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Next Generation Engineering Joseph Bordogna National Science Foundation Strategic Directions in Biomedical Engineering Whitaker.

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1 Next Generation Engineering Joseph Bordogna National Science Foundation http:// Strategic Directions in Biomedical Engineering Whitaker Foundation October 7, 1997

2 1 The source of wealth is something specifically human: KNOWLEDGE Knowledge applied to tasks we already know how to do is PRODUCTIVITY Knowledge applied to tasks that are new and different is INNOVATION Managing for the Future: The 1990s and Beyond Peter F. Drucker, 1992 Innovation vis-a-vis Productivity `

3 2 Innovation System Concurrent Integration Innovation Wealth Creation Sustainable Development Analysis Reduction Discovery of New Knowledge & Basic Laws Societal Needs The Public Good Natural Capital Devices Processes Systems Ideas Information Capital Formation & Investment Synthesis Integration Design Manufacture Maintenance Science Policy Context Engineering Economic Context T e c h n o l o g y

4 3 Complex Technologies & Global Markets Comparison of Top 30 Exports, 1970 & 1994 Source: Kash & Rycroft, “Technology Policy in the 21st Century”. “Economic well being in the future will likely go to those who are successful in innovating complex technologies.”

5 4 Science/Technology Linkage Academe 52.1% Govt. Labs 10.2% Non-profit 11% Industry 26.7% Source: CHI Research (Narin, featured in New York Times on 5/13/97) Õ New York Times May 13, 1997 Õ “Study Finds Publicly Financed Science is a Pillar of Industry” Õ 73% of recent U.S. patents cite research from public & non- profit organizations. Sources of papers cited on U.S. Patents

6 5 Next Generation Engineering Career Paths l Sustainable development: avoiding environmental harm; energy & materials efficiency l Life cycle engineering; infrastructure creation and renewal l Micro / nanotechnology / microelectromechanical systems l Mega systems l Smart systems l Multimedia and computer-communications systems l Living systems engineering l Product and process development, quality and control l System integration; system reconfiguration l Creative enterprise transformation l... ??

7 6 Next Generation Engineering Skill Set l Systems integration; synthesis l Engineering science; analysis l Problem formulation as well as problem solving l Engineering design l Ability to realize products l Facility with intelligent technology to enhance creative opportunity l Ability to manage complexity and uncertainty l Teamwork; sensitivity in interpersonal relationships l Language and multi-cultural understanding l Ability to advocate and influence l Entrepreneurship; management skills; decision making l Knowledge integration, education and mentoring

8 7 Components of a Holistic Baccalaureate Education Vertical (In-depth) Thinking Abstract Learning Reductionism - Fractionization Develop Order Understand Certainty Analysis Research Solve Problems Develop Ideas Independence Technological - Scientific Base Engineering Science Lateral (Functional) Thinking Experiential Learning Integration - Connecting the Parts Correlate Chaos Handle Ambiguity Synthesis Design / Process / Manufacture Formulate Problems Implement Ideas Teamwork Societal Context / Ethics Functional Core of Engineering

9 8 l Design to meet safety, reliability, environmental, cost, operational and maintenance objectives l Manufacturing and construction / Ability to realize products l Creation and operation of complex systems l Understanding of physical constructs and economic, industrial, social, political, and international context in which engineering is practiced l Understanding and participating in the process of research l Intellectual skills needed for career-long learning

10 9 Integrative Discovery-Focused Doctoral Curriculum Career-Long Learning Infrastructure Practice-Oriented Master’s-Level Curriculum Engineering Education Holistic Undergraduate Curriculum Cognitive Systems Infrastructure Enable Next Generation Engineer

11 10 NSF Outcome Goals l Discoveries at and across the frontier of science and engineering. l Connections between discoveries and their use in service to society. l A diverse, globally-oriented workforce of scientists and engineers. l Improved achievement in mathematics and science skills needed by all Americans. l Meaningful information on the national and international science and engineering enterprise.

12 11 NSF Core Strategies l Develop Intellectual Capital l Strengthen the Physical Infrastructure l Integrate Research and Education l Promote Partnerships

13 12 NSF Themes l Knowledge & Distributed Intelligence l Life and Earth’s Environment l Educating for the Future

14 13 NSF Core Investments l Science and Technology Centers l Engineering Research Centers l Engineering Education Coalitions l Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training (IGERT) l Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) l Grant Opportunities for Academic Liaison with Industry (GOALI)

15 Hardening of the Categories “There is no graver threat to the process of discovery than that dread disease, ‘hardening of the categories’.” Bob Miller Science Artist San Francisco

16 15 “I never predict. I just look out the window and see what’s visible -- but not yet seen.” Peter Drucker Forbes Magazine March 10, 1997

17 16 Seeing What’s Visible: 21st Century Academe Traditional l Department-based l Campus-centric l Few Links to Industry l Building-Block Courses l Research vs. Education Emerging l Topic-based l Global Reach l Robust Industry Partnership l Holistic Curriculum l Integration of Research & Education

18 17 Challenges for 21st Century Academe l See the world whole; sense the coupling among seemingly disparate fields of endeavor l Perform synthesis in balance with analysis l Build connections between the world of learning and the world beyond l Innovate Educate students to:

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