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2 WAFT Verb- To move or go lightly Heavenly aromas wafted from the kitchen.

3 ABRUPT Sudden action or change without preparation or warning- Unexpected We came to an abrupt stop at the traffic light.

4 REFRACT To alter or distort as if by refraction (bending of light rays) The light refracted off of the diamond and it looked beautiful.

5 MELANCHOLY Depression of spirits - sad A pensive mood She sang the ballad in a melancholy voice.

6 DISTILL To let fall, exude, or precipitate in drops or in a wet mist To extract the essence of The comedian was able to distill humor from personal loss.

7 INCLINED To lean, tend, or become drawn toward an opinion or course of conduct His love of books inclined him toward a literary.

8 TRAJECTORY A path, progression, or line of development resembling a physical trajectory – transmit The trajectory of the flight path ensured that no two aircraft landed at the same time.

9 DRONE One that lives on the labors of others I never want to become a mindless drone like those people working in an office everyday.

10 PROCLIVITIES An inclination or predisposition toward something As to contemporary issues, the book concludes in a way that hardly matches my own political proclivities.

11 FERVOR Intensity of feeling or expression - passion Intense heat The fans of both teams were very intense, their booing and cheering was almost equal in fervor.

12 HERESY An opinion contrary to majority opinion or practice (church) Witches in Salem were burned by officials of the church for their alleged heresy.

13 RAVENOUS Very eager or greedy for food, satisfaction, or gratification – famished, greedy Alex turned up later on, and was absolutely ravenous having had nothing to eat.

14 STAGNANT Not flowing in a current or stream – stale Not advancing or developing A stagnant trading economy is one that does not change to meet market changes.

15 CACOPHONY harshness in the sound of words or phrases The cacophony of the poem really added to its intense, dark nature.

16 AWE A combined emotion of dread, and wonder to authority, the sacred or sublime. I stood in awe of the tiger at the zoo.

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