculus – An ABC poem Averages, averages, averages! The average student need not know Bustling silence created by the teacher’s presence Calculus, Dear, Calculus Existing for what reason, For no reason at all.

4 Calculus – A Blank Verse Poem
What text must we start reading around noon? The teacher assigns many problems to solve fast for homework, making students mad. For why did I agree to take this class without a way to leave; my heart desists. A lesson seems innocuous but still my nerves are shot and almost dead am I.

5 Calculus – A Dactyl Poem
Half a day, half it is, half we miss Snow is abound, let it drop from the skies and come cancel the school period that calculus occupies. Free from dread; boring assignments that plague my life. Let it come, let it come, let it come. Speakers announce all the students are leaving now. Winner: Me.

6 Calculus – Enjambment Poetry
What has this subject come to mean for me But anguish, suffering, prison, and tyranny. The walls are papered with equations that serve No real purpose as we only cheat for answers. There are feces in between the pages of the book From which we learn, yet I can hardly look. The class retains a sordid odor of must Complimented by the clotted shades of dust. Yes, this course can only induce apathy, But when the bells ring I leave happily.

7 Calculus – An English Haiku
rain drips from the roof seats are damp and our spirits suffer when she lies

8 Calculus – A Japanese Haiku
The spring is better than cold; birds chirp outside class. in summer, heat kills

9 Calculus – An Ironic Poem
Knowledge coats this room; is there some to spare, asks the student. Calculus is very important, replies the teacher, it is something you need to know. What if you wanted to model and graph global demand for poultry products? Have some knowledge, it is important.

10 Calculus – A Verse Poem I walked in dazed and wandering,
and gazed upon the chalkboard, observed the lesson pondering; I haven’t begun but am already bored, the period has yet to start, but I no longer hear the beats of my heart.

11 Calculus – A Petrarchan Sonnet
Today I will have to attend my class A bitter trite aroma wafts throughout Reminding students math is key to clout Escape is possible with a hall pass These slips however thwart the student’s grasp I found it! Laying hidden. Yes, I shout! I tell myself, that’s what I’m talking bout. Avoid security, those men harass Dismay appears as teacher checks precise the signature ensuring counterfeits fail. This fake you gave appears your demise Charles She’s sick of naughty antics blamed my vice Her shadow gains to bulky heights, I pale The Principal assigns guilt filled with snarls.

12 Calculus – A Cinquain Calculus Dreadful, malice Kills me slowly The monotony will continue Blight

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