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Gov/Econ Final Review Game ES: Demonstrate understanding of concepts.

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1 Gov/Econ Final Review Game ES: Demonstrate understanding of concepts

2 Team Quizzo Betting Round included Do not shout out answers Scoring – the honors system When we go over answers, lets talk about them a bit and answer the age old question “why is this important” Study for Wednesday! Remember the objective is to review material, winning is just the fun part

3 Round 1 1.This is the minimum number of members who must be present for a legislative body to conduct business. 2. This is the leadership position who's role it is to ensure legislation gets moved through the bill passing process quickly and efficiently. 3. This factor drives all economic decision-making. 4. The power granted to Congress in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution is most frequently carried out by which of the following entities: Speaker of the House, Ways and Means Committee, or Vice President? 5. The process of setting up new congressional districts after reapportionment is called... 6. The group of people who's interest Congressmen and women aim to satisfy.

4 Round 1 (cont.) 7. A filibuster can be stopped by a vote for this. 8. Most of the important work on tax law occurs in this committee. 9. Matters requiring the action of both the House and the Senate need this. 10. This type of bill sets up a government program and specifies how much money may be spent on it. 11. Name an entitlement program. 12. Public-works bills that allows Congressmen and women to appropriate billions of dollars for their local projects are often called this.

5 Round 1 Answers 1. Quorum 2. Whips 3. Scarcity 4. Speaker of the House 5. Redistricting 6. Constituents

6 Round 1 Answer (cont.) 7. Cloture 8. Ways and Means 9. Joint Resolution 10. Authorization bill 11. Social Security 12. Pork-barrel Legislation

7 Round 2 1. The 3 qualifications a person must meet to be eligible to hold the office of president. 2. The largest geographic source of immigrants to the United States today comes from here. 3. What is a misconception? 4. The process by which immigrants are granted U.S. citizenship. 5. The ruling of the Dread Scott vs. Sandford Supreme Court decision. 6. A frequent and unfortunate event that results in nearly fixed elections.

8 Round 2 (cont.) 7. This type of committee act as a study group in order to make sure key issues are properly researched and reported back to the House or Senate. 8. Anything drawn from nature for the use in producing a good or service qualifies as this factor of production. 9. A curve showing the maximum quantity of one good that can be produced for each possible quantity of another good produced is what? 10. A micro economist would study what? 11. Resources are exchanged for money here. 12. The comparison of marginal costs and marginal benefits is called what?

9 Round 2 Answers 1. 35 years old, natural born citizen, 14 year resident 2. Asia 3. Misunderstanding 4. Naturalization process 5. Slaves are not citizens and court could not determine legality of slavery in new territories 6. Gerrymandering

10 Round 2 Answers (cont.) 7. Select 8. Land 9. Production Possibility Curve/Frontier 10. Decisions made by people and businesses 11. Factor Markets 12. Marginal analysis

11 Round 3 1. The amount of a good that consumer are willing and able to purchase at a particular price is this. 2. The law of demand. 3. The law of supply. 4. A decrease in the price of a good will result in this (in regards to demand). 5. If at every price, the amount people are willing and able to buy has increased what has changed? 6. A new marketing campaign targets Japan and their desire for diamonds. What factor would be increasing demand? (A shifter...)

12 Round 3 (cont.) 7. The price of cotton suddenly decreases. What would be the result of this change (in regards to supply)? 8. A government payment to support a specific activity or good. 9. Quantity demanded meeting quantity supplied. 10. The economic system of North Korea. 11. The desired traits of people within a market economy. 12. The decreasing satisfaction experienced from the use of one unit to the next.

13 1. Quantity demanded 2. Prices increase, quantity decreases; prices decrease, quantity increase. 3. Prices increase, quantity increase; prices decrease, quantity decrease. 4. Increased quantity demanded 5. Demand has increased. 6. Tastes Round 3 Answers

14 Round 3 Answers (cont.) 7. Quantity supplied decrease 8. Subsidy 9. Equilibrium 10. Command 11. Creativity, innovative 12. Diminishing marginal utility

15 Round 4 1. An increase in the overall price level of all goods in an economy. 2. Consumers income and buying power lowering is a result of this. 3. The reactivity of a goods demand. 4. The measure of an economies final production in a given year. 5. Workers who would like to work more hours or prefer jobs that better match their skill level. 6. During the __________________ of the business cycle, real GDP ___________________________.

16 Round 4 Answers 1. Inflation 2. Deflation 3. Elasticity 4. GDP 5. Underemployed workers 6. expansion, rises; contraction, falls

17 Political Cartoon Round Explain the meaning of the cartoon and how it relates to out study of Gov

18 Meaning?

19 Answer Slow deliberate process, many ways to not act on bills/kill bills Congress faces a lot of criticism

20 Meaning?

21 Answer The naturalization process is long, slow and complicated so many immigrants do not bother doing it Leads to misunderstanding of “aliens”

22 Meaning?

23 Answer Demand is increasing and equilibrium price and quantity demanded will increase

24 Betting Round Questions 3 questions Bet before every questions to try and maximize your score

25 Question 1 1. The requirements to hold office of the President of the United States are rather lenient. What is the most likely reason for this?

26 Answer Uphold the American dream of becoming president, values that are uniquely American, election process ensures qualified candidate wins

27 Question 2 2. The greatest strength of the 2 house legislative system is what?

28 Answer Allows for checking of laws fairness/necessity Not unnecessarily long and complicated

29 Question 3 3. Why is nominal GDP an inaccurate measure of an economy's performance?

30 Answer Because nominal GDP does not account for inflation/deflation or change in purchasing power over time

31 Winner???

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