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SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK E-PORTFOLIO TEAM PROJECT Mary Dallas Allen, PhD Tracey Burke, PhD Kathi Trawver, PhD.

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1 SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK E-PORTFOLIO TEAM PROJECT Mary Dallas Allen, PhD Tracey Burke, PhD Kathi Trawver, PhD

2 BACKGROUND  Per new accreditation standards, the School of Social Work was beginning work to identify student practice behaviors, measures for each behavior, and an organizing structure.  While the three of us thought ePortfolios held promise in proving a method for measuring program outcomes, we had little-to-no experience using ePortfolios to measure student or program-level outcomes.

3 THE TEAM’S PROJECT GOALS  Gain knowledge and understanding of advantages and disadvantages of the various e- portfolio software options that are available.  Explore issues of confidentiality, privacy, and access with the various e- portfolio software options.  Develop a potential template for how a student might demonstrate social work competencies and the associated practice behaviors through a BSW program portfolio.  Implement and evaluate a pilot project.  Share our knowledge and experience with the other social work faculty.

4 PROJECT PLAN & IMPLEMENTATION  To become familiar with the use of ePortfolios in measuring course- based learning objectives, each of us implemented an ePortfolio in one of our courses:  Summer ‘11/Graduate research methods course – Kathi  Fall ‘11/Undergraduate research methods course – Mary Dallas  Spring ‘12/Undergraduate social work practice & capstone course – Tracey  To keep things simple (for us ), we each used a Blackboard wiki shell as our platform.  We met periodically both as a team and with the ePortfolio group to identify opportunities, challenges, and lessons learned.  We began to share what we had learned with other social work faculty.





9 REFLECTION LESSONS  Apart from the ePortfolio initiative, Tracey has been working on reflection and service learning (see CAFÉ’s MLV site, SWK A243)  A suggested practice behavior from the SW accreditation body:  Social workers view themselves as learners and engage with those with whom they work as informants  An excerpt from a student paper demonstrating progress on this practice behavior:  Tony the chef was the most interesting. He does not work in the traditional sense. I have no idea how he pays his bills and quite frankly, I do not care. He volunteers at the Kid’s Kitchen 5 days a week and cooks the food for those kids…. Sadly many non-black people will look at Tony and see a black man with dread locks, immediately assuming that he is somehow not a person they would care to know and probably fear. I believe Tony to be one of the more amazing people I have met and I look forward to working with him more  Work remains on creating the right prompts for ePortfolios

10 LESSONS LEARNED  Required us as instructors to have a well-defined structure and format  Must anticipate needs and be available to train any technology  Many potential uses for ePortfolio, but whatever the intended use, it needs to be of use to students  Reflection does not come easy to many students; many need prompts and “scaffolding” to facilitate meaningful introspection  We all found that using the ePortfolio made us much more aware of our course objectives, their strengths and weaknesses, and the link (or lack of a link) between what we taught and those objectives  The ePorfolio holds the potential to make us much more of an intentional instructors and our students intentional learners

11 FUTURE PLANS  Implement ePortfolios in individual courses  Provide an overview of the use of ePortfolios and our experiences with other School of Social Work faculty  Continue to assess how ePortfolios may be used as a mechanism to measure program outcomes

12 THANK YOU  The ePortfolio Pilot Project for funding and collegial support  Our students who participated in our project  School of Social Work faculty who have supported our project

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